Taxwire is solving a frustrating problem that every business has to deal with: sales tax. If you haven’t dealt with the problem firsthand: the US alone has over 10,000 legal jurisdictions, each with their own set of rules locked up in outdated government websites and PDFs. Our job is to understand these rules, understand company data, match them together, and build services to automate all the tedious work. We’re using experts, automation, and ML to do this better than it has ever been done. We have raised a large initial funding round from institutional investors in Ramp, Expensify, and more, and we are hiring our first two engineers. We care deeply about intentionality around remote, async, and writing-first culture, having led fully remote teams and orgs at Series B companies. This is a great role for someone who wants to work on a seriously painful problem with massive TAM, and someone who loves reverse engineering, data-driven “expert + LLM” systems, and who wants a core role in building a team and company from the ground up.