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1/1 Studio

We are a small design + dev driven team producing highly customised headless ecom solutions, we pride ourselves on creating exceptional digital experiences for our clients.

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At 11x, we’re building AGI within the context of work. We're building fully autonomous Digital Workers. Growing at an extremely rapid pace with a world class team on a mission to change the very nature of work.

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Our mission is to empower field-service companies to grow by modernizing and automating their business operations. Every company we work with has unrealized potentials — our task is to build the platform that empowers growth and helps them unlock opportunities.

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We are looking for an additional community builder for our two-way SMS and phone calls API service. Finland most urgent but we are open to additions in Sweden too.

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Software Engineer - ML Tooling - 4 day week job. Competitive compensation, benefits and generous time-off policies. 4-Day summer work weeks and a winter holiday break. 401(k) / DCPP matching. Annual bonus program. Casual, dog-friendly, and innovative office spaces.

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76 Software Engineering Group

76 SWEG is a civilian software engineering organization operating under the United States Air Force. We are hundreds of (civilian) scientists and engineers that provide software, hardware, and engineering support solutions to a variety of Air Force and military platforms. We are located on Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, OK. We often operate like a contractor to other parts of the military and federal government by providing independent engineering services without seeking a profit. We have dozens of active projects using C, C++, C#, Java, Python, JavaScript, LabVIEW, Visual Basic, Assembly, Ada, Fortran, and other more esoteric languages. We have immediate opportunities available to hire candidates with degrees in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering, or closely-related fields.

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Contribute to our AI-driven personalized automation platform.

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Company Logo for ABN AMRO


I’m hiring for a few positions at the Strategy & Innovation (S&I) department of ABN AMRO. ABN is the third largest bank in the Netherlands. We’re the technology team within S&I and work on things ranging from the introduction of GPT support for bank employees to data analytics for strategy to apps and websites for new products. What’s special about us: 1. Speed: we typically work on projects that go live between 1 month and 6 months. (We launched GPT based summaries and knowledge base in the contact center in 4 weeks). 2. Lots of greenfield work: we have the privilege of building the apps and sites that support new products. Lots of opportunities to build things from scratch here. (For examples of our products, see 3. Mixed teams: our total group is about 70 people, which contains everything from data scientists to software and platform engineers. For proposition development we pair with internal entrepreneurs. We're doing a lot of work on the Generative AI side and are looking for people to join that team. An idea of the available roles: - Starting and junior developers. Our stack is Vue3 with backends in Java or Python. Work would be on new propositions or on GPT (mainly engineering our internal tools) - Great data and AI profiles. Generalists that want to make impact with data and AI. We currently have people ranging from hard-core deep data scientists to practical integrators that build deliver data enabled solutions very quickly. - Proven project managers with interest or experience in GenAI. This is your role if you love leading projects. We have very different people in this role, but the common thread is that they all love delivering valuable solutions. - Experienced architect both able to design good solutions as well as socialize them in the wider organization. Experience with Azure is a must. We’re open to various profiles, as long as you get energy from delivering working software/solutions to clients quickly. If you think you might be a fit, feel free to reach out for a discussion. Must live in the Netherlands to be employed, but we’re very flexible about remote work. Most people work remote 2-4 days per week though and fully remote is not an option. Email is in my profile!

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Company Logo for AE Studio

AE Studio

We are a development, data science and design studio that works closely with founders and executives to create custom software and machine learning solutions.

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Company Logo for AI Meeting Assistant Startup

AI Meeting Assistant Startup

We're at the forefront of Germany's conversation intelligence market, transforming meetings with AI. We're seeking engineers eager to innovate in AI communication.

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Company Logo for AICrete


At AICrete, we are committed to revolutionizing the global concrete and construction industry. Leveraging AI, machine learning, computer vision, and sophisticated automation, AICreteOS is our innovative solution designed to enhance sustainability, profitability, efficiency, and productivity in real-time. Proudly standing as the first company in the world to introduce AI to the concrete materials industry, we are at the forefront of technological advancement, setting new standards and pioneering changes that drive real impact.

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Company Logo for AIM Intelligent Machines

AIM Intelligent Machines

We are hiring junior and senior engineers to work on an autonomous bulldozer. We would like experience in one or many of deep learning, computer vision, reinforcement learning, model predictive control and robotics.

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Japanese semi-governmental research and development institute focusing on industrial cyber-physical systems with a team dedicated to robotics and automation.

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We are a young but quickly growing software startup based in Germany that specialises in the development of Augmented Reality (AR) solutions for supermarkets and grocery retail stores.

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Our mission is to accelerate and democratize the world's research because scientific discovery is based on it, and scientific discovery benefits everyone. With over 180M free registered users and nearly half of the world’s academics using our platform every month, we are in a unique position to disrupt the $25B academic publishing industry. Our users range from researchers, academics, industry professionals and college students, with over 300,000 paying premium subscribers, contributing to a doubling in revenue over the last four years.

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Company Logo for Actively


We're building best-in-class machine learning and LLM-powered scoring for outbound sales teams. Our first product lives in Salesforce, ingests data from a variety of sources (firmographics, intent signals, marketing interactions, and prior engagement, including unstructured call transcripts, email chains, and notes), and combines LLMs with structured models to tell sales reps who they should reach out to each day (and why) to be laser-focused. Our paying customers are fast-growing unicorns you've definitely heard of with large outbound sales motions, where the reps use us to target their outbound every day. Our thesis is that scoring (a known/'need to have' part of the stack -- but able to be done 10x better with LLMs because you can incorporate the goldmine of unstructured engagement data) is the right wedge into building the intelligence-driven outbound sales stack of the future that _actually works_ for large companies that need to generate millions of dollars in pipeline each quarter. Unlike most other companies in the space, we are explicitly building for companies of this scale and have them using our product today 'in production.' We have a 100% close rate from pilot → paying customer and want to scale our customer base aggressively this year. We started with the vision of bringing AI to every business team, and have since narrowed down to focus on outbound sales teams who have a bunch of attractive properties (there are a _ton_ of them out there, they all use the same stack, the data is consolidated in one place, lift is measurable and directly touches the top line, etc.).

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Company Logo for Adaltas


In collaboration with its customers and the community, we are building 2 complementary 100% open source data platform. TDP, based on the Hadoop ecosystem, is starting to deploy in production. The second, based on the Kubernetes ecosystem, is in the making. It is a great time to join us as we are gaining momentum. If you are passionate about open source software and data-driven technologies, want to make a difference in the world of data, and become an open source contributor, we would love to hear from you.

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Company Logo for Adeptmind


Our company delivers AI products for e-commerce. We are expanding our Infrastructure team, looking for Kubernetes and GCP experts. Fully remote, global presence, Montreal-based hiring manager.

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Company Logo for Adfinis


At Adfinis we're all about Open Source technologies. As open source professionals, we offer a wide range of services and solutions from a single source. Open technologies and standards are our key to innovation. With our tailor-made offer, we have the optimal solution for every area in IT. You will work in linux servers all the time. You can also expect to work with Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Gitlab, Vault, Proxmox. We manage servers and services for a wide range of customers. We also deliver projects for our partners (Gitlab, Hashicorp, Suse, Redhat). Think implementations, migrations, upgrades etc. Headquartered in Switzerland, our Australia branch is a newer and smaller team (and growing), with more of a startup culture. We are in the office 3 days per week. We are looking to hire either in Sydney NSW or Brisbane QLD.

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Company Logo for Adobe


The Adobe Podcast team is looking for a Senior Software Engineer with a passion for creating great product experiences. Be part of a tightly knit team developing cutting edge innovations in the world of audio on the web and help define the future of this medium as it takes over the world.

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Company Logo for Aerodome


Aerodome is revolutionizing public safety air support with cutting-edge drone technology. Our AI-driven operating system offers unparalleled, 24/7 drone-as-first-response capabilities to public safety agencies worldwide.

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Company Logo for Aeroscan


We're hiring juniors and more experienced web developers to work on Aespect, a 3D real estate inspection platform. Our drone pilots have scanned thousands of buildings, and our platform ingests terabytes of high resolution photos daily. You'll be working with a small but gezellig team, building a truly ambitious project.

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Company Logo for Afero


Afero enables connected devices to be smart and secure. Afero's IoT Platform as a Service prioritizes security, data privacy, simplicity, and ease of use throughout the end user experience. These key elements are integral to the solution and not bolted on after the fact, enabling manufacturers and brands to secure their supply chain. Afero technology powers millions of devices across 150 product categories from 50+ manufacturers, including from well known brands like Defiant, Hampton Bay and EcoSmart. Afero has assembled world-class mobile, hardware, security, and cloud veterans from Google, Apple, Nest, Danger, Microsoft, Amazon, Twitter, and Netflix, Roku.

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Company Logo for Afresh


Afresh builds modern supply chain technology for the challenges of fresh food. Every year, one-third of food produced globally goes to waste. In the United States, 40 percent of food waste occurs at the retail and consumer level. Most of this waste occurs in fresh food departments at grocery stores. Afresh is working to eliminate this waste.

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Company Logo for AgentHub


AgentHub's a platform for automating complex tasks with AI via a drag and drop interface. We're a team of 2 founders currently and just finished the YC W24 batch. We've grown from 0 to 10s of thousands in monthly revenue in the past 4 months and want someone to join us and help lead frontend dev/help improve overall platform UX.

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Agentio is the first ad platform for creator content, starting with YouTube. We make it as easy and efficient for brands to buy creator led ad reads as they can buy ads on Meta or Google. For creators, we enable monetization of up to 100% of their content with brands they love enabling them to 2x-5x their earnings. This enables smaller creators to work on their content full time and larger creators to expand their team and invest more in their content.

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Company Logo for Aha!


Aha! is the #1 tool for product managers to plan strategy and roadmaps. We serve more than 700,000 users worldwide.

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Company Logo for Ai-RGUS


Ai-RGUS is artificial intelligence 100%-software solution that makes security camera system maintenance easy. Initially developed to manage Duke University’s 2000+ camera system and now deployed in all 50 US states, Canada, and abroad, it automatically alerts of any problems, including cameras down/unclear views, and cybersecurity vulnerabilities and automatically alerts the security team otherwise. We have an online user interface and API, making our software user-friendly and hassle-free.

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Company Logo for AirIn Technologies

AirIn Technologies

Our company works in the US-government space, primarily with the R&D sector. We advocate on behalf of government, trying to ensure that research is done correctly and efficiently. Governmental organizations pursue research, and we help guide them. Our government client runs effectively the Great British Bake-off for science projects. In this metaphor, the cakes are software: your job is to help build the kitchen, the plumbing, the ovens, etc.

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Aira Home Energy

Want to make your cloud data engineering hours matter for the planet, not only sales? Does it make you excited to see real hardware, mechanical & on-board software stuff lying around next to your desk, where you code your modern cloud data stack things? Do you want to be in a start-up that is already operational, with strong financial backing and scaling up? Do you want to join our core data team where we build the data platform for this growing and evolving business to act on, in a data mesh-inspired fashion, using all the best practices we can distill from this very experienced data & analytics engineering team? Are you comfortable hands-on with a few things like GCP, AWS, Python, Terraform, CICD, data movement & job orchestration tools, streaming data ingest, data infrastructure, data security, data transformation and processing?

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We're building the future of human-to-human conversation. We're well funded and have strong traction.

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Company Logo for Airtime


Airtime Pro is a cloud-based platform for broadcasting streaming radio on the web, allowing users to upload music, build playlists, schedule content and broadcast online. Airtime Pro powers hundreds of stations around the world, from small college stations to community radio titans.

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Company Logo for Aiven


Aiven is a DBaaS company, delivering among others fully managed PostgreSQL, MySQL, Kafka, Redis, and Clickhouse, as well as some ancillary services like connectors and Flink for Kafka.

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Company Logo for Akkio


Use Akkio to build and deploy AutoML pipelines, using Generative AI for your data exploration and cleansing.

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Company Logo for Alation


Alation is the original data catalog and empowers analysts and business folk to find and make use of the data they have spread across their enterprise. We are looking to build AI/ML features throughout the product and need scalable, robust infrastructure to power both our experiment pipelines and our deployed models. If you've helped build ML infra before and want a chance to own it from the ground up we'd love to hear from you!

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Company Logo for Alchemy


Alchemy is the leading developer platform for web3. Hiring a lot of positions right now, including multiple software engineer roles across various teams, as well as a handful of operations and marketing roles. Great team and company culture, and lots of opportunity in this batch of roles to make meaningful contributions to new product areas that are moving fast within the company.

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Company Logo for Aldara


At Aldara we build software to manage HOAs and handle everything they need in their day-to-day. We make neighbor communities happy by handling their finances, incidents, and communications swiftly and effectively. We invest heavily in product and growth to become the building OS for the European real estate market.

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Company Logo for Alembic


Alembic applies cutting-edge algorithms and composite AI solutions to provide a new approach for marketing data analytics. Unlike tools that only provide correlation, only Alembic provides true causation, giving organizations across sector and industry the ability to quantify the value of every marketing activity and maximize future marketing investments. We’re backed by leading tech luminaries and innovators including WndrCo, founded by DreamWorks founder Jeffrey Katzenberg, Jensen Huang, Joe Montana, and many more.

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Company Logo for Aleph


Aleph is redefining the world of Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A). We operate in a well-defined software category with a multi-billion TAM yet a lack of a clear winner. We’re here to change that, and our early results speak for themselves. We’re backed by top VCs (Bain Capital Ventures, Khosla Ventures, YC, Picus Capital), and work with customers like Turo, Notion, Zapier, and others. What we’ve built so far is the most seamless way to centralize all of a company's financial data – think expenses from Quickbooks or Netsuite, pipeline forecasts from Salesforce – and bring it into the tools finance teams are already using. But the vision goes way beyond that. We’re building the source of truth for a business’ data, and ultimately the platform businesses use to make better decisions. We’re way ahead of schedule due to our unique approach, with no churn and rapid growth despite no marketing spend to date.

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Company Logo for AlixPartners


We help the largest organizations in the world achieve better results using small, experienced teams of experts in their field. For over 40 years, we have helped companies and their stakeholders around the world harness opportunity, overcome challenges, and achieve outsized outcomes.

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Company Logo for All Iron Ventures

All Iron Ventures

All Iron is a European early stage venture capital firm based in Bilbao. With ~€300M under management, we invest in Seed and Series A startups across Europe. So far, we have invested in 50+ companies including success stories like JobandTalent, Seedtag, TuLotero or Preply amongst others and our graduation rates place us in the industry’s top quartile. Venture investing is no longer a domestic and (only) relationship-based business. Modernising how venture firms work is a key competitive advantage, that here at All Iron sits at the core of how we do things. We are building our very own tool, Pareto, which is becoming the most relevant platform for the investment team’s day to day. In the last twelve months, Pareto has allowed us to gain a competitive advantage in a very competitive market by both saving time and identifying interesting companies ahead of our peers. If you are passionate about building product to significantly improve how we run our day to day, using large amounts of data (to identify interesting companies to potentially invest in) and want to join an entrepreneurial firm, you will not be disappointed!

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Company Logo for All in Bits

All in Bits

All in Bits aims to create a more transparent and accountable world through open-source software that enables permissionless innovation and borderless transactions. Our technology empowers builders to launch sovereign blockchains and decentralized applications (dApps) that are secure, scalable, and interoperable. AiB is a longstanding contributor to the Cosmos ecosystem.

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Company Logo for

All3D is a 3D generative platform, built to supply 3D assets to ecommerce businesses. We've been around for four years and have reached PMF, looking to bring on additional ML talent to automate more of the workflow.

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Company Logo for AllSpice


At AllSpice, we're building the future of hardware development and collaboration, applying modern software design principles to the hardware industry with revision control, design review, and automated test (think GitHub/Bitbucket for hardware). AllSpice is unlocking the next generation of smart vehicles, IOT devices, rockets, medical devices, robotics, and much more.

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Company Logo for Allocate


We're looking for a Lead Frontend Engineer to join us at Allocate in our mission of making investing in top-tier private alternatives within the technology sector more accessible for a broader set of investors. Seeking a lead engineer who has many years of experience with Vue.js, Typescript, and CSS in a fast-paced startup.

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Company Logo for Amazon


AWS Perimeter Protection (Firewall service) is hiring.

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Company Logo for Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR) is the industry-leading cloud big data platform for petabyte-scale data processing, interactive analytics, and machine learning using open-source frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Presto and HBase. Amazon Athena is a serverless query service that simplifies analyzing data directly in Amazon S3 using standard SQL.

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Company Logo for Ambience Healthcare

Ambience Healthcare

We're a Series B, OpenAI portfolio company building an AI operating system for healthcare. Our flagship product AutoScribe is a fully automated AI medical scribe that summarizes provider-patient conversation in real-time into comprehensive medical documentation within the EMR, so providers can focus on what matters most: caring for patients.

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Company Logo for Andrew McWatters & Co.

Andrew McWatters & Co.

We are a small software firm located in the Phoenix metro. You will be part of a highly skilled, kind team of engineers and sales staff who serve Fortune 500s, start-ups, large non-profits, and small businesses in custom software projects. We are a stress-free, easy going company who values professionals with extensive experience. Internally, we innovate at comfortable speeds. Our agency work subsidizes research and development in the areas of fintech and self-driving cars.

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Company Logo for Anduril Industries

Anduril Industries

Anduril Industries is a defense technology company with a mission to transform U.S. and allied military capabilities with advanced technology. By bringing the expertise, technology, and business model of the 21st century’s most innovative companies to the defense industry, Anduril is changing how military systems are designed, built and sold.

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Company Logo for AngelList


AngelList is the nexus of venture capital and the startup community. We support over $16B in assets under administration. We’ve driven capital to over 22,000 startups. 57% of top-tier U.S. VC deals involve investors on AngelList

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Company Logo for Annex Risk

Annex Risk

The cost of homeowners insurance, especially in natural catastrophe heavy areas, has skyrocketed in recent years. Annex Risk is solving this problem with better digital infrastructure for executing the transaction. Our platform enables insurance agents to quote and bind policies within 90 seconds vs. the current multi-day phone/email/fax-based transaction that is the status quo. We recently closed our seed round, are growing 30-100% month over month, and we're looking for a full-stack product engineer to be our first engineering hire.

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Anonymous Mechatronics Company

We're a small friendly 20 person company looking for a great mechanical engineer to help take the designs of our current range of industrial automation systems to the next level. We have customers in the pharmaceutical, automotive, semiconductor, and ophthalmic industries. All of our designs are in SolidWorks. We make a lot of bespoke machines as well as sell a range of standard machines. We're a bit of a mess to be honest so we need someone to come in and make a big impact on this front which is where we are weakest.

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Company Logo for Antithesis


At Antithesis, we're revolutionizing the way software testing is done with our autonomous testing platform. UI part of our platform is reactive notebook (similar to Jupiter/Observable). As a product designer who codes, I'm seeking a skilled Front-End focused engineer to collaborate on refining the user experience of our innovative notebook.

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Company Logo for Anvil


We make an open-source web framework, an online code editor, a GUI builder, and a PaaS hosting platform. Together, it's a platform for building and hosting full-stack web applications, entirely in Python. Web development is way too complicated, especially if you're not a professional full-stack dev. So we're fixing it: Instead of writing JS/HTML/CSS/Python/SQL and all the associated frameworks, Anvil enables developers to design pages with drag-and-drop, write Python that runs in the browser and on the server, set up a database, and deploy their code instantly as a hosted service.

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Company Logo for Apiture


Apiture is a fintech that runs consumer-facing banking for client banks and credit unions. Web banking, mobile banking, etc. We've existed since 2018, with a component added later that has existed since the late 90s.

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Company Logo for Apollo Agriculture

Apollo Agriculture

Apollo Agriculture (YC F1) is bringing modern farming to the world's poorest farmers. Millions of farmers globally don't have access to the basic resources the rest of the world depends on for food production: good seed and fertilizer. We sell these on credit, use ML to figure out who we can lend to profitably, and are growing rapidly (two countries and growing). We are a small, motivated team with SV roots and an ownership culture. Come help us make a real difference in the world!

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Company Logo for AppLovin


AppLovin enables developers with the best tools to grow and monetize their applications. It is one of those companies that few people have heard of but nearly everyone has used our product. Our platform reaches 700M DAU and we are processing 7PB of data daily.

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We develop a streaming platform for Unity based games and experiences. Our customers include Nike, Hyundai, VISA and more.

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Company Logo for Apple


Our team builds iOS apps, back-end cloud infrastructure, data pipelines, and does AI/ML model training and inference to support Apple's AI efforts.

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Company Logo for Applied Systems

Applied Systems

Applied Systems, Inc., a worldwide leader in insurance technology, is currently searching for a talented and passionate Sr. Backend Software Engineer (Golang) to join our Platform Team as we create innovative web applications and web services for the insurance industry. In an Agile environment, you will design and maintain software with Golang and .Net Core as we build and scale backend services. You will be responsible for developing and iterating solutions integrating multiple Applied Systems products.

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Company Logo for Apsona


At Apsona, we make tools on the Salesforce AppExchange that provide Salesforce admins and users with powerful and flexible reporting, document and email generation, data tools, and more. What's unique about us: we already have thousands of delighted customers, but we are a very small team looking to grow. So you get all the benefits of a startup and none of the risk. The jobs are very stable.

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We help corporations quickly get winning results by constructing, launching and managing quantum computing challenges. Think Kaggle but for quantum computing. We have a history of orchestrating successful quantum hackathons around the globe, partnering with major industry players. These collaborations have already yielded six-figure revenues, with more such ventures in the pipeline. With the development of our quantum competitions platform underway and our first demo MVP now live, we're seeking an additional Full-Stack Engineer to join our team.

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Company Logo for Arbolus


Arbolus is the first platform that helps businesses build and work with networks of experts, advisors and freelance consultants. Our product has been a big hit with global consulting firms (e.g. the big four) and Fortune 500 companies who use third parties to inform their business strategy. Based in London, we are a venture-backed scale-up with offices in Barcelona (our largest) and New York.

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Company Logo for Arcadia


Arcadia is the technology company empowering energy innovators and consumers to fight the climate crisis. Our software and APIs are revolutionizing an industry held back by outdated systems and institutions by creating unprecedented access to the data and clean energy needed to make a decarbonized energy grid possible.

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Company Logo for Archera


Archera is a cloud cost management platform that helps you insure and optimize your cloud resources with Reserved Instances, Forecasting, Commitment Planning, and more. We're remote first, mostly on the west coast US (Seattle) and Canada (Vancouver). Currently there are 7 engineers, with plans to add a few more this year.

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Archipelago AI

Our company is dedicated to improving distributed work through better communication tools. More productive, and more conducive to forming the social ties that we associate with face-to-face interaction.

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Ardaria is a game development studio. We are innovators. We craft a collaborative game. Survival / Creative, minecraft spiritual child.

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Company Logo for Ark Biotech

Ark Biotech

Ark is a venture-backed, Boston-based, seed-stage startup accelerating the transition to a better food system for the planet and its inhabitants by creating industrial scale, affordable, and intelligent bioreactors. We're a B2B company on a mission to 100x the industry’s bioreactor capacity by 2035 - powering the most important infrastructure buildout of this generation to transform how people consume meat.

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Join Arro in revolutionizing credit access for millions. Contribute to a platform that combines financial literacy with innovative credit solutions. Enjoy competitive salary, equity, remote work flexibility, and a culture focused on learning and growth. Apply now to make a real difference.

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Company Logo for ArteraAI


Do you work in AI and want to help cancer patients make better and more personalized healthcare choices? Join us at ArteraAI! We're building AI-driven cancer care products that enable clinicians to prognosticate individual patient outcomes and predict therapy benefits. We create multi-modal ML models for cancer tests that integrate self-supervised learning computer vision models of gigapixel-scale histopathology images with patient clinical data, and we build infrastructure to deploy them to customers globally. We've raised over $100M, and we're expanding our AI team to enhance our ML tech and grow our reach.

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Artisan Insight

Artisan Insight is commercializing a deep tech innovation to fundamentally change the electronics industry. We are a team of experienced co-founders who have worked at companies like Flex, Uber, Verkada, Heptio, and Bridgewater. We have shipped code that runs on Mars, scaled the largest web services, and changed the way people get around cities. We are backed by exceptional investors who are committed to creating the next category defining company. We are hiring the first engineers who will work directly with the co-founders to define how we work and what we build. We are a small team with an ambitious vision and exciting technical challenges.

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Company Logo for is a company specializing in MLOps and Data Engineering. They are looking for individuals with experience in Python, ML lifecycle, computer vision, AWS SageMaker, SQL, data strategy, and data warehousing.

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Company Logo for Arya For Work

Arya For Work

We are looking for a staff / full stack engineer (NodeJs + Typescript + React). Lots of flexibility for the right candidate, we are currently in the growth phase and prefer to meet in person a couple days a week. Come help us evolve workforce management.

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Company Logo for Assembled


Assembled is building software to transform and elevate customer support teams. We help industry leaders like Brooks Running, Stripe, and Zoom get the right person, at the right time, with the right answers in front of their end customers. More specifically, our workforce and BPO management products enable efficient staffing of support agents and BPOs (outsourcing partners), while our AI-powered agent assist speeds up responses and facilitates deeper coaching. Founded in 2018, we’ve raised $70m in funding from the likes of NEA, Emergence Capital, and Stripe itself.

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Company Logo for Astranis


Astranis is on a mission to bridge the digital divide by connecting the four billion people worldwide who currently lack internet access. We're doing this by building the next generation of smaller, more cost-effective spacecraft to bring the world online. Our satellites, which operate from geostationary orbit (GEO), weigh only 400 kg and utilize a proprietary software-defined radio payload. Each satellite can connect over two million people.

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We are a next generation quant trading firm, automating further up the chain than the competition. We are well capitalised, successful and looking for developers, traders and quants.

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We are a next generation quant trading firm. We automate further up the chain than our competition. We are well capitalised, successful and looking for developers, traders and quants. It’s ok if you want to straddle those roles. We’re still less than 10 people so it’s a real chance to join a top tier HFT firm and have a huge impact.

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Company Logo for Atomic Object

Atomic Object

Atomic is growing a diverse and inclusive team of curious, creative people who love creating great software for our clients. We’re looking for thoughtful problem solvers who are passionate about finding success for our clients, teams, and end-users through the human-centered design process.

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Company Logo for Atomic Semi

Atomic Semi

We're building a small, fast semiconductor fab and we are bringing up a bunch of very interesting devices. Please apply if you have experience going 0 -> 1 on embedded systems!

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Company Logo for Attendi


Healthcare professionals have to spend too much time on administrative tasks, when they should be spending that time delivering great care. Attendi allows healthcare professionals to report with their voice. This saves them precious time and removes the screen between client and caregiver, allowing more personal and effective care to be given. We provide an extraordinary work environment: getting paid well to work with smart people on things that directly have a positive impact on society.

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Company Logo for Attention


Attention is building the ideal AI-assisted copilot for sales teams. Our platform helps salespeople close deals faster and with less hassle at every step of the way: it provides real-time coaching, eliminates busywork, and analyzes conversations to deliver insights they can't get otherwise. We're growing like crazy and we're looking to hire our next backend engineer to join our distributed team in Latam (Remote). We're a tight-knit team of senior developers who like to ship quality code, and our users love our product.

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Company Logo for Attio


Attio is building a radically new type of CRM – one that is incredibly flexible and as powerful as the most advanced CRM data models but also as intuitive, delightful and collaborative as today’s best no-code software. - World class UI - Flexible, powerful data model - Integrations

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Company Logo for Audiotool


Join our team and build the future of music production on the web! Audiotool is an award-winning, cloud-based digital audio workstation (DAW) that runs right in your browser. Making music production accessible to everyone and connecting creators globally.

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Company Logo for August Health

August Health

We're a growth-stage (Series A in 2022) company that builds technology to enhance the quality of care for vulnerable older adults. Our product is guiding the transition from complex, paper-based practices in the long-term care industry to a digital platform solution that unlocks the power of personalized care, predictive analytics, and value-based contracting.

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Company Logo for Aurora Energy Research

Aurora Energy Research

Aurora Energy Research is hiring for Lead/Senior Software Engineer positions in Oxford, UK, and Gurugram, India. Their tech stack includes Python, Typescript, and MySQL.

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Company Logo for Auros Global

Auros Global

Auros is a leading cryptocurrency market making and high-frequency trading firm operating across all major venues and instruments. A 24/7/365 business, it possesses a world-class team of trading and engineering talent across 15 geographies globally, combining remote work and physical offices in Hong Kong and New York.

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Company Logo for AuthZed


AuthZed is changing the way top tier companies add rich permissions experiences to their applications. Modeled after Google's Zanzibar, AuthZed offers a low-latency, high-scale permissions system, that scales to millions of QPS with milliseconds of latency.

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Company Logo for Autobooks


Autobooks helps grow deposits, differentiate digital banking channels, & better serve small business cash flow needs.

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Company Logo for Autokroma


We do audiovideo software (video editing, visual effects) and work remotely. We always need more engineers to expand our products and create new ones. I'm especially looking for self motivated individual, who are good at remote text communication and able to organize, plan, manage the work themselves.

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Company Logo for Automattic


We're looking for the world's best systems engineers to help build and maintain the infrastructure that supports over a billion people each month across our entire line of products and services such as, WooCommerce, WordPress VIP, Jetpack, Tumblr, and many more.

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Autotab is the first digital robot that controls a computer like a human. It excels at highly repetitive tasks in modern knowledge work.

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Company Logo for AuxHealth


At AuxHealth, we are building generative AI systems that facilitate clinical workflows by interviewing patients, writing notes for their clinicians, and performing chronic disease management. We aim to allow clinical teams to offload clerical tasks so that they can care for patients at the top of their license.

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We are an early-stage, well-funded, stealth startup making humans and computers work together more efficiently. Experienced team from Apple AIML, Bose, Amazon, and other great companies.

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Company Logo for Awarded Software

Awarded Software

Awarded Software is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to accelerate our vision for a world with fairer, more accessible and more transparent scholarships. $240B in financial aid is available every year, yet billions of dollars are wasted, hurting students and donors alike. The scholarship ecosystem is rife with decades-old processes and problems: paper-based applications, excel sheets that pass through 6-10 people with minimal version and quality control, lack of automation, and countless opportunities left on the table to transform students’ lives. Today, Awarded has built a transformational product that has been adopted by universities all across the United States. We are looking for a talented and ambitious engineer to join our team, accelerate our pace and help us expand our business.

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Company Logo for Axiom Law

Axiom Law

Axiom Law is a staffing agency for corporate lawyers. Axiom was founded over 20 years ago, and has built out its in house software team over the last 5-7 years.

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Company Logo for BACtrack


We make breathalyzers from the ground up. Everything from the hardware and firmware to the software. If you were to go to your local drugstore or BestBuy/Target/etc to buy a breathalyzer, you're buying one of ours. We are hiring for our software engineering team to build our next generation stack. BACtrack is a '20 year old startup' in that we build our own hardware, we have customers that pay for our services, the team is the right size that it's possible to know everyone, and each individual can have a large impact.

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Company Logo for BESTSELLER


We are looking for a forward-thinking developer to be vital part of the development process within the Digital Asset Management team in BESTSELLER TECH, contributing with strong C#/.NET and React competences to cover the full development stack. You will become part of a self-organising and international high-performing agile team of 10 highly skilled cross-functional colleagues in our Digital Asset Management team, who are located across our locations Aarhus, Malaga and Kigali. The product vision of the team is to help BESTSELLER create great digital experiences with media sharing and marketing operations with a focus on digital assets (pictures, videos, 3D and more) and marketing automatization.

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Company Logo for BHS Technologies

BHS Technologies

We develop the RoboticScope, a robotically controlled digital surgical microscope.

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Company Logo for BRINC Drones

BRINC Drones

BRINC Drones helps first responders with products that quickly and effectively respond to emergencies. Our technology lets first responders get eyes and ears on what's happening in indoor structures when it's too dangerous for people to enter - whether it be a fire, medical emergency, violence, or search and rescue. In March 2023, we released the Lemur 2, our latest and most advanced drone, and we started shipping it to customers the same year. In addition to launching more advanced drones, we're also expanding our software ecosystem into realtime monitoring and fleet management, and we recently shipped the first version of our first web app: LiveOps. This app gives drone operators and first response teams access to real-time live-streaming drone data such as visual and thermal video feeds, 3D map data via point clouds, and a myriad of drone telemetry – it’s essentially a web-based drone fleet management software. But our vision isn’t just fleet management; LiveOps represents a critical part of BRINC’s transition from a company that just sells drones to a company that sells entire drone programs: we want to build out the entire drone ecosystem (both hardware and software) for our customers. It’s an ambitious goal, but it’s one that we feel confident about – we’ve got a lot of interest from customers in what we’ve built so far, and we are seeking both a full-stack and a backend/platform engineer to join our engineering team and own the development of this web app and cloud ecosystem.

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Company Logo for Babylist


Babylist is the leading marketplace and commerce destination for baby, where 8+ million people each year buy what they need to welcome a new baby. We're looking for talented Site Reliability Engineers and Software Engineers who are excited to scale out a world-class consumer and ecommerce experience. Our stack is based on Ruby on Rails and React. We are passionate about experimentation, automation and shipping value to our customers.

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Company Logo for BackNine Insurance

BackNine Insurance

BackNine automates the sales process of insurance products from submission to commission so agents can easily sell products from 30+ insurance carriers from their own website. Thousands of companies from brick and mortar insurance agencies to publicly traded banks use BackNine's software to quote, apply, and manage their life/annuity/long term care insurance business online.

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Company Logo for Backblaze


Backblaze is a public company that makes it astonishingly easy to store, use, and protect data. When our founding team got together, they committed to helping people save their data. Today, the Backblaze Storage Cloud provides a foundational platform around the world for a broad community of developers, IT generalists, entrepreneurs, and individuals who seek the easy, affordable, trusted solutions we provide. We’re growing fast! We’ve built a culture where we care about each other, our work, and our products, and we have fun doing it.

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Company Logo for Balbix


Balbix automates cybersecurity, reduces IT staff workload, prioritizes patching for the best risk-reduction, and simplifies how companies interact with their dozens of cybersecurity vendors/tools. We provide incredible continuous visibility in a space where very little exists. 7 year old company, but still fast paced and focused on customer success. A fantastic portfolio of companies as customers.

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Balun Energy

We are a young startup developing forecasting algorithms for wind and solar power production. We’re applying bleeding-edge ML to reduce costs for green energy producers. Make a tangible impact towards sustainable energy. Small, ambitious, tech-driven team. Shape the future of our company, own, architect, and implement our infra. We particularly encourage women and candidates from under-represented backgrounds to apply. Must be authorized to work in EU and willing to relocate to Austria.

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Banana For Scale

Seeking a developer with Three.js/WebGL experience to help build a new project from the ground up. Bonus points if you have played around with Gaussian splatting or other radiance field techniques, have experience in C/C++ or computer vision. Banana For Scale (working title) allows anyone to record any space, then edit it in 3D. Think Matterport + Polycam for interactive space design. I am currently looking for my first hire, initially as a paid contractor so that we can both test out working together. Ideally this would move to a much larger full-time role as part of the founding team. You don't have to be experienced or interested in management, but you should be comfortable with self-directed work. I previously founded Hunter2 (YC18), scaled to $1M ARR in < 2 years with a team of three before acquisition. I would like to stay deeply involved in the tech development for this project, but someone with the right experience and 100% focus on coding could speed up our efforts 20x.

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Company Logo for Banco Central do Brasil

Banco Central do Brasil

Embark on a journey with the Central Bank of Brazil (Bacen), the global epitome of innovation in central banking. We proudly stand as the world's most innovative central bank. Bacen, the visionary creator and operator of the PIX payments system, leads the charge in financial technology innovation.

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Bank of America

We are seeking a highly skilled and innovative strategist / technologist to join our dynamic cross asset strategy team. As a key member of the team you will be responsible for developing and implementing advanced trading strategies and responding to end-user requests. Our team writes programs in Python that run on the Bank’s strategic platform, Quartz, to answer questions that relate to the entire global markets trading business. We work outside of the traditional IT organisation, based on the trading floor in London. You will be assisting the Cross Assets Strats team as part of the Strategic Risk and PnL project to re-factor and redesign our market model code. This project seeks to explain the risk and PnL of the Global Markets business in a strategic fashion. Working as part of a team of 7 people, you will be writing and debugging code in Python, running within Quartz, the in-house bank platform. On-going learning about and debugging existing market model code used for calculating risk and PnL, simplify and optimize to perform more efficiently. Programming ability is most highly prized. Financial knowledge is desirable but not strictly necessary, provided there is a willingness to learn.

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Company Logo for Basis AI

Basis AI

Basis is an AI platform for accounting firms, providing accountants with a team of AI assistants. Accounting teams integrate Basis as part of their team, delegating core workflows and automating time-consuming, manual work. Our goal is to become the core accounting intelligence powering accountants of all types - empowering skilled accountants to automate workflows and 10x the quality and efficiency of their work.

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Company Logo for Beacon AI

Beacon AI

Beacon AI does this through a vertically integrated aviation platform. Our team has relevant industry expertise in aviation and autonomy, and we are building features that improve flight safety and efficiency by augmenting pilots.

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Company Logo for

SaaS B2B Presentation Software | 16M Funding | AI Industry

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Bellsong is an early stage business exploring opportunities related to therapy. This is an opportunity to join early, work alongside an experienced founder and grow with the organization. Motivated by questions around high-growth startup models, honoring therapy, and supporting therapists.

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Company Logo for Benaco


Founder-owned, bootstrapped Computer Vision startup. Benaco creates high-quality 3D models out of photo and laser data. We bring photorealistic digital twins into browsers to save our customers on-site visits, from real estate to hazardous environments such as chemistry parks and nuclear waste cleanup sites.

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Company Logo for BeneKinetic


BeneKinetic is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to enhancing the lives of individuals with musculoskeletal and neurological conditions through its innovative mobile application.

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Bertram Labs

Bertram Labs is a dedicated team of software engineers and marketing professionals that work on projects for our portfolio companies. Our portfolio includes companies in Business Services, Consumer, and Industrials verticals. We enable technology and drive growth through digital marketing, e-commerce, big data and analytics, application development and internal and external platform optimization.

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Company Logo for Better Stack

Better Stack

We are software builders at heart. We're helping developers in building a better internet. If you love building amazing software, you're at the right address.

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Company Logo for Biggerpockets


We’re a growing tech and media company that specializes in providing tools and information to assist budding real estate investors. Our mission is to lift 1,000,000 people to accredited investor status.

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Company Logo for BillionToOne


BillionToOne (YC S17) is ranked at the top 5% of Y Combinator companies with $300M+ in funding from top VC firms. We have developed a DNA molecular counter that increases cfDNA diagnostic resolution by over 1,000x. Our first product, UNITY, is the first and only non-invasive prenatal test that can directly screen an unborn baby and assess its risk for: common and severe recessive gene disorders; chromosomal abnormalities; fetal sex; and fetal antigens from a single tube of blood from the pregnant mother. This greatly improves the quality of care and is on its path to becoming the next standard-of-care. Our software stack includes Django, AWS, React/Typescript, Terraform, and many other standard tools. We're a small, but agile software team that prioritizes rapid iteration and continuous feedback to evolve our product. As a biotech company, we inherently need to always work cross functionally. If you enjoy this style of work, please reach out!

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Company Logo for Bitvavo


We are a fully regulated Dutch crypto exchange and recently passed $1 billion daily volume. We are one of the most exciting companies in the Netherlands!

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Company Logo for Black Canyon Consulting

Black Canyon Consulting

Black Canyon Consulting (BCC) is searching for Platform Systems/DevOps/DataOps Engineers to support our work for the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) at the National Library of Medicine (NLM), an institute of the National Institutes of Health. This opportunity is full time and onsite/remote at the NIH in Bethesda, MD. Help an amazingly important public resource!

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Company Logo for Blinq


Blinq is the top-rated QR code business card app on the App Store and the Play Store. We're working on ways to make it easier to share your identity, keep it up to date and make it easier to stay on top of your contacts. We're very hacky being a startup, which is lots of fun. All team members are salaried + equity.

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Company Logo for Blissbook


Our mission is to enable creativity and allow people to express themselves, particularly in situations where it’s difficult to do so. This mission has driven us to create Blissbook, a content management system for employee handbooks and top-down communication (policies, standard operating procedures, etc.). We help HR teams deliver premium employee handbook & policy experiences. We’re a bootstrapped, growing team of 10, working fully remote. For more, read our about page or Employee Flight Manual. We strive to live our PEACH-E values in all we do: Plucky, Empathetic, Authentic, Curious, Huggable, Exceptional

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Company Logo for

We are a $USD 440M games stats & coaching platform company looking to expand into the AI gaming industry by making modding tools accessible to all!

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Company Logo for Blossom Capital

Blossom Capital

Software engineer who wants to work in VC? - come help us build our data science platform and learn how to invest.

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Body Rocket

We're a start-up that's changing the game in cycling performance by precision measurement of cycling aerodynamics.

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Company Logo for Boiler Room

Boiler Room

Boiler Room is an underground music platform. We’re looking for an experienced lead to join us & manage a small team of developers within our product team. We’re currently working on improving the data sets & analytics that help us sell tickets & apparel, solving difficult scaling problems as our audience grows, plus an iOS app where fans can listen without ads.

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Bold Penguin

Bold Penguin products help insurance agencies successfully quote and bind small business insurance policies with the click of button! We are growing fast and expanding our teams. Use Linux, macOS, or Windows along with whatever tools you enjoy using (Slack, Zoom, your choice IDE, etc.)

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Looking for a founding fullstack engineer who will work alongside me (CTO of Bomello), as a peer, to build out a product from scratch. As revenues grow, I am committed to only hiring experienced and self-starter type engineers so that we can do more with fewer people.

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Company Logo for Bond


Bond is a recently acquired startup building an embedded finance platform, focusing on credit, that helps brands and fintechs to launch financial solutions quickly with our APIs and SDKs.

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Company Logo for Bonside


Bonside is an NYC-based fintech startup providing financing to brick-and-mortar businesses. The company recently announced their seed round and is hiring an experienced full-stack engineer to join as a founding member. Bonside has already deployed ~$3 million to brick-and-mortars in less than a year and is on track to more than double that in the coming months. The team is currently 6 people and focused on hiring curious, ambitious, and thoughtful teammates. This opportunity presents a strong growth trajectory for a skilled engineer who will be instrumental in both the architecting of systems and the scaling of the engineering team. The company is at an exciting inflection point with a variety of interesting engineering challenges that include data engineering, an investment marketplace, and brick-and-mortar specific software. This role will work closely with our Head of Engineering (prev. Netflix).

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Company Logo for Boo


Next.js Developer, you will play a crucial role in developing and maintaining web applications using Next.js, a powerful and popular React framework. You will be responsible for the full software development life cycle, from concept and design to testing and deployment. Your role will involve both frontend and backend development, ensuring seamless integration and exceptional user experience.

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Company Logo for Boost My School

Boost My School

Boost is on a mission to bring billions more dollars into schools. Our platform is trusted by 100+ K-12 and higher ed customers to bring in $50M a year from 60,000 parents & alumni. Why work at Boost? 1. Be proud of your impact helping schools and students 2. Work with thoughtful teammates building a champion company together 3. Join a culture that wants you to be your best self at work and outside of work 4. Take on broad responsibilities as a founding member of the engineering team

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Company Logo for

We're building the smartest way to learn backend development online by tackling the hardest problem with e-learning: boredom.

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Company Logo for Borrowell


Borrowell pioneered free credit scores for all Canadians in 2017 and now we’re focusing on building net new products that will be the first of their kind in Canada. With more than 2 million members, Borrowell is one of the largest fintech companies in Canada. Borrowell places a high value on building a diverse and inclusive workplace and is proud to have a gender-balanced team, including our VP of Engineering, COO, Engineering Managers, Lead Developers, and more who are WOC. Borrowell was named one of the Top 50 Best Workplaces in Canada, as well as one of the Best Workplaces in Tech for Women, Mental Wellness, and Work-Life Balance.

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Company Logo for BotBuilt


We build homes with robots! BotBuilt is at the forefront of revolutionizing the construction industry. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Robotics, we're reshaping how construction projects are conceived and executed. Our small but dynamic team is dedicated to innovation and excellence.

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We are building a platform that helps developers build world-class AI products. AI development is a relatively new paradigm combining code and datasets, incrementally refining both using frequent evaluations. Our product lets you evaluate LLM applications and iteratively improve them, with a rich set of tools to visualize changes and interrogate failures. Developers integrate Braintrust into their continuous integration and development loops, often running 50+ experiments per day. Our team includes AI, design, and database veterans who have exited multiple companies and worked at Figma, Nuro, Impira, MemSQL, Google, and Twitter. We're backed by Elad Gil, Base Case Capital, and leading CEOs/founders.

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Company Logo for Branch


Branch makes and sells work products for remote workers and growing teams. We're looking for a Digital Product Manager to lead the development of our ecommerce site and systems. You’ll ship beautiful, functional and accessible commerce experiences addressing both our enterprise and DTC customer segments, as well as full-stack applications (mostly built on Shopify) to support our operations. As the only product management hire at Branch, you’ll have the opportunity to lead a product practice at a well-funded and rapidly-growing startup pursuing a unique opportunity that anchors in online commerce and extends far beyond it.

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We're an AI startup democratizing access to government contracts by making it easier for small businesses to find and respond to soul-crushingly complex RFPs and paperwork. We just raised $3m (April 2024) and have strong GTM traction.

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Company Logo for Brenger


Come join Brenger as a Senior PHP Engineer (following our recent amazing Python hires!) to build the transportation platform that solves the surprisingly unsolved problem of shipping bulky goods economically, optimizes the utilization of vans on the road, and reduces CO₂ emissions along the way!

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Company Logo for Bridgesplit


Bridgesplit is a blockchain-enabled asset-based finance platform for alternative assets across cryptocurrency, luxury assets, illiquid financial products, and other high-value physical or financial assets. We run a lending platform to service owners of these assets, a digital collectible exchange, and an asset management service processing over $20M a month in volume.

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Bright Network

At Bright Network, we use modern technology and data science to connect ambitious young people from all backgrounds with the best career opportunities. We currently have 850,000+ members and 300+ top-tier graduate employers. We've just taken new investment, a large fraction of which will go into growing our tech and product teams from 12 to 20 this year.

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Company Logo for Brightbook


Brightbook is a publishing platform for educational content, consisting of an in-house editor and interactive learning environment. It caters to schools as well as universities and learning and development professionals. It is built in the historic city of Bruges by a small and dedicated team that aims to provide both instructors and students with better tools and ways to experience their course material.

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Company Logo for British Red Cross

British Red Cross

Since 1870, the British Red Cross has been helping people in crisis, whoever and wherever they are, as part of the world’s largest humanitarian network. We're looking for technologists who want to use their skills to help people in crisis.

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Company Logo for Bryan Johnson Blueprint

Bryan Johnson Blueprint

Join us in pushing the next evolution of humanity from H. sapiens to H. evolutis. Quantified Don't Die. Build out internal systems, user app, health LLMs, therapy discovery algorithms, decentralized data management and more.

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Company Logo for Building Swell

Building Swell

At Building Swell, we know construction is ushering in a new wave of industrialization. Join us in arming these modern builders with mission-critical technology to manufacture smarter buildings and address the housing shortage.

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Company Logo for Bun


Bun is an incredibly fast JavaScript runtime, package manager, test runner, and bundler. Our 2024 goal is to replace Node.js as the default server-side JavaScript runtime. We launched Bun 1.0 back in September and it's been a really exciting 6-ish months seeing developers use Bun at companies like X (Twitter), Midjourney and Brex.

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Company Logo for Burnley Football Club

Burnley Football Club

Burnley Football Club play in the English Premier League. The club have large ambitions and I am looking to hire the first Business Analyst to help work across the whole club to help breed a culture of innovation and technology adoption. I am the CTO and have recently joined and there is a lot to do!

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Company Logo for CUR8 Earth

CUR8 Earth

We're a mighty team of serial founders and scientists on a mission to stop climate change by building the carbon removals ecosystem - a revolutionary new class of technologies that actively sequester carbon from the atmosphere. The next generation of products we are building use data to unlock unprecedented amounts of demand and finance which are critically needed. The companies we started (e.g. Azimo), scaled to 250+ people and serving millions of customers, we published multiple science books and won national awards. We also have extensive industry networks, a sister NGO called Rethinking Removals and numerous advisory groups in climate and finance.

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Cadence OneFive

We are building software that helps building owners minimize their carbon footprint. We've proved out our solution in our first geography (NYC) and will be growing nationwide in our next phase.

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Caladan Bio

We're building 250ml modular bioreactors for synthetic biology scale-up.

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Company Logo for Cambly


Our mission is to bring high-quality English education to every English learner in the world at the touch of a button. We help students find their perfect tutors to help unlock their potential. Every day we do more than a year of tutoring on our platform. Come help us build the world’s largest English language school.

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Company Logo for Cambridge Innovation Labs

Cambridge Innovation Labs

We have two open spots in the founding team for a B2C edtech startup founded by Oxford and IIT Delhi grads going after a $200B market. Our mission is to enable a billion+ people to learn, teach, and connect better. We are post-MVP, pre-launch. We are fundraising starting April and expecting to close the round before July. As the founders shift focus towards fundraising, we are opening up two positions for founding engineers to take over the product.

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Company Logo for Canny


Canny helps software companies keep track of feature requests to build better products. Early-stage startup, 16 person team, $3m+ annual recurring revenue. 100% remote, distributed across US, Canada, Spain, Turkey. Bootstrapped and profitable.

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Company Logo for Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect

Canopy Connect is single-click insurance data sharing (like "Plaid for insurance"). We serve over 3,500 companies (and growing rapidly!) including insurance agencies, lenders, insurtechs, fintechs, and insurance carriers to streamline acquiring verified insurance data from consumers and businesses. We're a small, fully remote team based in the US and Canada. We present the best of both worlds - a nimble startup and small team (low strike price on equity and more ownership/impact), yet derisked because of our capital efficiency.

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Company Logo for Canvas


Canvas is building the easiest way for founders to grok their startup through analytics. Come solve this with us and save founders from drowning in Google Sheets. We make money from building for customers that love us. We actually really need you. You’ll have a huge impact on our trajectory. We love shipping and we hate bureaucracy. We’re here to win. We’re backed by Sequoia, SV Angel, founders of Fivetran, Segment, Datadog, Webflow, Lattice, Flexport, Instacart, Front, Okta, DoorDash, Loom, Shogun, Postmates, and more.

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Company Logo for Canvas (The Spatial Computing Company)

Canvas (The Spatial Computing Company)

At Canvas, we’re working on spatial computing - using computer vision to 3D reconstruct and understand your surroundings so that software can operate over real-world spaces. We believe it will power the next generation of augmented reality and some of the key parts of virtual reality as well.

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Company Logo for Cardless


At Cardless, we’re building a credit card and loyalty platform that consumer businesses use to engage their customers. We’ve launched 9 credit cards, including for the largest mall operator in the U.S. and the largest airline in South America. We help businesses bring imaginative card programs to life, and have pioneered technology to embed credit card features natively into their products. You can learn more about us at our blog -

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Company Logo for Carebit


Carebit is a design-led healthcare technology company helping hundreds of private doctors across the UK run their practices more effectively and efficiently with our web platform, along with hundreds of thousands of their patients. We’re now looking to build out a mobile app to enhance and complement our web offering as well as work on the React frontend of the application. Our loyal customers love our product, are generous with feedback, and are chomping at the bit to help build a best-of-breed platform with us. Having doubled in revenue in 2023, we’re now looking for a curious, empathetic and product-focused mid/senior React & React Native developer with a strong focus on product to help them and us on this mission. We are a bootstrapped, profitable and fully-remote company of 12 (3 full stack developers), and we intend to keep it that way. Having been remote from day 1, we believe in its benefits.

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Company Logo for

Tech for good: We're a tech nonprofit building an AI Career Coach for education and workforce development customers. We are a well-funded, remote-first 501c3 that has been developing large-scale career platforms for underrepresented youth for over a decade. We've served millions of young people, and are an early mover on AI within the nonprofit space. The stack is Django, Langchain, React. AWS and GCP. Multi-LLM.

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Company Logo for Carl Zeiss SMT/SMS

Carl Zeiss SMT/SMS

Zeiss SMT is the leader in extreme engineering optics for semiconductor manufacturing. We come up every so often on HN as leaders in EUV optics manufacturing for ASML scanners. SMS is a branch of SMT concerned with standalone tooling for quality assurance and defect inspection in semiconductor fabs (tools like the AIMS EUV or PROVE systems, for example). We bring complete solutions to the hypercompetitive market that is the semiconductor industry. The scale is vast – the work you can be involved in ranges from simulations at the nanometer to how to ship tools via using Boeing 747(s). Software (and extremely diligent/precise engineering… honestly it blows my mind regularly) underpins everything we do and spans the same vastness of scale. We (Zeiss SMT, but also SMS where I work) are hiring in pretty much every IT field as we modernize systems, upgrade legacy code, and build cutting-edge new tools and platforms to remain at the front of the field. Specifically interesting to HN (I think) is my team, which works on developing extremely fast physics simulation and data processing code utilizing classical algorithms, machine learning, and AI, all on premise. We also build and maintain the hardware (HPC clusters) to enable these developments.

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Company Logo for Cartesian Systems

Cartesian Systems

Cartesian Systems is a seed-stage MIT startup on a mission to map the physical world at unprecedented scale and precision. They are building a first-of-its-kind product to solve problems in indoor logistics for retail and supply chain.

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Cassidy is a no-code platform that allows businesses to build custom AI assistants that automate complex multi-step workflows. Cassidy is trained on company knowledge, utilizes all major AI models, and connects with internal tools like Zendesk, Slack, and Notion to carry out the unique workflows of employees. We have just completed our seed round and are ramping up a world class team to build our vision for the future of business. We're growing fast and have an insane distribution advantage in a growing market.

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CellSense Technologies

CellSense Technologies is a manufacturer of advanced microscopes – particularly optical microscope systems for a broad range of applications in biology and medicine.

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Company Logo for Cenovus Energy Inc.

Cenovus Energy Inc.

Design and implement comprehensive data solutions that might encompass a broad range of technologies (CRUD application design/development, data engineering/orchestration, data analysis and reporting, machine learning modeling, or other data-related activities).

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Company Logo for Census


Census invented Reverse ETL and we're now bringing it to development teams everywhere via our Embedded product. We need you to help us deliver intuitive, fast, and rock-solid APIs that allow teams to integrate their data with dozens of warehouses and hundreds of SaaS applications.

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Company Logo for CentML


We believe AI will fundamentally transform how people live and work. CentML's mission is to massively reduce the cost of developing and deploying ML models so we can enable anyone to harness the power of AI and everyone to benefit from its potential.

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Company Logo for Centre for Internet and Society

Centre for Internet and Society

The Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) is a non-profit organisation that undertakes interdisciplinary research on internet and digital technologies from policy and academic perspectives.

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Company Logo for Chai AI

Chai AI

Chai AI is the leading platform for conversational generative artificial intelligence. Our mission is to crowdsource the leap to AGI by bringing together language model developers and chat AI enthusiasts.

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Company Logo for ChainSecurity


ChainSecurity is a young and innovative cybersecurity company that operates in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space. Our mission is to make the blockchain space secure and trustworthy for people, companies, and governments alike. We are proud of our security experts from the renowned universities ETH Zurich, EPFL Lausanne and others. We are trusted by 100+ blockchain companies and established corporations with security audits and services. We have secured complex systems for top blockchain clients, such as decentralized finance (DeFi) projects, and multinational organizations, such as banks and industrial consortia.

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Company Logo for Chainlink Labs

Chainlink Labs

All roles with Chainlink Labs are globally remote based. We encourage you to apply regardless of your location. Over 45+ roles available including: Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Technical Program Manager, Full Stack Engineer, SRE, DevOps Engineer. At Chainlink Labs, we’re committed to the key operating principles of ownership, focus, and open dialogue. These roles are location agnostic anywhere in the world, but we ask that you overlap some working hours with Eastern Standard Time (EST). We are a fully distributed team and have the tools and benefits to support you in your remote work environment.

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Company Logo for Chameleon


Remember those modals, tooltips and checklists you have built but never really wanted to?! with Chameleon, the Product team can WYSIWYG those into your application with just a few clicks. We're a great, growing team looking to hire a Frontend and Fullstack Engineer to complement our existing expertise. If you're in the Americas, take a look at the role description and see if you'd be a good fit

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Chan Zuckerberg Biohub

We have several openings for our internship program. The intern positions range from wet-lab biological applications to software engineering and data science. I would like to highlight the Royer Group, which is seeking an intern to work with AI for biological imaging data. I recommend mentioning in the cover letter which group you want to work with.

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Company Logo for Channable


Join one of the fastest growing scale-ups in the Netherlands. We currently have several open engineering positions to join our team in Utrecht. We are a young company with a strong engineering culture and some unique data problems, which we are solving for our customers. You can read more about our work on our tech blog: Our Stack: Haskell, Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ember.js, React, PostgreSQL, Redis, Ansible, Terraform, Nix. We currently process more than 100 billion products per day and offer technically interesting and challenging work. We are looking for highly motivated and skilled engineers to join our team.

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Company Logo for Character.AI


Want to build at the intersection of cutting-edge LLMs and rocketship consumer products? Apply to Character.AI. We’re building personalized superintelligence and looking for excellent people across the stack. Our momentum is incredible, and – since we build everything from the LLM to the UI – we have been able to create a product that already has millions of active users (30x DAU in 6 months). Now we are assembling a top-tier team to create even more delightful applications. The goal is to empower everyone to access infinite AI capabilities, so the opportunity for creativity and impact is massive. If you’re a rockstar in frontend, backend, data engineering, or data science, we would love to chat with you. We are also hiring for a variety of other roles. If you want to build AI that feels alive, please apply through our career page with a resume and a short description of why you are interested:

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Company Logo for Charge Robotics

Charge Robotics

We’re a YC-backed startup building robots that build large-scale solar farms. We just got back from the first commercial deployment of our system on a real-world solar construction site (video + more details coming soon!). It turns out that construction companies literally can't build solar fast enough, so what we're doing is a crucial part of switching the grid over to renewable generation. We're looking to bring another talented software engineer onto our small team. You’ll be a key contributor, helping bring our next generation of mobile solar factory to life. Your work will involve architecting, developing, and maintaining high-quality code and documentation for our fleet of fully-automated factories. Come work with us if you love: Fast-paced prototype development with software and hardware components, Making a positive climate impact through your work, Hacking on massive construction equipment!

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Company Logo for Chariot


Chariot is building fintech tools for nonprofits - think Visa for $500B nonprofit space.

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Company Logo for ChartMogul


At ChartMogul, we're building the leading Subscription Analytics Platform for growing SaaS businesses. We're a remote-first company with 67 team members across 22 different countries. Profitable and self-sustaining since our seed funding.

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Company Logo for Checkbook


As a leading provider of both legacy and modern payment options, Checkbook is uniquely positioned to enable businesses to access the speed, flexibility and cost savings of modern payment technologies, with the familiarity and simplicity of paper checks.

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Company Logo for ChemCloud


ChemCloud is a digital procurement marketplace that makes it easy to discover, buy, and sell chemicals. Our mission; to accelerate the positive impact of the chemical industry by digitising its ways of working.

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Chestnut is a well funded (a16z) close-knit seed stage insurtech - building next-gen enterprise infrastructure for the insurance industry. If you are a passionate full stack Golang Developer with a track record of building high-quality applications and want to be part of a vibrant team that embraces innovation, we'd love to hear from you!

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Company Logo for Child Mind Institute

Child Mind Institute

The Science and Engineering team at the Child Mind Institute is dedicated to transforming the lives of children with mental health and learning disorders through the power of scientific discovery. Our product development group is working on a number of products including interventions and data gathering tools.

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ChipStack is building tools for reducing the time to design complex chips. We use generative AI, novel methodologies and high-quality developer tools designed for chip designers to achieve that. We are a seed-funded company from top investors in the valley.

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Company Logo for Chorus One

Chorus One

Chorus One operates validators on many proof-of-stake blockchains. We are hiring for several roles, but the one I will highlight is what we call the Platforms Engineer.

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Company Logo for Chronograph


Chronograph was founded to bring next-generation technology to private capital markets. Through our suite of cloud-based analytics and data management solutions, we help many of the world’s largest and most sophisticated venture capital, private equity, and credit funds understand their investment performance in unprecedented detail.

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Company Logo for CircleCI


CircleCI is a leader in bringing intelligent change validation to engineering teams.

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Company Logo for Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki

At Cisco Meraki, we know that technology can connect, empower, and drive us. Our mission is to simplify technology so our customers can focus on what's most relevant to them: their students, patients, customers, and businesses. We’re making networking easier, faster, and smarter with technology that simply works.

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Company Logo for City Innovate

City Innovate

I’m the CEO and former CIO for the City of SF. City Innovate is a public benefit corporation helping modernize government agencies through document process automation (think enterprise Google Docs - business rules, smart templates, granular permissioning, approvals). We have product-market-fit, over 430% growth over the past three years, zero churn, and have a strong balance sheet. We have some of the largest govt agencies in the world as our customers.

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Company Logo for Citymapper by Via

Citymapper by Via

We have built a best in class B2C app for public transportation since 2010 in over 400 cities around the world - and have joined Via Transportation in March 2023, continuing our mission to making cities usable.

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Company Logo for Clark Associates /

Clark Associates /

We are a market leader in our industry who only continues to grow. We are primarily a dotnet shop ( about to upgrade to v8 ) and React, and transitioning off an older MVC front-end. However we love to meet smart people who get things done regardless of tech stack. If you have previous startup experience or have worked in an entrepreneurial environment before, you'll love it here. We empower people to do their best work and think big. We also pride ourselves on a good work/life balance in doing so. We are hoping to fill 2 seats on our team currently. Open to developers of all skill levels. We really love to meet promising juniors who are firing on all cylinders and lapping their peers.

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Company Logo for Clearscope


Clearscope is a best-in-class digital marketing SaaS that leverages machine learning to arm content marketers with the data, recommendations, and visibility they need to produce quality content that reaches their audience. We're bootstrapped and profitable with 1,000+ paying customers like Adobe, Deloitte, Nvidia, Expedia, HubSpot, Shopify, Intuit, and Condé Nast driving multi-million ARR with 6 team members.

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We’re hiring our 2nd & 3rd founding engineer. We are looking for Fullstack JS & Backend/ML Python Engineers (on-site in Berlin) and offer real equity far above market standards. You need to be excited about our vision to use AI to make regulatory approval for medical innovation 10x easier. We accelerate the process of bringing crucial treatments to the patients who need them the most.

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Company Logo for Clerky


Clerky is the most popular way for high-growth technology startups to form, and we're also used by tons of top-tier startups for hiring and fundraising. We're launching powerful enterprise-grade software to helping attorneys and companies collaborate. We've invested a lot in architecture, maintainability, and testing, giving us a significant advantage as we build out functionality that founders and attorneys can currently only dream of. We could be a good fit for you if you're interested in working at a startup (1) without the chaos of a move-fast-and-break-things environment, (2) that's small but extremely productive, and (3) that's profitable but has tremendous growth potential.

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Company Logo for Cleverbase


We deliver identity wallets and trust services. Users can sign documents on mobile with the same legal value as paper signatures, but higher security. Users can identify online in cases where physical presence or showing a passport would otherwise be needed. And the wallet is a strong multi-factor customer authenticator. We founded Cleverbase in 2016, aiming to enable everyone to do easy and secure business online. Since 2018 we operate under Dutch government supervision within the eIDAS trust framework. We are part of the development of a European Digital Identity Wallet.

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Company Logo for ClickHouse


ClickHouse is the fastest and most resource efficient open-source database for real-time apps and analytics. Our engineering teams invest heavily in improving the most loved ClickHouse open source project as well as building ClickHouse Cloud a fully cloud Native SAAS offering with separation of compute and storage. We are a globally diverse and distributed team, united behind a common goal of creating industry-leading, real-time analytics. Here, you will have an opportunity to solve some of the most cutting edge technical challenges and have direct ownership of your work and vision. If you are a contributor by nature, a thinker as well as a doer - we’ll definitely click!

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We're a small team of repeat founders and seasoned operators on a big mission to simplify planet-positive investing and put power in the hands of impact investors at a scale never seen before. The next generation of tools we are building use AI to interact with the world of sustainability data (large language models like ChatGPT). This is a highly specialist crew with a decade or more of relevant experience in the domains of machine learning and climate finance. Some of the companies we started, (e.g. Secondmind), scaled to 100+ people and millions in revenue, published extensively in key academic journals in machine learning, and won national awards. We also have extensive industry networks, published works, and numerous advisory and working group seats in climate and sustainable finance.

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Company Logo for Close


Close is a bootstrapped, profitable, completely remote, ~90 person team of thoughtful individuals who value autonomy and impact. Since 2013, we’ve been building a CRM for small businesses with a focus on better communication, without the hassle of manual data entry or complex UI.

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Company Logo for CloudLinix


CloudLinux is a global remote-first company. We are driven by our principles: Do the right thing, employees first, we are remote first, and we deliver high volume, low-cost Linux infrastructure and security products that help companies to increase the efficiency of their operations. Every person on our team supports each other and does what we can to ensure we all are successful. We are truly a great place to work. We have 3 main products CloudLinux OS, Imunify, and TuxCare.

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Company Logo for Cloudflare


Our focus is on building client and server side ML solutions for web applications at an unprecedented scale and volume. We handle ~20% of the Internet's data and our traffic peaks at 65 million requests per second. To top it off, we were recently awarded a patent for our work.

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Company Logo for

Cobalt helps secure leading companies (e.g. Dropbox, PagerDuty) by connecting them with on-demand pentesting experts. Our application brings both sides together to identify, triage and fix vulnerabilities. Ten years in and over 30K commits later, our technology has been battle tested by thousands of users and we’re still having fun. We’re a team of can-do people who care about craft, collaboration, and our customers.

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Company Logo for

We are a bootstrapped and profitable business doubling in size. We have been designing and building high-growth marketplaces for more than 12 years. Our projects are technically complex with focus on user experience.

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Company Logo for Cocoa Ventures

Cocoa Ventures

We are a pre-seed/seed fund backing Killers with a Heart across sectors. We invest angel checks and bring all our VC know-how and network to support founders as their in-house VC and help them hack the system from the inside.

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Code Mind Berkeley

We're an interdisciplinary CS research startup that aims to provide valuable research experiences for high school students.

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We're building Aide, an AI-native, privacy-first IDE. With the advent of AI, we believe there is an opportunity and necessity to re-imagine the IDE to be a place where developers and AI are both first-class citizens, and AI can pair-program as well as complete tasks independently.

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Company Logo for CodeWeavers


CodeWeavers needs new, full-time developers to improve Wine's ability to run games and other types of software and integrate well with the native operating system and other system components. Positions are available to work on a variety of Wine-based software, including CodeWeavers's own CrossOver product; the Proton project for Valve Software; and projects for other clients and software internal to CodeWeavers.

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Company Logo for Codeium


We're working on AI tools for developers (autocomplete, chat, and more unannounced things). We train our own LLMs from scratch and have over 1M downloads across our surfaces. We have many paying enterprise customers and have raised a total of $93M from Kleiner Perkins, Greenoaks, and Founders Fund.

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Company Logo for Coder


Our mission is to keep developers in flow. Coder has created a platform that offloads development from local workstations to your on-prem and public cloud infrastructure. Target customers are engineering orgs at some of the world’s largest and cutting edge companies.

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Company Logo for Cognii


Cognii is a pioneer of conversational EdTech. Cognii's Virtual Learning Assistant uses natural language processing to provide assessments and tutoring for scalable education and training.

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Company Logo for Cognota


Cognota is a growing venture on a mission to power LearnOps™ for all enterprises. We build a corporate learning and development (L&D) operations platform that helps companies manage their L&D programs more efficiently. We were founded in 2016 and have raised $11 million USD in funding, including a $5.5M Series A round this September. We are fortunate to be empowering L&D teams worldwide at companies including General Mills, Americo, EY, and Comerica Bank.

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Company Logo for Cogram


We're building a productivity platform that automates work by deeply integrating AI language models with team communications. We went through YC (W22), are well-funded, and have a growing customer base focused on the enterprise market. We’re a small, technical, remote-first team.

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Company Logo for Cohere Health

Cohere Health

Cohere Health is simplifying healthcare for patients, their doctors, and all those who are important in a patient’s healthcare experience, both in and out of the doctors office. We build software that is expressly designed to ensure the appropriate plan of care is understood and expeditiously approved, so that patients and doctors can focus on health, rather than payment or administrative hassles. This is a unique opportunity to join a rapidly growing engineering team with great ambition. You will have an outsized influence on the future direction and technology decisions.

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Company Logo for CoinTracker


CoinTracker enables consumers and businesses to seamlessly track their cryptocurrency portfolio, investment performance, taxes, and more. We are a globally distributed team on a mission to enable everyone in the world to use crypto with peace of mind.

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Company Logo for Collaborative Drug Discovery

Collaborative Drug Discovery

We provide a hosted scientific data management system that helps researchers organize, collaborate, and make discoveries faster. Our customers include pharmas, biotechs, and academic labs. We are profitable, loved by our customers, and growing.

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Company Logo for Column


Column is the first nationally chartered bank built from the ground up for developers. We provide an API first, modern banking experience for our customers, replacing the bloated middleware and legacy software that currently powers most financial companies.

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Company Logo for Combinaut


Combinaut creates tools for healthcare organizations that help patients find care.

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Company Logo for Comet Rocks

Comet Rocks

Comet Rocks is helping brands launch contextual mini-stores tailored to different channels. We use AI to automatically generate these immersive, customizable storefronts that sync with the core shop system. Our stack is built for scale and performance. We value innovation, autonomy, and impact. We're remote-first and backed by top VCs.

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We are working on a big upcoming manga-related software project, and seeking out developers who are interested in working in the following positions: - Frontend Web Dev (mostly Vue) - Backend Dev (Go, Typescript, Python etc.) - App Dev (Flutter + FFI) - Dev Ops (Bare metal & Nomad) Previous experience working on manga, webtoon, or anime-related software is a plus, whether professionally or as a fan. This would be a full-time (contract, with exceptions), fully-remote position working at a fast pace to deliver a product that will be used by millions of manga fans around the world. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, please email

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Company Logo for Comity Inc

Comity Inc

We’re on a mission to improve the reliability, transparency, and efficiency of our energy systems, fostering a future with sustainable and abundant energy. We are leveraging statistical learning and convex optimization methods to build the financial rails of our future energy systems that will accelerate the deployment of clean energy resources.

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Company Logo for Common Crawl Foundation

Common Crawl Foundation

I'm the CTO at the Common Crawl Foundation, which has a 17 year old, 8 petabyte crawl & archive of the web. Our open dataset has been cited in nearly 10,000 research papers, and is the most-used dataset in the AWS Open Data program. Our organization is also very active in the open source community.

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Company Logo for Community Phone

Community Phone

At Community Phone, we leveraged our technical expertise to deliver the flexibility of VoIP with the reliability of the cellular network and brought this technology to customers' existing landlines. We didn't reinvent the phone, but we are working to make it the best experience possible. We're a remote-first, global team of just under 100 right now. We are mission-driven and focused on helping small businesses and seniors. From our CEO 'Nowhere else can you get access to this part of the network'

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Company Logo for Complete


Create, collaborate on, and explain compensation practices from day zero. As part of Complete's founding team, you'll play a key role in delivering on our mission to bring transparency to startup compensation. You'll be responsible for collaborating with product, design, engineers, and even directly with customers to produce world-class products for candidates, employees, and talent teams.

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Complete Sleep

Complete Sleep is a VC-backed, seed-stage company that is changing the way sleep apnea is tested, diagnosed, and treated so that patients can quickly get the help they need. About 1 in 4 adults has sleep apnea, and 80% of those people haven't even been diagnosed. Our founding team is composed of early-stage veterans in each key area of our business. We care about our patients, the people we work with, and the people in our lives outside of work. Passion for our mission, having fun at work, and enjoying life outside of work are all important to us.

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Company Logo for ComplyCo


A startup bringing observability concepts to compliance teams to help them follow complex regulations in digital environments.

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Company Logo for Conduit Tech

Conduit Tech

We're an early-stage ClimateTech startup backed by Breakthrough Energy and Emerson Collective. Roughly 10% of US greenhouse gas emissions are due to residential HVAC. We're developing software that helps contractors to design, sell, and install high-efficiency HVAC systems.

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Company Logo for Connectly


Connectly is a series A company actively looking for experienced engineers to build the best conversational commerce experience end-to-end. Founders: Head of FB Messenger + CTO of Strava. Team - 55 people & growing. Product - A seamless full shopping experience powered by messaging & AI in 5 minutes. Funding - Substantial amount from top Silicon Valley investors. Revenue - explosive growth. Stack - golang, python, typescript & react. Culture - Generous compensation and respectful & caring environment. Join our self-driven team that moves fast and aims for excellence!

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Company Logo for Consensus


Consensus is an AI search engine for research papers. We've got great traction, awesome investors, and were recently the #1 GPT in the world.

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Company Logo for Conservation Metrics

Conservation Metrics

Indigenous People around the world are working tirelessly to secure and manage their territories under mounting external threats. Conservation Metrics is co-creating a data platform with our Indigenous partners to provide them with best-in-class remote sensing products (maps, change detection, threat prediction), mobile survey tools, secure storage in a data warehouse, and secure APIs for tools they need to analyze and visualize their information, now and in the future. The platform comprises in-house software that we are open-sourcing, as well as integrations to third-party solutions such as Apache Superset and Digital Democracy’s Mapeo.

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Constantiam Biosciences

Constantiam Biosciences is operating at the interface of the genomics and big data revolutions to push forward the fields of genetic variant interpretation and genetics-informed drug development to deliver better outcomes for patients. Founded and lead by scientists with deep research experience and a practical bent, Constantiam maintains a culture of openness and exploration while also staying focused on delivering for our customers. Constantiam has a proven track record of attracting non-dilutive funding and is just now starting on a project with a multi-year budget, giving this position good job security in an otherwise tumultuous market. Constantiam Biosciences offers a dynamic and collaborative work environment, where you will be part of a tight-knit team of experienced professionals. As one of the first few full-time employees, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the direction and growth of the company, and interact with experienced subject matter experts from the industry and academia. We value self-motivation and a willingness to learn and teach others. We believe diverse perspectives fuel innovation and drive success. We're committed to building an inclusive team that reflects the richness of our community. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand your skill set and work with cutting-edge technologies in the field of genomics and genetics, we encourage you to apply for a position.

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Company Logo for ContentLab


ContentLab® is a technical content marketing agency that creates content developers want to read. We're trusted by leading tech firms like Microsoft, Adobe, Meta, HubSpot, and more.

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Company Logo for Contentful


Contentful is the leading Composable Content Platform. Read about our black friday numbers at

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Company Logo for Contextual AI

Contextual AI

At Contextual AI, we are building the next generation of LLMs, from first principles, specifically for enterprise use cases.

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Continua was founded in April 2023 by a Distinguished Engineer from Google Research to give everyone in the world an agent that uses their real-time context and personal memory to deliver actionable and timely assistance. Our MVP is currently in limited alpha testing, and we’re immensely excited by the feedback we’re getting from early users - they’re finding that the Continua agent helps them in all manner of surprisingly useful ways.

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Continua AI

Continua was founded in April 2023 by a Distinguished Engineer from Google Research to reinvent how people interact with information, with services, and with each other.

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At Continue, we are on a mission to make building software feel like making music. We are creating the open-source autopilot for software development—an IDE extension that brings the power of ChatGPT to VS Code and JetBrains.

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Company Logo for Contra


Contra is a commission-free platform redefining how freelancers find great opportunities, get paid, and showcase their work.

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Company Logo for Converge


Converge is building data infrastructure for online stores. We make it easy for merchants to understand where their customers come from and help them optimize their customer acquisition. We just graduated from the YC S23 cohort. We serve more than 100 customers (small stores until publicly listed co's) and are profitable.

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Company Logo for Cooper Pet Care

Cooper Pet Care

Cooper Pet Care is the leading telehealth veterinary provider in the Netherlands.

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Company Logo for Corbalt


Corbalt is a small group of technologists working to build better software infrastructure for government. We focus on opportunities where we can build simple, scalable solutions to help support important government missions like helping people get health insurance and ensuring healthcare for vulnerable populations. We use innovative technology to create software infrastructure that's easy to use and develop applications that focus on addressing users' core needs. We're a small team with experience at Google, Palantir, Bell Labs, Microsoft, and Silicon Valley startups. We work remotely by default and are spread across states. We look to hire technologists who are passionate about improving public services, love working as a part of a team, enjoy consulting with clients to develop creative solutions to complex problems, and are committed to fostering a kind work environment.

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Company Logo for Cordial


Cordial is the next-generation messaging and data automation platform, built on real-time data. We empower brands to create rich personalized experiences across multiple message channels and simplify data management for marketers. We're a true next generation technology platform, leveraging AI/ML and solving truly interesting problems while processing many terabytes of data per day. Our stack includes a lot of React, PHP 8/Laravel, MongoDB, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, as well as Python, Rust, and IaC; and we work with some of the biggest names in commerce.

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We're looking for several senior software engineers for the job description below. Stack: We don't expect you are a jack of all trades. Welcome to apply if you are MASTER in +2 stacks listed here. Frontend: React, Angular, Vue, Ember. Backend: Express, Nest, Django, FastAPI, Flask, RoR,, Laravel, CI. Languages: Node, Typescript, Python, PHP, C#, .Net, Ruby. Requirement: You MUST be a native English speaker or highly fluent in English (above C1). Only applicants from US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. We don't accept applicants from the rest of the world.

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Cornell University - Breeding Insight

Breeding Insight is hiring a lead software engineer who will work closely with our experienced product owner and science team, and direct a team of software engineers and QA analysts in building phenotypic and genotypic data management software used by USDA specialty crop breeders to increase the rate of genetic gain in field trials.

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Company Logo for Corti


Join our team and change the future of healthcare. The team at Corti just closed a $60 million B-round and is searching for more people to join our tech teams! Corti is a clinically proven AI support tool that augments, automates, and analyzes virtual care and face-to-face patient engagements.

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Costa Security

We are Costa, and we are building the next generation of network security. Our founding team has experience at big companies like Amazon/Meta and small startups. We are backed by great VCs and are early in our journey.

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Company Logo for Count


Count is like Jupyter, Tableau and Miro combined in one tool. Data teams at some of the world's leading scale-ups use it for everything from iterating data models to performing deep dive analyses and telling impactful stories backed by data. We're a small team looking for experienced software engineers who are interested in tackling deep technical challenges in the data analytics space. For the best possible user experience, we have developed various technologies in-house, including a custom WebGL rendering engine, our own data visualization library, and a reactive SQL/Python notebook and database query framework. Example projects: accelerating rendering using quadtree tiling, extending interactivity and customizability of visualizations, leveraging LLMs in data exploration, serverless framework for executing database queries at high concurrency. Our tech stack: TypeScript, Python, Node, WebAssembly, WebGL, Apache Arrow, DuckDB, Kubernetes, React.

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Company Logo for Countfire


Countfire makes software for the construction industry. Our software is well loved because we try to design solutions that are a magnitude more efficient than existing tools.

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Company Logo for Course Hero

Course Hero

Course Hero is an online learning platform where students can access over 40 million course-specific study resources contributed by a community of educators and other students. We envision a world where every student graduates, confident and prepared. We were recently valued at $3.6B and are actively hiring!

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Company Logo for Craftwork


Craftwork (YC S23) is a full-service home painting company that uses software to dramatically improve the homeowner and operators experience. We’re starting with the $20B+ home painting industry as a low-risk, high margin entry point before expanding to support the broader $500B+ home services market. Since launching in early 2023, we’ve grown revenue between 50% - 100% monthly, and have raised capital from some of the best investors in the world including Forerunner Ventures, Y Combinator, General Catalyst, Lachy Groom, Jeff Jordan, Immad Akhund, Evan Moore, Louis Beryl, and more.

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Company Logo for CrazyGames


With recent technologies such as WebGPU and WebAssembly, the browser has become a powerful gaming platform. High-quality 3D graphics and near-native level performance are becoming possible without the need for downloads, apps, or platform-specific development. Our browser games platform is already reaching more than 30 million people per month. We are self-funded, profitable, remote-first, and fast-growing.

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CredCore is a well-funded early-stage startup based out of New York City building solutions for the $10 trillion US debt sector. Our product suite helps funds and companies navigate the complex landscape of corporate debt deals and make better decisions with AI-assisted data analysis.

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Company Logo for

Credal is a security first data platform for enterprises building AI Apps. We serve enterprises from 100 person startups to Fortune 20 behemoths, and our team is comprised entirely of people who do truly exceptional things. You'll get to work at the cutting edge of making AI actually work in the real, messy but extremely impactful world of our customers: healthcare, sustainability, industrial robotics, finance and more.

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Company Logo for Credit Karma

Credit Karma

We're a high-growth team responsible for some of our business-critical experiences. Stack includes Scala, TypeScript, React, Google Cloud and more. We're flexible on skill level and have great mentorship programs, and welcome people from all backgrounds to join a collaborative, fun environment.

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Company Logo for Cribl Inc

Cribl Inc

Cribl makes open observability a reality, giving customers the freedom and flexibility to make choices instead of compromises. Our suite of products puts the customer back in control of their telemetry data, giving them the power to choose what is best for their organization, the control to find and get the data where they want, and the flexibility to put it in any format needed.

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Company Logo for Crimson Education

Crimson Education

Crimson Education is a Series C, global EdTech startup founded in 2013 with the idea that through personalized education and technology, we can transform students into the world leaders of tomorrow. We’re now in 28 markets and have an ambitious team of 700 that’s rapidly expanding across the globe.

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Company Logo for CrossnoKaye


CrossnoKaye is a California based early-stage start up (Series B) that is mission driven to have a measurable impact on climate change through revolutionizing the heavy industrial sector. We have had extreme success through our Energy AI application which saves an average of 40% in energy reduction and megatons of reduction in GH emissions! We are looking for top talent to join our team and dedicated to being a part of the change.

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Company Logo for Crossref


Crossref is a not-for-profit organization operating open scholarly infrastructure, providing open source, open data, and open APIs to connect global scholarly research. If you've ever seen or clicked on a DOI in a scholarly article, that's us.

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Company Logo for Cruise


Cruise's ridehail team is looking for software engineering talent with backend, frontend, or full stack experience. Come help us build the future of self-driving cars!

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Company Logo for Crusoe


Crusoe is on a mission to align the future of computing with the future of the climate. Data centers consume more than 2% of the world's electricity. We power data centers with stranded energy such as gas flares and underloaded renewables, so for every GPU hour you use on Crusoe Cloud, you're offsetting 0.5kg of CO2e, or approximately 4.4 metric tons over an entire year. The more compute you use, the more CO2 and other greenhouse gasses you offset. Crusoe Cloud offers the cleanest and lowest-cost GPU cloud computing solution in the world for workloads including graphical rendering, artificial intelligence research, machine learning, computational biology, therapeutic drug discovery, simulation and more.

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Company Logo for Crustdata


We are building an AI-powered alternative data platform -- the most powerful and comprehensive dataset of company data. Overlaying the dataset, we've built an AI model that allows the first free-text search for companies (essentially a Google Search for companies). Find any information on any company, instantly. We are a new company and have paying customers. Find out more about us here:

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We are a generative AI startup that is building a game changer product in the code generation space. We are based out of Sunnyvale, CA and are backed by premier VCs.

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Company Logo for

We are hiring for various mid-level marketing roles as well a number of roles for engineers including frontend, full stack, and site reliability. Fully remote, international friendly. Best in class benefits including 100% medical & dental coverage.

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Company Logo for Cylitic Security

Cylitic Security

We are a managed security services company that helps enterprises ensure that their smaller business partners are secure from cyber threats. We are a profitable company but operate like an early stage start up. Our environment is pretty fluid, and our challenges span across multiple domains.

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Company Logo for DASH Tech Integrated Circuits

DASH Tech Integrated Circuits

DASH Tech IC is seeking an Embedded Systems Engineer to join our team delivering the next generation of efficient, flexible embedded processing for RF systems.

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Company Logo for DFINITY


Our mission is to develop technology that supports the Internet Computer network and ecosystem. The Internet Computer is a general purpose blockchain that can replace traditional IT and host a new generation of applications and services that can run 100% on-chain without the need for traditional IT. The DFINITY Foundation was founded in 2016, has raised over $150mm from top-tier institutions including Polychain Capital and Andreessen Horowitz and has attracted over 200 of the top computer scientists, researchers, engineers and operators in the world.

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Company Logo for DHIS2


We are a non-profit based at the University of Oslo building the world's largest health information management system. It is used by national governments, at health facilities, and by large international organizations in more than 100 countries. When COVID hit, dozens of countries quickly scaled DHIS2 to do contact tracing, collect statistics, and monitor vaccination campaigns at population scale. Our 'bottom line' is exclusively doing what's right for the people who use our software every day in every corner of the world to collect and analyze data and then use it to make positive change. The technical challenges we work on are novel, exciting, and don't show any sign of slowing down.

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Company Logo for DSQ Technology

DSQ Technology

At DSQ, we’re all about empowering decisions through data. Our Discovery platform drives informed, real-time decisions for waste and recycling management using data lost in documents, web portals, and our Pioneer sensors.

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Company Logo for Da Vinci Trading

Da Vinci Trading

Da Vinci is a small trading company where traders, researchers, and software engineers all work closely together. You can have a huge and immediate impact, take full ownership of your projects, and be an integral part of the core business.

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Company Logo for Dagster Labs

Dagster Labs

Dagster is an orchestration platform for the development, production, and observation of data assets. Dagster is used internationally and by a rapidly growing number of top tier companies. Dagster Labs is a well-funded startup team with a proven track record of shipping open source software with global adoption. Our goal is to make Dagster the de facto solution for structuring data platforms. Check out to learn more.

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Daisychain is building a modern platform for effective organizing. Our customers include progressive political campaigns, grassroots organizations, and ambitious non-profits.

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Company Logo for Darkhive


Darkhive is creating a palm-sized, autonomous drone optimized to demonstrate the capabilities of our software stack. The integrated software and hardware solution are key to realizing the full potential of the product in our target markets. Let's make drones more affordable and accessible to public safety, humanitarian, and defense applications.

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Company Logo for Databricks


Founded in late 2020 by a small group of machine learning engineers and researchers, MosaicML enables companies to securely fine-tune, train and deploy custom AI models on their own data, for maximum security and control. Compatible with all major cloud providers, the MosaicML platform provides maximum flexibility for AI development. Introduced in 2023, MosaicML’s pretrained transformer models have established a new standard for open source, commercially usable LLMs and have been downloaded over 3 million times. MosaicML is committed to the belief that a company’s AI models are just as valuable as any other core IP, and that high-quality AI models should be available to all. Now part of Databricks since July 2023, we are passionate about enabling our customers to solve the world's toughest problems — from making the next mode of transportation a reality to accelerating the development of medical breakthroughs. We do this by building and running the world's best data and AI platform so our customers can use deep data insights to improve their business. We leap at every opportunity to solve technical challenges, striving to empower our customers with the best data and AI capabilities.

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Company Logo for Datadog


Datadog is a monitoring, tracing, logs system, and more, for your infrastructure and services. We build our own tsdb, event store, distributed tracing tools, cutting edge visualizations, and more. We love shipping great experiences for customers just like us and are growing fast! We write a lot of Go, Java, Python, Typescript (with React), and a bit of other languages. We run on k8s, and are multi-region and multi-cloud.

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Company Logo for Datawheel


Datawheel is a small but mighty crew of programmers and designers who are here to make sense of the world’s vast amount of data!

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Company Logo for Datawrapper


Datawrapper is a data visualization tool for journalists & other publishers. Used by NYT, Washington Post, AP, and many others. You’ve likely seen a Datawrapper visualization before - election results, Covid numbers, maps on world events, etc. are created using Datawrapper. We reach >200 million unique monthly visualisation viewers with a team of just over 20 people. Bootstrapped, profitable since day 1.

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Company Logo for Datenna


At Datenna, we merge China expertise with groundbreaking technology, creating a unique software platform that empowers governments with unparalleled insights into China's techno-economic landscape.

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Company Logo for Daybreak Health

Daybreak Health

Daybreak Health delivers mental health to teens; all our tech is there to support of literally putting a therapist in front of a K-through-12 student.

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Defense MicroElectronics Activity (DMEA)

Provide solutions to other US Government agencies and allies. Some tasks are engineering brand-new products and some tasks are re-engineering devices to keep legacy systems running. We do not compete with private industry but regularly work side-by-side with industry to get stuff done. We also have the only semiconductor foundry still operational within the federal government.

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Company Logo for DefenseStorm


DefenseStorm is a security company focused on banks, credit unions, and other FIs. We provide an integrated platform of cyber risk assessment, governance, security, and fraud solutions.

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Deggendorf Institute of Technology

I am seeking a researcher/PhD student to investigate energy-efficient and fault-tolerant machine learning (ML) hardware as part of a research project supported by a grant. As an ML hardware researcher you will collaborate with me on novel research & development related to energy-efficient training of reinforcement learning workloads, fault-tolerance of ML hardware and impact of emerging hardware architectures on ML. Your work will be crucial for improving the carbon footprint and reliability of the future of AI and its impacts on society.

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Company Logo for DeleteMe


We are a growing profitable company focused on better, easier, online privacy. DeleteMe is a service for removing private information from many data broker sites that list and sell consumers personal profile data.

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Company Logo for Delfina


We’re looking for an experienced data engineer to help us build the apps and systems that run Delfina Care, our intelligent pregnancy care platform. Delfina is a fast moving startup, and we have an incredible team of engineers building an integrated, ML-driven platform to make every pregnancy safer.

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Company Logo for DeltaStream


DeltaStream is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to revolutionizing the way businesses leverage streaming data to gain real-time insights. Built by the creator of ksqlDB and powered by Apache Flink, our innovative solutions empower organizations to harness the power of real-time data to drive actionable insights and enhance decision-making processes.

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Company Logo for Democrance


We’re a mature microinsurance SaaS startup, building software to help bridge the gap between insurance companies and those who are not insured or under-insured. High traffic, mobile first + SMS and USSD platform that requires some interesting compliance and security requirements with deployments in countries with variable quality infrastructure.

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Company Logo for Depict


Depict is building a merchandising platform for fashion e-commerce to make shopping a delight and store management a breeze. We serve hundreds of millions of requests every month to power category listings, recommendations and search on some of the largest e-commerce sites in Europe.

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Company Logo for Deque Systems

Deque Systems

Deque is the leader in accessibility tools, services and training. We enable businesses and organizations to make their sites and apps accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. Our experts help define web standards, and with over 475,000 deployments worldwide, our tools are the de facto standard for automated accessibility testing.

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Company Logo for Descript


We're building a cloud-based collaborative video editor and a screen recorder that transcribes and aligns your audio with text - letting you edit videos like a word doc. We have built and shipped cutting-edge AI speech technologies like voice cloning, one-click speech enhancement, etc. used by the world's top podcasters, influencers, and businesses including BBC, ESPN, Hubspot, Shopify and Washington Post. We're a team of 125 with a proven founder, and have raised $100M from some of the world's best investors like OpenAI, Andreessen Horowitz, Redpoint Ventures and Spark Capital. We're seeking exceptional researchers to join our team tackling unique, challenging, and useful problems in generative modeling, and advance the frontier of AI speech, audio, and video.

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Company Logo for Determinate Systems

Determinate Systems

Determinate Systems is the Nix company, where cutting-edge technology meets unmatched expertise in Nix and flakes. We create the finest software development toolkit designed specifically for organizations that have embraced Nix and flakes. Our solutions are tailor-made for organizations prioritizing security and compliance, ensuring that software deployments are rock-solid and secure.

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We are Deyan7. We build leading AI solutions. Join our tech-savvy team and create solutions for generative AI and ChatGPT. Since the launch of GPT4 in March, we have implemented projects in areas such as fire protection, tax law, education, and medical devices using the latest language models. We develop AI co-pilots for engineers, AI coaches for schoolchildren, and suggestion systems for technical writers. We draw on decades of experience in software development for German global leaders. We see the potential of the technology, are curious about the next developments, and proud of what we are building.

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Company Logo for Dialogue


Dialogue’s Integrated Health Platform supports the health and wellness of millions of Canadians across 49,000+ organizations. The Client Experience team is looking for multiple Senior Software Engineers to work on our eligibility and administration tooling.

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Company Logo for

We’re in the business of caring. As Canada's leading virtual care provider, we’re committed to helping millions of individuals improve their health and well-being.

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Company Logo for Digital Harbor Foundation

Digital Harbor Foundation

Digital Harbor Foundation is a not-for-profit grant-funded organization dedicated to increasing access to empowering technologies in under-served communities. As part of that work, our Learning Engineering team provides technical support to the Learning Engineering Virtual Institute. LEVI's goal is to build software and systems that will double students' rate of progress in middle school math. We're seeking a Machine Learning Engineer to join our team. This person would serve as on-call support, helping university and ed-tech teams implement, scale, and test their digital learning products. We're looking for someone who is a quick learner, is very collaborative, is familiar (or can quickly become familiar) with GCP/AWS/Azure, and who has some experience with machine learning, MLOps, and data science generally. We are also looking for someone who understands the needs of both engineers and researchers, and can translate between the two groups. This is a great role for someone interested in working with the top organizations and funders in the ed-tech space. It's also a great position if you'd like to use and evaluate LLMs in educational settings. The position is fully remote, but we have an in-person convening once a year. We also support travel to 1-2 conferences a year, with bonus points if you are presenting.

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Digital Health Strategies

We are a series A health tech and data company working with large health systems to grow patient volumes, connect patients with the care they need, and, in the case of our non-profit clients, raise money from grateful patients. We offer the industry leading grateful patient web app that allows health systems stand up highly integrated web sites quickly and easily to collect stories and feed donor pipeline development. We're a small 17-person team, spread between Washington, DC, New York City, and Vancouver, BC. We reached $4MM+ annual revenue before raising any outside capital.

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Company Logo for Digital Mint

Digital Mint

Digital Mint is a small but growing financial services company. We are hiring for an experienced developer that enjoys dev-ops, Golang, and security. Our team is currently very small- you can have a big impact in a low overhead environment.

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Company Logo for Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding is a marketing automation platform that helps banks and credit unions modernize their onboarding process and develop mutually beneficial, profitable relationships with their customers and members.

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We're an export company, a mix of a tech stack and actual warehouse. We match demand from suppliers over Europe and ship profitable opportunities internationally. We did $300k in revenue in March 2024. 5x a year ago. We're looking to hit $1m+ in monthly sales by December 2024. We've just closed a £2m seed round (about a week ago!) and are aggressively investing in the growth of our software team and are very ambitious for our overall scale of the company. We want to fix the global (mis-)allocation of consumer goods.

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Company Logo for Discord


The Persistence Infrastructure team develops and operates Discord’s real-time datastore systems that serve the data of Discord's 150M+ monthly active users—including over a trillion messages! We work across multiple systems areas: databases, disk storage and Rust-based data access services. We're a small team whose work has a huge impact on our organization's success and ability to grow.

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Company Logo for Disney


My team is building the next generation of technology to manage and enhance the on-device playback experience for users of Disney+ and more. This product controls and optimizes video playback millions of times per day.

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Company Logo for Disney Streaming

Disney Streaming

Help us build the applications and services used by millions. We’re looking for folks to build amazing user experiences and performant, scalable APIs for Disney+, Hulu, Star+ and ESPN+. You’ll excel at Disney Streaming if you’re a well-versed technologist and specialist in your field, interested in raising the bar by innovating and adopting new patterns and technologies to stay on the bleeding edge of development. We feel strongly that teams should own their own processes, decide their own technologies, and design solutions for the long term. If you're interested in working in a highly collaborative team environment like this, please get in touch - we'd love to hear from you!

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Company Logo for DispatchHealth


DispatchHealth delivers healthcare in the home. Mostly acute care but also hospital-to-home, wellness and advanced care. Our technology has supported over 1M visits in 45 markets.

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Distill builds high quality profiles of people and companies using AI.

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Company Logo for Ditto


Ditto aims to expand the internet beyond traditional reach. Our groundbreaking edge sync platform is powered by peer-to-peer database technology that runs on mobile, web, IoT, and server systems, enabling devices to sync data in real-time even without the internet. We work with a variety of customers including the U.S. Air Force, Chick-Fil-A, and Alaska Airlines. We have been featured in top publications like the WSJ and TechCrunch.

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Company Logo for Djamo


We are building the neobank for 210 million people in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our goal is to build seamless and affordable banking solutions to bring millions of people into financial inclusion, where less than 25% of the population is banked.

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Company Logo for Doconomy


Doconomy, founded in Sweden in 2018, is a world-leading provider of digital services for everyday climate action. Doconomy wants to future-proof life on planet earth by empowering individuals and corporations to take responsibility for their environmental footprint. We firmly believe that the climate crisis can only be solved as a collective. Doconomy is also a partner of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Mastercard, S&P Trucost, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Mitsui and Parley for the Oceans.

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Company Logo for Doist


Doist’s mission is to empower people with simple yet powerful tools. We envision a future in which people can work without distractions from anywhere in the world on things that they are passionate about and then unplug at the end of the day with the reassuring peace-of-mind that their tasks and teamwork are accounted for. All our roles are fully remote, so you'll be free to work from wherever you please and on a schedule that works best for you. To learn more about who we are and how we work, please check out our blog:

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At Doowii (, we're on a mission to change education with data. We need a Senior Backend Software Engineer who's eager to tackle backend challenges, from data engineering to ETL processes, and help us empower educators with actionable insights. If you're into building scalable data pipelines and making a real impact, let's talk.

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We're creating cutting edge gesture detection algorithms for smartwatches and have recently started looking for an experienced ML Engineer to lead our ML team. Our team moves fast and this role will be quite dynamic. You will lead but also be hands-on.

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Douro Labs

Douro Labs is building Pyth Network, an open source blockchain oracle delivering high frequency and low latency market data. Our goal is to disrupt the opaque and pricey financial data ecosystem by constructing an open network that incentivizes contributions from data owners. Contributors to the Pyth Network include some major exchanges and trading firms, such as Jane Street, CBOE and Two Sigma.

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Company Logo for DraftnGoal


Draft&Goal is a cutting-edge company specializing in generative AI. Our focus lies in creating and deploying complex workflows through advanced AI technologies, offering customized solutions that go beyond standard offerings. We're VC-backed and passionate about leveraging AI to unlock new potentials in various industries.

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Druxia is a VC-backed start-up that is building workflow software for Oil Field Service providers. We're hiring our 3rd employee to help code our MVP and help build our company from the ground-up.

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Company Logo for DuckDuckGo


We are looking for candidates that are excited to join us on a mission to raise the standard of trust online.

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Company Logo for E2B


E2B is building a secure open-source runtime that will power next billion of AI apps & agents. We found an early traction with making it easy for developers to add code interpreting to their AI apps with our SDK built on top of our agentic runtime. We have paying customers from seed to enterprise companies.

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EBS is a small consultancy mainly serving Fortune 500 clients and delivering highly technical projects focusing on: Cloud, IoT, and Deep Learning.

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Company Logo for ESI


ESI North America is seeking an R&D Software Engineer to join its vibro-acoustics modeling software development team in San Diego, California. You would be joining a small team responsible for developing and maintaining new and existing software applications in the field of vibro-acoustics for ESI's global market.

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Early Warning Services (Zelle)

I'm looking to add a Sr. Cloud Engineer to the team that works on the cloud infrastructure behind our Zelle and Paze products. We have the typical mix of AWS services provisioned by Terraform. Early Warning is a bit unusual in structure: we're a private company that's been around for over 30 years and co-owned by Bank of America, Truist, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank and Wells Fargo.

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Company Logo for Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse

Edge Impulse is the enterprise platform for edge AI and TinyML; we make it easy to train and deploy machine learning for embedded applications. Our customers are mainly in the industrial, healthcare, and wearables spaces. It's the best place I have ever worked. Our team includes several pioneers of edge AI. The company is a mix of the best parts of US and European culture, and are super open and transparent.

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Company Logo for Edusign


Edusign automates admin processes for Higher Education institutions, training organizations & company universities. We are a team of 30 people happily working in full remote. Our growth is mostly organic, and we need to scale our marketing & sales efforts beyond what works today, seo & a great product.

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Company Logo for Eight Sleep

Eight Sleep

We're hiring a ML Data Engineer on Eight Sleep's machine learning team! The Eight Sleep Pod is an incredibly cool product to work on if you're interested in health sensors and physiological signals. It's like a wearable health tracker but without the power, bandwidth, and adherence constraints. We have over 10 PB of longitudinal physiological data - come help us use this dataset to build machine learning systems that improve sleep fitness and detect latent health issues!

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Company Logo for Eightfold


Eightfold is an AI company in the HR space. We offer products that help companies find, hire and retain talent. We have a lot of customers in the Fortune 50/100 and in the public sector using our products for their career sites, to hire contractors, to manage talent internally, and more.

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Company Logo for Electis


We're using e-voting encryption to bring trust (open source) | SAAS

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Company Logo for Electric Hydrogen

Electric Hydrogen

Electric Hydrogen builds 100MW hydrogen electrolyzer using modular & integrated design to radically lower the cost of green hydrogen production and increase global adoption. We just raises $380M in Series C financing, claiming the title of the first $1B green hydrogen start-up as recently covered by WSJ and TechCrunch. The software team is responsible for building applications from supporting internal R&D experiments using high-frequency data to creating monitoring systems for EH2 customers to optimize equipment performance and predict maintenance events. You will work with a diverse set of end users and stakeholders with direct exposure to the full lifecycle of building an electrolyzer company, from R&D and market analyses to manufacturing, commissioning, and operations. We have a mix stack of technologies including GCP and AWS. Our AWS stack is focused on using AWS serverless including Greengrass, IoT, Kinesis, Amplify, S3 with front end written in React.js and React Native. We mostly code in Python and JavaScript, with a small mix of other languages like C++ for firmware development.

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Company Logo for Electric Twin

Electric Twin

We're building a sandbox for predicting human behavior so that companies and governments can test their products and policies in real-time.

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Company Logo for ElectricSQL


ElectricSQL is an open source platform for building local-first software.

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Company Logo for Eleos Technologies

Eleos Technologies

Eleos Technologies is a growing company building communication software for truck drivers and the back-office workers who support them. We’re looking to scale up a second product engineering team to ship more advanced driver planning tools, automate outdated workflow, and a bunch of other wins to make drivers’ lives easier and more efficient.

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Company Logo for Eleventh Hour Games

Eleventh Hour Games

We're a growing company working on Last Epoch, a cool new action-RPG!

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Company Logo for Elicit


Elicit is the leading AI research assistant. We automate high-quality reasoning so that humanity makes more breakthroughs in every domain: from climate change to the gut microbiome to longevity and economic policy. We’ve scaled to over 200,000 monthly users by word of mouth and just crossed $1MM in annual revenue, 5 months after launching subscriptions. We’re now building out the core software engineering team.

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Elsewhere is a San Francisco-based company building a new kind of multiplayer social video game, inspired by indie roguelike games like Hades, Dead Cells, and Risk of Rain 2. We're backed by top Silicon Valley investors, and graduated from the first cohort of a16z's SPEEDRUN program, which is kind of like YC for games.

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Company Logo for EmailOctopus


EmailOctopus is a simple, intuitive and affordable email marketing platform. We’re a small company making a big impact — with a growing customer base we’ve gone from strength to strength over the past seven years. Some of our current clients include Jaguar Land Rover, Universal Music, Bear Grylls, WaterAid and NPR.

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Company Logo for is seeking a passionate and seasoned Front-End Engineer to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong focus on creating exceptional user interfaces and a deep knowledge of the MUI (v4 & v5) framework.

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Company Logo for Embed Workflow

Embed Workflow

Embed Workflow is an API-first company bringing a native workflow builder to our customer's end-users. We are a lean self-funded team looking for strong ICs to round out our early engineering team.

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Company Logo for Ember


Ember is building the future of public transport — convenient, affordable, connected and zero-emission. Our goal is to make it easier and more enjoyable to get from A to B with Ember than it is with your own car. We’re a tech company, not a traditional bus operator. We've built a platform that coordinates our entire operation – everything from monitoring vehicles and controlling chargers to selling tickets and calculating ETAs. This allows us to use electric buses more intensively than anyone else in the world, leading to a massive emissions reduction. It also helps us provide a much better passenger experience, with innovative features like demand-responsive stops. We’re still tiny, with two routes and 24 buses. The challenge is to scale this 100x whilst staying lean, increasing efficiency and delivering an even better product experience. We’ve recently raised equity from some of Europe’s leading climate VCs and are looking for mission-driven individuals who can help take us to the next level.

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Company Logo for EmergeX


EmergeX is looking to hire a developer with experience building complex things using bleeding edge AI toolkits. This role will initially be contract-based but can develop into a staff position. We're working on a genuinely novel problem using a patented methodology proved out 30 years ago, which couldn't go further because of the technological limitations at the time. Our approach reaches far beyond computer science and LLMs in that we're marrying concepts from domains like evolutionary biology, cognitive science, semiotics, philosophy of mind and neuroscience to harness the emergent power of today's AI ecosystem and beyond. At EmergeX, we foster an open and encouraging culture. We value smart, driven individuals who aren't afraid to think divergently or voice critiques. If you're passionate about AI and eager to make a significant impact in the field, we'd love to hear from you.

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Company Logo for Emvoice


Emvoice is a team of passionate, dedicated audio experts and coders. We’re building ground-breaking vocal technology and crafting beautiful voices.

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Company Logo for Endress + Hauser

Endress + Hauser

Endress + Hauser is a process and laboratory instrumentation and automation supplier. We offer world class instrumentation and all the services around them in almost all industries. Our products are used e.g. in potable water metering, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing contexts. The company is still owned by the founders and takes pride in its social core values.

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Company Logo for EnergyHub


EnergyHub’s software makes it easy for millions of smart device owners to partner with their utility and help decarbonize the grid. Our platform lets consumers turn their smart thermostats, electric cars, EV chargers, batteries, and other products into virtual power plants that keep the grid stable and enable higher penetration of solar and wind power. We work on technology that already provides energy and cost savings to millions of people through partnerships with the leading companies in the Internet of Things.

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Company Logo for Enjin


We are the pioneers in building product ecosystem that will help create advanced virtual economies through the power of blockchain technology. We have full-stack platform including a wallet, marketplace, and Efinity (our flagship Polkadot Parachain).

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Company Logo for Ensemble


We are a startup data consultancy working on real-time analytics platforms with a few early customers.

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Company Logo for EnsoData


Sleep is vital to recharging mentally, restoring our bodies physically, and fighting off disease. Sleep is so core to our health that it's the activity we all spend most of our life doing. Yet sleep disorders are some of the most underdiagnosed health conditions on the planet, with an estimated 80% of obstructive sleep apnea patients undiagnosed and untreated. EnsoData uses machine learning, integration with esoteric binary data storage formats, and Flask-powered Python APIs with React SPA frontends to automate sleep study scoring and give sleep clinicians tools to find and help patients with sleep disorders.

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Company Logo for EnterpriseDB


The team at EnterpriseDB is hiring experienced developers to work on a distributed Postgres product.

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Company Logo for Enthought


Enthought powers digital transformation for science. Our technology and deep scientific expertise enable faster discovery and continuous innovation. We solve complex problems for the most innovative and respected organizations across the life sciences, material sciences, chemical, and semiconductor industries.

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Company Logo for Enveritas


Enveritas is a 501(c)3 non-profit working on sustainability issues facing coffee farmers around the globe. We provide sustainability assurance for the coffee industry. We visit smallholder coffee farms around the world to understand their social, economic, and environmental practices. In 2024, we will visit over 70,000 farms across more than 25 countries in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. We work with leading coffee roasters to understand the sustainability issues in their supply chain based on our sustainability standards.

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Company Logo for Equal Experts

Equal Experts

Equal Experts is an innovative consultancy specializing in the delivery of custom software solutions for blue-chip enterprises and public sector clients across a range of industry sectors. We work on important projects for our clients, deliver market-leading propositions across the digital, online, and mobile channels, and are recognized for our leadership in applying agile and lean delivery methods to assure delivery. We have offices in Australia, Germany, India, South Africa, the UK and the USA. At Equal Experts, we foster a collaborative environment where you can use your diverse skills and work closely with clients, enabling them to enhance their products and add tangible value. It's a world where you collaborate with talented individuals who share your passion, continuously learn new technologies, and implement best practices.

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Equall is on a mission to transform legal work and expand access to law through Artificial Legal Intelligence. We are developing advanced AI systems for use in legal practice and aim to shape the future of law.

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Company Logo for Esperto Medical

Esperto Medical

We're building a medical device that allows us to measure BP continuously, in real time. (We're a Caltech spin-out and found some new physics that we want to get to market.)

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Espresso AI

Espresso AI is hiring founding engineers to automate performance engineering, starting with Snowflake data warehouses. Our team worked on ML and performance engineering in Google Search and Google Cloud, and we're applying our expertise to build the world's first neural optimizer. We're well-funded with paying users, but early enough for you to have significant ownership and impact.

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Company Logo for EvenUp


EvenUp is a generative AI startup on a mission to level the playing field in personal injury cases, which span from motor vehicle accidents, to police brutality, child abuse, and even natural disasters like the California wildfires. EvenUp turns raw case files, such as medical records, bills, and police reports, into AI-generated legal documents for injury lawyers. These legal documents, called demand packages, value what these injury cases are worth, enabling these injury victims get the justice they deserve, irrespective of their income, demographics, or the quality of their legal representation. We've raised ~$100M in investment from top venture capitalists, tech executives (CEO of Quora, SVP at Google), and public figures (Nas, Jared Leto) who believe in our mission. Our team comes from successful early stage and late stage tech companies including Google, Uber, Amazon, Waymo, Uber, Quora, etc.

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Company Logo for EvenUp Law

EvenUp Law

EvenUp is a venture-backed generative AI startup that ensures injury victims are awarded the full value of their claims, expanding the $100B+ in awards granted to injury victims every year. Our vision is to help these injury victims get the justice they deserve, irrespective of their income, demographics, or the quality of their legal representation.

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Company Logo for Exogene


Exogene is a VC-backed biotechnology startup using AI to unlock the discovery of novel therapies for cancer treatment. Utilising generative AI, we are uncovering new T-cell receptors (TCRs) with the potential to precisely target and eliminate cancer cells in the body.

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Company Logo for Explo


Explo builds customer-facing dashboards and analytics. We are a Series A company backed by Craft, Felicis, and YC. We are growing quickly and looking to bring on strong leaders to our team!

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Company Logo for

We sell European auto parts to customers in the United States.

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Company Logo for FUTO


FUTO is an organization dedicated to the development of software that returns control of computers and technology to the people. We’re particularly interested in giving people more privacy and control from big tech. We also give grants to open source projects in line with our mission (see our site). We just launched Grayjay, an Android app with a universal subscription feed for all creator video platforms that lets creators and audiences be less reliant on a single platform, and makes directly supporting creators easier than ever.

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Fabric Health

Rather than Patients and Providers struggling with fragmented experiences and antiquated tech/processes, Fabric delivers a seamless approach to care delivery through a hybrid end-to-end experience (from onset across navigation, intake, triage, treatment, and workflow automation and beyond). We are already live with ~70 healthcare systems and growing a ton!

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Company Logo for Facet5


Facet5 provide psychometric reports for individuals and organisations around the globe (30+ languages). Looking to grow our in-house tech talent and reduce reliance on external vendors.

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Company Logo for

Factor is a supply chain management solution that brings structure, data, and modern platform tooling to the world of manufacturing. We provide a common way to get insight from your vendors and data to know how to select the best one for your job.

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Company Logo for Fairwater Labs

Fairwater Labs

We are a startup working on a training and simulation XR / LLM tool. Incubated by a venture studio. Our product will leverage LLM & possibly XR to enhance training for specific scenarios. We have invested several months into developing the business model and use case. We have conviction that the product we are working on would be highly differentiated and category defining.

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Faktory building an autonomous multi agent, task automation and content transformation platform. We allow users to build agents that control workflows, applications, proprietary search functionality by combining public and private data, APIs, language models, and much much more all using natural language.

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Company Logo for FareHarbor


We're FareHarbor, a company that's part of Booking Holdings, and we're currently hiring for a variety of engineering roles! We're looking for talented individuals who are passionate about using technology to make experiences better for everyone. Our company was founded in Hawaii in 2013 and acquired by Booking Holdings in 2018. We create powerful tools that enable our clients (which include boat rentals, museums, food tours, events, and more!) to operate and grow. Our mission is to make experiences better for everyone, and we're looking for engineers who share that passion.

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Company Logo for FareHarbor (Booking Holdings)

FareHarbor (Booking Holdings)

We're FareHarbor, a company that's part of Booking Holdings, and we're currently hiring for a variety of engineering roles! We're looking for talented individuals who are passionate about using technology to make experiences better for everyone. Our company was founded in Hawaii in 2013 and acquired by Booking Holdings in 2018. We create powerful tools that enable our clients (which include boat rentals, museums, food tours, events, and more!) to operate and grow. Our mission is to make experiences better for everyone, and we're looking for engineers who share that passion. We're currently looking for engineers for product and platform roles. If you're interested in learning more about these vacancies and our company, please check out our website or reach out to me directly. We'd love to hear from you and see if you'd be a good fit for our team at FareHarbor! I'll highlight one vacancy for a Sr. Backend Engineer in our Product team in Amsterdam. We have just started a new greenfield project, you would be the 2nd engineer on the team and have a chance to influence the technical direction from day one! You can read more about the vacancy here:

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Company Logo for Farther


Farther is a Series B (we just raised our round in September) fast-growing wealth management firm and platform (though not a robo-advisor). We help families and people grow their wealth and feel confident they can accomplish all they want financially from today to tomorrow.

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Company Logo for Felt


Felt is the best way to make maps on the internet. It's surprisingly hard to make a map today, and people in 15+ industries rely on them to do their jobs. Climate change and the resulting natural disasters are forcing even more people to become map-makers, and Felt is here to meet that need. It's the first easy-to-use collaborative mapping software, founded by a team of technologists with a proven track-record. My co-founder and CEO, Sam, is a former YC founder who sold his previous company [1] and I'm an early Uber engineer.

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Company Logo for Fennel AI

Fennel AI

Seed stage startup building realtime AI Infrastructure, built by an ex-Facebook/Google team, backed by people like ex-CTO of Facebook, creator of Kafka, CEO of Microsoft Bing etc.

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At Fern, we're creating the modern developer experience platform. We work with developer-focused companies to generate SDKs & API documentation.

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Fern Creek Software

Fern Creek Software is hiring experienced software engineers to join our fully remote team.

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Company Logo for Fieldwire


Fieldwire is a construction field management software building world-class tech to disrupt the $10 trillion construction industry. With 1M projects worldwide, we have partnered with over 5000+ clients in 100+ countries and 14 languages. Acquired by Hilti in November of 2021.

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Born on the Web, Figma helps entire product teams brainstorm, create, test, and ship better designs, together. From great products to long-lasting companies, we believe that nothing great is made alone. Come make with us!

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Company Logo for Figure 53

Figure 53

Figure 53 is hiring a fully-remote, experienced developer for our website and internal tools. We make QLab, the industry standard for running sound, video and lighting cues for live events. Our company is uniquely non-hierarchical and employee focused.

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Company Logo for Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory

Finale Inventory helps ecommerce sellers manage their operations efficiently. We integrate with over 25 other systems (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, QuickBooks, etc.) to give our customers a complete picture of their business. We are a remote first bootstrapped startup led by a founding team with decades of experience building companies. You'll be joining a team of 14 engineers who hail from North America, South America, and Europe. Our culture is focused on delighting our customers, honesty, transparency, learning and innovating with our colleagues and customers, and constant improvement. Our technology stack is predominantly JavaScript with some use of C++ for performance sensitive code.

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Company Logo for Fingerprint


Fingerprint empowers developers to stop online fraud at the source. We work on turning radical new ideas in the fraud detection space into reality. Our products are developer-focused and our clients range from solo developers to publicly traded companies. Some of our customers include Target,, just to name a few. 100% Remote, Global (GMT-8 to GMT+3), flexible schedule, direct contract, competitive salary.

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Firetiger is looking for founding engineers to shape the future of our company and the future of work. We’re a seed-stage company backed by Sequoia Capital, Matthew Prince (Cloudflare’s co-founder and CEO), Jeff Wilke (ex-Amazon CEO Worldwide Consumer), and a group of the world’s best investors and operators. All companies exist to do two things: deliver value to customers and collect cash in return. Companies struggle to perform these fundamental processes as they get larger and more complex. Inability to observe the current state of business processes in flight mean that defects are hidden until customers complain, and accountability inside companies for poor process and dropped balls is diffuse. We’re going to fix that.

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Company Logo for Flash Pack

Flash Pack

Working with a great, passionate, product-focused team to understand our customers, improve conversion and support building one million friendships through group travel.

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Company Logo for Fleetio


Fleetio is a modern software platform that helps thousands of organizations worldwide manage a fleet of vehicles. Founded in 2012, 2023 Series C, 5k+ customers, 40+M in ARR, 250+ employees, 4.5 rating on Glassdoor. Company perks: Competitive pay + equity + 5% ARR bonus, 401(k) + match, health, vision & dental insurance, remote working culture (since 2012), fitness incentive, professional development budget + equipment stipend.

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Company Logo for Flexpa


Flexpa connects applications to health insurance data. We are looking to grow the team with a software developer who is excited to work on our mission of refactoring healthcare.

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Company Logo for Flight Works

Flight Works

Flight Works, Inc. is a growing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) of advanced components and systems for aerospace, medical, and other applications.

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Company Logo for FlightAware


FlightAware has built the world’s leading aviation software platform, processing over 180 million incoming messages an hour from over 30,000 feeds—over 2TB a day and growing—to provide the best, most complete, and most accurate real-time flight tracking services in the industry. We use Python, Rust, C++, JavaScript, and TypeScript. We are proud to have built a wide variety of successful products on this foundation that have become central to the aviation industry at large.

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Flink Robotics

Flink Robotics is an early-stage ETH SpinOff dedicated to enabling flexible robotic automation for anyone, anywhere. Join our highly talented and motivated team to build the next generation of software intelligence that transforms any robot into a plug-n-play automation solution for material handling.

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Flint Clinical

We just raised pre-seed funding to build next-generation clinical trial software for doctors, and we're looking for a high-caliber full-stack engineer to be employee #1. Large opportunity for growth - you'll own significant portions of tech stack, be very hands on building our MVP, craft strategy/decision making, interface with & onboard customers, etc. Path to a leadership position!

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FlowDeploy builds dev tools for bioinformatics, and we're looking for a product-minded software engineer and a bioinformatics engineer. I think a former or future founder would do well in this role.

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Company Logo for Flower


Flower is an open-source framework, ecosystem and community for training and using AI on distributed data with federated learning, and related decentralized technologies. Companies like Banking Circle, Nokia, Samsung, Capgemini, Porsche, and Brave use Flower to easily improve their AI models on sensitive data that is distributed across organizational silos or user devices. Almost all AI today is based on centralized public data — a small fraction of the data we have; we believe that training on orders of magnitude more data will unlock the next leaps in AI.

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Company Logo for Flume Internet

Flume Internet

Flume is a rapidly growing internet service provider. Our mission is to accelerate fiber to the home deployment in the United States. We have chosen to focus largely on underserved, disadvantaged communities, which the big ISPs have neglected for years. In fact, in our affordable housing deployments, nearly 20% of our customers are getting broadband internet in their homes for the very first time, because of Flume. We believe in empowering people with technology, which is why we focus on delivering our fiber network — capable of Gigabit and even 10 Gigabit speeds — directly to people’s homes. Only 8% of homes in the U.S. actually have fiber to the home, and Flume is looking to change that. We are building the better, faster, and more affordable network of tomorrow. Flume is well funded by VCs, strategic real estate and infrastructure funds, as well as other startup founders. Our founding team and early employees come from both startups and telecom alike.

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Company Logo for Fondant


Fondant is on a mission to make 3D more accessible. We are building a platform that harnesses the latest advancements in generative AI/ML to create 3D assets instantly with a few words (or images). Traditional 3D tools are often intimidating and can take hours of tutorials to learn. We are leveraging the lessons learnt from building traditional tooling over the last decade + SOTA work on 3D reconstruction, NeRFs, gaussian splatting and image generation. We have an early product + users + funding.

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Company Logo for Foodee


We connect high-quality, locally owned and operated restaurants to offices via catering and meal plans. Office managers love how we simplify the process, independent restaurants love how we bring them new business during their off hours, and employees love ordering food a few days a week and receiving it labelled and ready to eat!

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We are looking for Mayhem Makers to join our team at ForAllSecure! We are looking for a Customer Solutions Engineer/Application Security Engineer to join our team. You are a developer turned Application Security expert who will play a pivotal role in helping our customers integrate our leading AppSec solution into their development environments. This is a customer-facing, highly technical role. You will work closely with clients to understand their application landscapes, particularly those developed in C/C++, and guide them as a subject matter expert in embedding Mayhem into their software development lifecycle to enhance their security posture.

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Company Logo for Forbes Marketplace

Forbes Marketplace

I'm the Director of Engineering at Forbes Marketplace, looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer with strong experience in WordPress core and Gutenberg native blocks (React), team leadership, and agile methodologies. The position is fully remote, only for UK-based applicants. You'll be part of a new team, setting high standards and principles. We offer excellent growth opportunities, a good salary, and attractive company perks.

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Company Logo for

We help people discover music they don't know and connecting independent artists with those who appreciate them.

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Company Logo for Forter


Forter is a company that delivers real-time, completely automated, fraud prevention solutions for online merchants. It creates a completely fraud-free environment for the retailers through which they have the ability to make decisions that are solely based on what is good for their business. The company’s system is designed to be consumer-centric, blocking fraud with accuracy, and at the same time enabling growth by increasing approvals and ensuring a better customer experience.

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Company Logo for Found


We're building Found so self-employed people have the support, structure, and confidence to work for themselves. Our founding team has hands-on experience with taxes and accounting, financial services and FinTech, self-employment, and scaling startups. Our team is dedicated to taking care of business banking, expense tracking, and tax saving so self-employed people have more time to do what they do best. We recently raised our Series B from Sequoia, Lightspeed, and Founders Fund, and today we are expanding and scaling a product experience that tens of thousands of Found customers use to run their businesses.

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Company Logo for Foundational Security

Foundational Security

Foundational Security is a stealth mode research and consulting corporation helping clients achieve rapid regulatory compliance and cybersecurity resilience.

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Company Logo for Foxglove


Foxglove is the leading observability platform for robotics developers. We help robotics and autonomous vehicle companies log, ingest, organize, and visualize multimodal data. We're well funded (series A), ~20 people, with an experienced, fast-moving team. Seeking like-minded people to join us!

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Company Logo for Foxintelligence


FoxIntelligence is a market intelligence company based on billions of e-commerce transactions at the consumer level.

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Fractional AI

We're Fractional AI -- the dev shop for difficult enterprise applications of genAI.

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Fram Energy

We decarbonize rental homes by aligning tenant and owner incentives

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Company Logo for Frame


Frame offers a unified suite of AI collaboration apps for teamwork.

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Company Logo for Framer


With Framer, users can easily build complex websites straight from their design canvas, giving them full creative freedom without having to touch code.

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Company Logo for

We're building the best professional web design platform and are solving lots of interesting engineering problems.

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Company Logo for Frec


Frec's mission is to give everyone access to the same tools used by the ultra wealthy to build long term wealth. Many advanced wealth creation strategies, such as direct indexing, are now ready for mass adoption due to technological advances in machine learning and financial tooling over the past decade.

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Company Logo for Freddie Mac

Freddie Mac

At Freddie Mac, we are in the process of digital transformation and modernization, and we want you to be a part of it. As a highly innovative Senior Developer, you will be integral to our team, influencing outcomes, guiding transformation, and putting your stamp on how the team and organization evolves. We offer a comprehensive total rewards package to include competitive compensation and market-leading benefit programs. Join us, and together, we can make home possible for many more individuals and families.

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Company Logo for Freeform


Freeform is deploying software-defined, autonomous metal 3D printing factories around the world, bringing the scalability of software to physical production. Our proprietary technology stack leverages advanced sensing, real-time controls, and data-driven learning to produce digitally verified, flawless parts at unprecedented speed and cost. Our mission is to make the transformative power of 3D printing available to all industries at scale and unlock the future of innovation.

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We’re building the platform for product development teams to create & continuously improve production software powered by LLMs. AI advancements are revolutionizing the software industry, and companies must quickly adapt to stay competitive.

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Company Logo for Friendly Captcha

Friendly Captcha

At Friendly Captcha we do one thing and we do it well: we protect websites from malicious actors and bots. We provide privacy-friendly and accessible anti-bot solutions that don’t annoy users with tasks like clicking fire hydrants. We make the internet a bit better every day by winning over customers currently using Google reCAPTCHA. We’re a fast-growing, profitable, fully bootstrapped company. Our revenue mostly comes from medium to large European enterprise and governments. A great fit would be someone pragmatic, who prefers to keep things simple (perhaps boring is the right word?). Good knowledge of modern DevOps/SRE practices is expected (IaC, GitOps, etc...).

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Company Logo for Friends & Family

Friends & Family

B2B2C | for customers: share local deals ⇒ for businesses: the referral system for brick-and-mortar

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Company Logo for Fueled


An award-winning web & mobile app development agency.

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Company Logo for Fulcrum


Our mission is clear and staggeringly important: we're building the manufacturing operating system of the future from the ground up, one that’s engineered to create network effects as we grow. A beautiful, sophisticated quantum leap forward for the most important core industry in the world.

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Full Sail University

FSU is a technical/creative private university that teaches students about the science, art and business of professional music, movies, gaming and live performance. There are about 20k students at any one time. There is a (rather large) campus in Winter Park but everyone on this team works remotely.

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F is an early stage startup that is building the first AI-Powered Buyer Copilot. This represents a transformative approach to buyer enablement that helps people understand complex software purchases without having to talk to salespeople. For companies, this helps scale out their sales and marketing efforts and to gain unique insights about potential customers and the market. From an engineering perspective, this means leveraging LLMs in conjunction with a unique set of content to create the closest thing to a live demo of a product without a human on the other side!

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Company Logo for FullStory


FullStory provides analytics and session replay for mobile apps and websites.

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Company Logo for Function Health

Function Health

We are the fastest growing health membership in the US right now. Our team is intense and strong. Our roadmap has amazing applications of AI, wearables, health data, and more.

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Furtim Modus

This is an exciting opportunity to contribute your skills and expertise to an electronic trading fintech venture based out of New York and receive equity in exchange for your contributions.

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Company Logo for FusionAuth


Our mission is to make authentication and authorization simple and secure for every developer building web and mobile applications. We want devs to stop worrying about auth and focus on building something awesome. If you are passionate about technology and want to join a company moving the industry forward, FusionAuth might be a great fit for you. Our core software is commercial with a "free as in beer" version. We also open source much of our supporting infrastructure. We are profitable but raised a round recently to accelerate our growth (more on that here: Technologies and standards that we use or implement: Modern Java, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes, OAuth, SAML, OIDC.

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FuturePath AI Labs

We're an AI-focused company located in the Bay Area with a mission to streamline enterprise AI adoption. Our work revolves around Generative AI solutions, with a track record of projects for Fortune 500 companies. Our product division is crafting vertical SAAS products to address niche needs in the Generative AI space.

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Company Logo for FutureSearch


FutureSearch gives unbiased, deeply-researched answers to hard questions about the world, and always gives a concrete answer. Businesses need much better answers than ChatGPT, Perplexity, etc. can currently give. My cofounder and I are the former CTO and Head of AI at Metaculus, and our edge comes from implementing the workflows of expert forecasters. FutureSearch creates models from scratch on novel domains when a customer asks a question, and we test our claims against what actually happens. We're an 8-month old, 5-person, fully-remote company.

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Company Logo for GHCO


GHCO is one of the fastest-growing liquidity providers specialising in exchange traded funds (ETFs). We strive to make ETFs accessible in worldwide markets. We're a small team of expert traders and proven software engineers, looking for experienced technologists who have an interest in advancing the state of the art in systematic trading. Tech stack: Java, Python, SQL, AWS

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Company Logo for GOLF+


At GOLF+, we’re obsessed with bringing the joy of golf to as many people as possible, using immersive technology. We are the leading VR golf app that blends visually stunning golf courses with true-to-life physics, creating a hyper-realistic virtual golfing experience. Since our launch in 2020, we’ve had over 1.2 million downloads and 1.6 billion shots hit in the game. In 2022, we became the official VR partner of the PGA Tour, following investment from strategic partners including Ben Crenshaw, Rory McIlroy, Jordan Spieth, Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and Mike Trout.

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Company Logo for Gaia Family

Gaia Family

Gaia combines reproductive health data with financial technology to make IVF treatments more accessible, affordable and individual. We remove the ambiguity of IVF with a personalised success prediction and tailored insurance plans to protect yourself from spiralling costs and financial unknowns. That means unique and supported fertility journeys with the option to get reimbursed if things don’t go your way. Family starts here.

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Company Logo for Gamma


Gamma is inventing a new way to present ideas, powered by AI. We're building at the forefront of generative AI to automate all the hard parts of designing a beautiful presentation and developing a stunning website. We help millions of people express themselves, making content creation feel effortless. Over 10 million users, all driven by word-of-mouth. Profitable - and we've also raised $10M+, led by Accel. 16 team members - we're a lean team that ships constantly. San Francisco based - most of us are in office ~3 days a week.

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Gauntlet’s mission is to drive adoption and understanding of the financial systems of the future. Gauntlet is the platform for off-chain intelligence that drives on-chain efficiency in Decentralized Finance (DeFi). We work with protocols to manage risk, improve capital efficiency, and manage incentive spend. We also publish cutting-edge research and aim to take a leading role in defining market risk standards across the industry.

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GeaCom, Inc.

GeaCom, a designer of innovative, medical-grade engagement solutions utilizing Communication and Information Theory Empowered (CITE) Methodologies offers the opportunity for a Senior Software Engineer/Team Lead to join a dynamic, high-performance team of talented professionals who are passionate about the company’s mission: equity, efficiency, and efficacy in healthcare.

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7 month old startup with $13m funding and on prem A100s and H100s (that you can come pet ;) is building generative AI foundation models and apps on top of healthcare data! If you know healthcare data and transformers please apply. Ai eng, API eng, data science. Apply on our website!

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GeoNotes is looking for Next.js engineers to help build the GeoNotes web application, an open-source community of GeoGuessr hints and tips. GeoGuessr is a Google Maps quiz game with 20k+ daily active users. GeoNotes is on a mission to become the primary study platform for improving your GeoGuessr game!

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Company Logo for GetHarley


At GetHarley we build the first platform that combines technology, clinicians, knowledge and medical-grade products. We deliver personalised skincare plans which empower our patients to look and feel their best selves. Secured series B this year and are now looking for product-minded engineers to help us scale further. You'll be joining a small product engineering team (6 people) where you will have a real impact. Looking for people who own their work end-to-end and prefer being close to the product discussions. The tech stack is Go and React.

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Company Logo for Getro


Join Getro, creators of an industry-leading job board and hiring platform trusted by over 800 professional networks, including 500+ of the world's largest VCs. As Techstars alumni and a cash flow positive startup, we're venturing into AI-driven lead-gen products to redefine professional networking.

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Company Logo for Giskard


We are building the first collaborative & open-source Quality Assurance platform for all ML models - including Large Language Models. Founded in 2021 in Paris by ex-Dataiku engineers, we are an emerging player in the fast-growing market of AI Quality & Safety.

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We are building a git-compatible next-gen version control. Currently a team of 5, including one of GitHub cofounders.

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Company Logo for GitHub


Helping developers navigate and understand that data is a core part of GitHub’s mission, and an area with significant potential we’ve only begun to realize. We have high aspirations for how we can help developers understand and navigate code, and for making collaboration more seamless. The foundation for these efforts is our highly scalable code search engine, which we are now expanding to help power semantic/vector search to better support many of GitHub’s AI experiences.

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Company Logo for Glass Health

Glass Health

We build a platform for AI-assisted medical diagnosis and clinical decision-making. Doctors spend twice as much time with computers as they do with patients; our product helps doctors make decisions and draft documentation in seconds. To date, tens of thousands of clinicians have used Glass to generate drafts of differential diagnoses and clinical plans.

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Company Logo for Glide


Glide is creating a simpler, faster way for anyone to build custom software for their business, without any technical or design skills. Tens of thousands of non-technical people use Glide to build apps to power their businesses, organizations, personal projects, and more. As customers create apps to visualize, interact with, take action on, and analyze their growing data sets, we must keep this big picture in mind as we improve various levels of our engineering stack.

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Company Logo for Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF)

GBIF is an international organization and open-data research infrastructure, whose purpose is to make scientific biodiversity data available to all on the Internet. Multiple research papers are published every day citing this data.

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Company Logo for Glydways


Glydways is redefining public transit by offering a unique solution: a network of standardized autonomous vehicles operating on a closed roadway, ensuring high capacity, exceptional user experience, minimal cost, and the lowest carbon footprint.

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Company Logo for GoGoGrandparent


Build high-quality, robust engineering at the rarest of things - a Silicon Valley startup that is both wholesome AND profitable. We have 8-figure revenue, are YC-backed, and growing fast.

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Company Logo for Gordian


We're a team of former autonomous vehicle engineers reinventing real-time inventory management for retailers. It's 2024 and retailers still struggle with keeping track of inventory on shelves and conducting restocking, which severely hurts their bottom line. Our approach is the first of its kind - we're solving this problem without physical robots or fixed cameras.

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Govdash is a technology company with a mission to help government contractors run healthier businesses so that they can better support the interests of the United States. To start, we're reimagining the process of procuring government contracts by transforming federal business development and proposal writing with LLMs.

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Company Logo for Govly


We're building a market network for government contractors and governments. We believe that creating a simple, transparent, and competitive public procurement system is critical to public sector efficacy and societal advancement. Come help us build it.

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Company Logo for Gradient Comfort

Gradient Comfort

Gradient’s mission is to cool the world by transforming every home to be more comfortable and healthy for the people who inhabit it - without compromising the environment. We are developing user-installable, high-efficiency, and low-carbon heat pumps.

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Company Logo for Grafana Labs

Grafana Labs

Grafana, we make Grafana (visualisation), Loki (for logs), Mimir (for metrics), Tempo (for traces), Pyroscope (for profiles), OnCall, Application Observability and a lot more. Most of our work is open source as AGPL or Apache2. Most work is Go, JavaScript, but there's also eBPF, C, Python, and Java in some areas.

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At Granola we're using LLMs to tackle a concrete user need: help people capture what matters during meetings and then quickly act on it after the meeting. We want Granola to feel as natural as picking up a pencil. We raised $4 million last March from amazing investors. We’ve built startups before and we’re obsessed with building incredible, user-centric products. We're inspired by folks like Douglas Engelbart and Alan Kay to build better tools for humans.

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Company Logo for Graphistry


Graphistry is a Gartner-awarded startup used by fraud/cyber/BI/supplychain/misinfo/... analysts to see and correlate using our visual graph AI platform. With (generative AI), they can now talk with their many databases in natural language while having L.O.U.I.E. generate the queries, GPU visualizations, & analyses for them. We partner with companies like Nvidia & AWS to enable end-to-end GPU compute so operational teams can do all this at previously impossible scales and interactivity. Some projects folks may know us for include having donated the web tier of Apache Arrow used by performance-oriented data visualization frameworks, incubating what became Nvidia RAPIDS.AI, and our own server<>client GPU accelerated data visualization engine.

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Company Logo for Great Question

Great Question

Great Question is a unified customer research platform used and loved by teams at companies like Figma, Canva & Brex. Our platform makes it easy for anyone to recruit research participants, schedule customer interviews, and share what you learn with your team all in one place. We're third-time founders, backed by Y Combinator, building a company for the long-term, with a great team across the board, and shipping at a rapid yet sustainable pace. We use Ruby on Rails, React, Postgres. We run on AWS. We're looking for full-stack & backend engineers (emphasis on Rails) with some product sensibilities who believe in the power of understanding your customers to build world-class products. We've built an awesome team + culture at the company, high candor + EQ environment and we ship. We also welcome applicants who have previously run their startups, with a bunch ex-founders on the team from the likes of Respondent and Indiegogo.

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Greenzie is hiring a DevOps Engineer on our Robotics team to further our mission to free humans from repetitive outdoor labor.

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Company Logo for Grit


We’re building software to automatically fix technical debt. We do this by combining expressive static analysis tooling (we’ve built a developer-friendly query language for code) with machine learning to automatically migrate code to new patterns and platforms. We’re deployed thousands of successful changes for initial customers and have raised a $7M seed round from top investors (led by Founders Fund). We’ve solving challenges at the intersection of machine learning and programming languages using Rust, TypeScript, and LLMs. We’re hiring for both smart generalists and PL/ML experts who are interested in collaborating on problems like automatically inserting new types into codebases and automated unit test regression-fixes.

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Company Logo for Gro Intelligence

Gro Intelligence

At Gro Intelligence, our data analytics platform provides predictive insights to answer vital questions around climate risk, agriculture, and the food supply chain.

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Company Logo for Grow Therapy

Grow Therapy

We are working to make therapy accessible to all Americans by removing the obstacles around finding and affording a therapist.

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Company Logo for Gruntwork


We're on a mission to transform the way DevOps is done. The status quo for creating and managing infrastructure is still a terrible experience for most organizations, and we'd like to change that by creating a next-generation DevOps platform. Gruntwork is globally recognized both for our open source tools (Terragrunt, Terratest, Cloud Nuke) and our thought leadership (, books). Now we're looking for staff-level product engineers to help us build out our vision. Our stack includes Go, Python, Bash, NextJS/Node, Terraform/OpenTofu, and new tools as needed. You'll work directly with the CEO/co-founder, Head of Product, and Head of Product Design to build a great product.

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Company Logo for Grupago


We are pioneering group micro-lending in Latin America, starting with Mexico. We help small businesses (led by mostly women) receive funding, driven by AI underwriting, and collateralized by a group solidarity model. We are a well-funded, ventured backed startup led by an experienced entrepreneur and former VC.

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Company Logo for HEAVY.AI


HEAVY.AI builds a GPU-accelerated analytics platform that allows users to interactively query and visualize billions of records of data in milliseconds.

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Company Logo for HRL Laboratories

HRL Laboratories

HRL Laboratories is a private, scientific laboratory that has been in business since 1960. We are best known for having created the first working laser. We are doing R&D on quantum computing, from fabrication to algorithms, all in-house, using a tech called exchange-only silicon dot qubits.

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Company Logo for HTCD


HTCD is a startup building a SaaS product, specializing in AI-driven cloud security and FinOps. We offer proactive threat detection, cost management, and compliance adherence, with a focus on data sovereignty and efficient cloud utilization.

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Company Logo for Hackensack Meridian Health

Hackensack Meridian Health

HMH is NJ's largest healthcare provider, has a strategic partnership with Google Cloud, and is leading the country in building cloud-native tools and solutions to improve healthcare provider experiences and patient care. We are looking for a seasoned developer and engineer to join our team and help us build out our data pipelines, full-stack web applications, and AI solutions in Python and Typescript on Google Cloud. Lots of opportunities here to make a difference in improving the lives of healthcare providers, the patients they care for, and the other teams in the hospital system that depend on the solutions we are building.

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Company Logo for Hadrian


We're a quickly growing company in the offensive cyber security space. We develop a Saas platform that continuously and autonomously maps the attack surface of our customers and scans it for vulnerabilities, thereby securing companies from malicious cyber criminals. We were founded by hackers and we are operating at the cutting edge of cyber security.

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Culture is a top priority in our 100% remote organization. Halborn is a globally distributed team of 80+, looking to grow our elite team of cybersecurity professionals who value independence, learning, big challenges, and the ability to make big impacts in cutting-edge technologies. The right candidate will be offered a full-time salary and equity. Perks include unlimited vacation days, company laptops, and opportunities for travel.

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Company Logo for Handl Health

Handl Health

Handl Health is a venture backed startup building the next generation of health insurance for employers by making healthcare costs transparent. You'd be joining a small, but rapidly growing small team, including veterans of Google, Meta, EY, and more.

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Company Logo for Happy Scribe

Happy Scribe

With a team of just 28 people and no investor funding, we’ve built a transcription and subtitling product used and loved by 5M people, we’ve built one of the biggest Speech To Text datasets and we’ve been profitable from month 1 (currently €6.5M ARR). We are 100% bootstrapped and profitable, and immune from the funding shortages and layoffs that are impacting other companies.

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Company Logo for Hartwig Medical Foundation

Hartwig Medical Foundation

We're a foundation that has been developing a diagnostic whole genome sequencing test for tumors, to speed-up the uptake of personalized cancer treatments for patients in the Netherlands. While the developed diagnostic test results in a complete and high quality list of applicable biomarkers per patient, we see that it is still difficult for the patients to get a personalized (experimental) treatment due to the very large number of options and frequently changing treatment options in a still very manual hospital set-up. We're trying to solve this by building an algorithm that not only takes into account the molecular data that we generate for a patient, but also the clinical data. We use this data to create a report that contains a comprehensive overview of standard of care treatments and trials that are available for the patient, as well as a patient-like-me approach that helps clinicians in their decision making.

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Company Logo for Harvard Library Innovation Lab

Harvard Library Innovation Lab

The Harvard Library Innovation Lab explores the future of libraries by building tools and communities for open knowledge. We build long term services like, Open Casebook, and, and we host fellows like Molly White, creator of Web3 is Going Just Great. We are a creative, experimental place to build open source code that makes a difference.

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Company Logo for Harvard Medical School

Harvard Medical School

The Harvard Medical School (HMS) Curriculum Fellows Program & HMS Center for Computational Biomedicine are hiring a Curriculum Fellow in Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning.

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Company Logo for Hashboard


Hashboard is building the most intuitive way for teams to visualize data and make it interactive. We are a well-funded, ambitious seed-stage New York City startup backed by top-tier product and data investors. Our team has experience as early employees of successful startups and in big tech. We have early product-market fit and a growing list of paying customers, and we’re looking to build a diverse and thriving team. And we might be a great fit for the next step in your career if you’re excited about having a lot of ownership over your work, learning from early-stage customers and investors, building a world-class engineering culture, and holding a lot of equity in a fast-growing startup.

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Company Logo for Hasura


Hasura is a venture-backed open-source and Cloud technology company that makes your data instantly accessible over a real-time GraphQL and other API technologies. Hasura connects to your databases, REST servers, GraphQL servers and third party APIs (eg: Stripe, Salesforce) and provides a unified API across all your data sources.

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We're hiring a founding engineer to help us with development on our open-source, distributed task queue. We're two second-time YC founders in this for the long haul and we are just wrapping up the YC W24 batch.

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Haven Studios (Sony Interactive Entertainment)

Work with our generative ML team to create entertainment and game development from the ground up. Our team includes ML researchers, MLOps, and game developers.

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Company Logo for Hebbia AI

Hebbia AI

Hebbia AI is building the first LLM-native productivity suite. Last year we raised a $30M Series A led by Index Ventures and have seen exponential growth in ARR over the last 6 months. We're building out the Product Engineering team and need a true visionary to join our mission to revolutionize the future of AI powered productivity tools for knowledge workers.

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Company Logo for Helio


We are a Swiss startup based in Zurich and build the first carbon-aware cloud by increasing the utilization rates of data centers worldwide. We're focusing currently on the 3D render market (providing compute for rendering 3D animations) but will expand to further areas as we grow. We have a core product with scheduling and billing included where you'll mainly work on.

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At HelloBonnie, we believe that employee happiness is the driving force behind each company's success. Every employee is unique and requires individual appreciation to boost their engagement. That's why we are building HelloBonnie: The employee happiness platform for New Work, where personalized benefits and employee engagement converge.

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Company Logo for

Mission: build excellent perception technology in a data-scalable way. I.e. a way that doesn't rely on exponential amounts of human-labeled data. Product: computer vision SDK that car manufacturers use to build autonomy features like highway cruise control.

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Company Logo for Heraeus


Heraeus, the technology group headquartered in Hanau, Germany, is a leading international family-owned portfolio company. The Heraeus group includes businesses in the environmental, electronics, health and industrial applications sectors. The Heraeus Corporate Consulting team supports our business units with consulting and implementation with a deep expertise in IIoT, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Data Science and Customer Experience.

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Company Logo for Hetzner Cloud

Hetzner Cloud

Exciting opportunities await! Ready to embark on an exciting journey with us? Dive into a world of possibilities by exploring exciting job opportunities right at your fingertips.

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We are an early-stage product adoption startup focused on empowering businesses to unleash the untapped potential of AI and personalization. Hexus' suite of tools is designed to help GTM (Go-To-Market) teams optimize their Product-Led Growth (PLG) strategies across Sales, Marketing, and Customer Experience. Join a small, passionate team with firsthand experience in solving these challenges at companies like Google, Paypal, and Oracle. We are backed by top VCs, along with support from exceptional angels and advisors.

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Company Logo for HiMama


Want to work at a tech company that is focused on making a real difference in the early childhood education space? We want to work with you too!

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Company Logo for Hightouch


Some background on Hightouch - our mission is to help companies leverage their customer data to grow. We started with the problem of “Reverse ETL” or helping companies sync data from their data warehouse (e.g. Snowflake, Databricks, etc.) to 200+ SaaS tools (Salesforce, Marketo, Facebook Ads, etc.) without coding. Since then, we’ve evolved into a suite of tools around the warehouse (identity resolution, data enrichment, event streaming, etc.). We’ve raised a Series B and scaled to $15m+ ARR in 3 years with 500+ customers including Fortune 500 co’s like Spotify, the NBA, PetSmart, etc.

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Company Logo for Hivestack


Adtech company specializing in Digital Out Of Home advertising.

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Company Logo for HockeyStack


HockeyStack is the core data platform for B2B revenue teams to get insights from their customer data instantly. We grew from 0 to 7-figures last year, went through YC, and raised from some of the biggest VCs, such as General Catalyst and NEA. But we need more engineers to keep up with all the feature requests and expand the product into new avenues. Our first engineer was the founding CTO at Chili Piper (took the company to series B). We are keeping the talent bar very high to build the smartest engineering team we can. This is a full-on IC role where you'll work with the founders directly in-person in SF, push new features every week and build one of the best B2B products out there.

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We're building an AI recruiter that helps companies automate the repetitive parts of recruitment and helps candidates with the repetitive parts of applying for a job.

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Company Logo for Homebase Automation

Homebase Automation

Approximately $450b is spent annually on home improvement in the U.S. We’re tapping into this market by building tools that empower homeowners to manage the complexity of the renovation lifecycle. This market is vastly underserved, with existing offerings targeting industry professionals as opposed to homeowners. Our tools put everyday people back in charge of what is happening under their roof.

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Honda R&D Europe

At Emerging Technology Lab (ETL) that is a part of Honda R&D Europe (UK), we have nurtured a culture of collaborative innovation rooted in creativity, kindness, mutual trust, and respect. Our primary mission revolves around applied research in multi-domain software technology.

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Company Logo for was founded in 2019 by former industry and U.S. National Security veterans with the mission to help organizations see their networks through the eyes of the attacker and proactively fix problems that truly matter, improve the effectiveness of their security initiatives, and ensure that they are prepared to respond to real cyberattacks.

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Company Logo for Houston Astros

Houston Astros

The Astros are looking for a new analyst to join our R&D team. We deal with every aspect of the game, from supporting coaches developing minor league players to determining where a left fielder should stand given a certain batter/pitcher matchup. We have mountains of data, and we have an organization that is willing to listen to the analysts and try things out.

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Company Logo for Hozana


We are a non-profit with a mission to unite the world in prayer through technology. We currently edit two prayer apps (Hozana and Rosario), with already more than a million users.

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Company Logo for Hudson River Trading

Hudson River Trading

We’re a quantitative trading firm based in NYC that trades hundreds of millions of shares each day on over 200 markets worldwide. We use math and technology in everything we do; our talented developers, engineers, and programmers build complex models and systems that allow us to make automated trading decisions on global markets.

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Company Logo for Humaans


At Humaans we're creating the best in class HR software. It's a fresh take on HR software bringing a much needed design and engineering mindset to this space. We focus relentlessly on customers’ needs and experience, prioritising quality, design and performance.

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Company Logo for HumanSignal


We created Label Studio, which has quickly become the most popular open source data labeling platform with a 250K+ users around the world and millions of labeled samples each month, alongside a community of thousands of data scientists sharing knowledge and working to advance data-centric AI. We're a remote team full of people passionate about open source and AI. We are very pragmatic and strong team players.

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Company Logo for Hume AI

Hume AI

Hume is a research lab and startup that provides the most advanced AI toolkit to measure, understand, and improve how technology affects human emotion. Where other AI companies see only words, we see the other half of human communication: subtle tones of voice, word emphasis, facial expression, and more. These behaviors reveal our preferences—whether we find things interesting or boring; satisfying or frustrating; funny, eloquent, or dubious. Trained with billions of human expressions, our LLMs will be better question answerers, copywriters, tutors, call center agents, and more. Our goal is to enable a future where technology draws on an understanding of human emotional expression to better serve our goals and support our well-being. We currently provide API access to our expression measurement models to help developers build better healthcare solutions, digital assistants, communication tools, and more, optimizing their products for human well-being. We're also building a groundbreaking, first-of-its-kind empathic voice assistant. We're seeking technical talent interested in working with our research team to build state-of-the-art LLMs and scale up our systems. Our new LLM training method - reinforcement learning from human expression (RLHE) - learns human preferences from behavior in millions of audio and video recordings, making LLMs superhumanly helpful, interesting, funny, eloquent, honest, and altruistic. Join us in the heart of New York City and contribute to our endeavor to ensure that AI is guided by human values, the most pivotal challenge and opportunity of the 21st century. As part of our mission, we also conduct groundbreaking scientific research, publish in leading scientific journals like Nature, and support a non-profit, The Hume Initiative, that has released the first concrete ethical guidelines for empathic AI ( You can learn more about us on our website ( and read about us in Axios ( and The Washington Post (

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Company Logo for HyperDX


We're building an open source, dev friendly observability tool (think Datadog, but something developers actually love to use and companies can actually afford). We're in the intersection of needing to build rock solid infrastructure ingesting TBs of data, searching it incredibly quickly and scalably, and layering on top a buttery smooth DX from our language-specific SDKs, APIs and web app. We're super early and hiring our first founding engineer. We already have a cloud product customers pay for and love, loads of runway regardless of the wider economy, 5k+ Github stars weeks after our OSS launch, and tons of hard technical problems.

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Company Logo for Hypertune


We're building the most flexible and developer-friendly platform for feature flags, A/B testing and "application configuration". See for more details. At the core of Hypertune is a visual, functional, statically-typed programming language with first-class citizens for analytics, A/B testing and machine learning. Our UI lets users define their configuration logic in this language and our SDKs act as interpreters, evaluating the logic locally on clients with zero network latency.

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Company Logo for simplifies how people securely prove and share their identity online. The company empowers people to control their data through a portable and trusted login, which means they don’t need to create a new password when visiting sites that have the button. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital migration for many critical services. Those services require a trusted identity to safeguard against fraud and help ensure people are who they claim to be. With, login and identity credentials move with people, which can reduce the time and frustration of having to verify at multiple sites and set up multiple passwords. is a credential service provider compliant with federal standards for digital identity verification.

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Company Logo for IO Digital

IO Digital

We're a consultancy based in Cape Town, South Africa that works with businesses across a number of sectors to develop technology solutions that contribute to their growth and success. We also develop and operate our own B2B products and services to keep us busy around the clock! Our most recent ventures are (related to) web development tooling, an Internet service provider, embedded and IoT solutions, and cryptocurrency and Web3, respectively.

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Company Logo for

IPinfo is a leading provider of IP address data. Our API handles almost 100 billion requests a month, and we also license our data for use in many products and services you might have used. We started as a side project back in 2013, offering a free geolocation API, and we've since bootstrapped ourselves to a profitable business with a global team of over 20, and grown our data offerings to include geolocation, IP to company, carrier detection, and VPN detection. Our customers include T-Mobile, Nike, DataDog, DemandBase, Clearbit and many more.

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Company Logo for IRC


Bootstrapped insurance startup with incredible growth in a stable sector with several diverse anchor clients.

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Company Logo for ISO


We are a Series A, fully distributed company on a mission to build the first Transportation Performance Intelligence platform that provides shippers, brokers, and carriers with the ability to measure the total costs of transportation service. We are a team of inclusive, mission-driven doers with experience building world-class product, engineering, operations, and sales & marketing teams.

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ITS is seeking a proven Full Stack Engineer to join our growing engineering team. You will actively develop code while also mentoring and growing the team’s technical expertise. This role offers a terrific opportunity to lead at ICON and apply technology in new and innovative ways. In this role, you will regularly engage with stakeholders & clients throughout the development cycle. As such, you must have excellent communication skills and understanding of agile practices.

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Company Logo for IVPN


IVPN is a privacy-focused VPN service in operation since 2010. We have high ethical standards, regular security audits and a stellar reputation among security and privacy analysts.

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Company Logo for Ideal Medtech

Ideal Medtech

Ideal Medtech is a clinical stage medical device startup looking to control every feasible physiological parameter in the hospital -- starting with glucose. This technology has the potential to save tens of thousands of lives a year, billions of healthcare dollars, and thousands of nursing hours.

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Company Logo for IheartMedia


The Senior Site Reliability Engineer will be responsible for leading a talented team of SREs/DevOps Engineers across a wide variety of Cloud Services. He/She will be our leader as we move toward a platform/systems architecture and infrastructure that is highly automated, fully instrumented, self-scaling, self-healing and loosely coupled. Must be a go-getter with efficient multi-tasking abilities along with efficient people management skills. The infrastructure is entirely hosted on AWS, utilizing a variety of services. Core functionalities leverage AWS Lambda, API Gateway, and IoT Core for serverless computing, API management, and IoT device connectivity, respectively. The environment also incorporates multiple Kubernetes clusters, managed through both Amazon EKS and Kops. Infra is provisioned with CDK (typescript) so experience on it is highly desirable.

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Imbue builds AI systems that reason and code, enabling AI agents to accomplish larger goals and safely work in the real world. We train our own foundation models optimized for reasoning and prototype agents on top of these models. By using these agents extensively, we gain insights into improving both the capabilities of the underlying models and the interaction design for agents. We aim to rekindle the dream of the personal computer, where computers become truly intelligent tools that empower us, giving us freedom, dignity, and agency to pursue the things we love.

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We're creating a financial data platform that gives accounting teams super-powers.

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Company Logo for Inceptive


Biological Software is one or more synthetic molecules that execute complex functions, specified from a program, in a biological system. We are creating tools to develop increasingly powerful biological software for the rational design of novel, broadly accessible medicines and biotechnologies previously out of reach.

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Company Logo for InductEV


InductEV (formerly Momentum Dynamics) is revolutionizing how electric vehicles charge their batteries with high-power wireless charging and distributed energy management.

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Infinite Food

Infinite Food achieves venture-scale food retail through automation. We design, manufacture, deploy, own and operate a network of autonomous food service locations with mature (8 years) deep tech R&D now transitioning out of stealth for go-to-market. Our aggressive timeline sees our new San Diego joint R&D and US go-to-market manufacturing facility online 1Q 2024. In impact terms our systems reduce spoilage, single use plastics, vehicles on the road and enhance the availability of fresh food, and we thereby seek to be a net contributor to positive social and environmental outcomes. We are an engineer-managed venture committed to internal manufacturing to keep design honest and fabrication in the loop. We innovate across mechanical, electrical, electronic, industrial manufacturing/process engineering, software and logistics including UAVs. We are looking for experienced cross-disciplinary engineers and fabricators who enjoy solving difficult problems and want to work in a rapid iteration environment. Ideas are prototyped within hours, not weeks, and we have a very mature high speed international supply chain providing superior turnaround for R&D. If we are not the best R&D environment you've worked at as an engineer, we pledge to improve. In-house processes supporting you will include paperless two-click™ purchase orders, autonomous inventory storage and retrieval, autonomous picking, autonomous sheet metal processing, autonomous welding, 3-5 axis autonomous milling, prospective polymer processing, a culture of version control, and a full featured on-site electronics lab. Rough project complexity: ~10K parts BOM + 20 human days labor per assembly. Current challenge: Automate build time 40× (good progress). We value genuine curiosity, cross-disciplinary interest, open source and an enjoyment of learning. Formal education is valued but not required. (Note: Metric shop! Body part-free measurement culture!) All welcome, although regrettably we cannot provide visa support at this time.

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Company Logo for InfoSum


InfoSum develops a unique, privacy-preserving cloud resource that lets organizations connect their first-party data in a compliant, private and secure way. We power data collaboration across household names. Privacy, security and governance are central to our value proposition with our clients, many of who are highly regulated and work with consumer data.

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Ingram Technologies

Ingram is an AI lab based in Europe. We have a hybrid team with cells in Paris & Brussels, and individuals scattered across 3 continents. We pride ourselves in getting large companies to transition to AI in ethical, privacy-respecting ways. We're growing rapidly and looking to expand our team in early 2024.

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Company Logo for Inkiru


We are looking for a passionate, creative Senior Data Scientist to join Inkiru Data Science team. You will have the unique opportunity to work with massive business and social data unparalleled online and offline commerce. You will be responsible to use cutting-edge machine learning, data mining, and optimization techniques to design and prototype robust, scalable machine learning models and analytics solutions. You will be a part of a cross-functional team of Data Scientists, Engineers, Product managers, and Business professionals that sit at the intersection of Data Science, Big data, IT infrastructure, and business operations.

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Integral Neurotechnologies

Integral builds brain interfaces to understand and treat psychiatric disorders. Our first product is an ultra-miniaturized, fully implanted, deep-brain interface for closed-loop neuromodulation via electrical recording and stimulation. We prioritize ambitious engineering, speed, and meticulous attention to what patients and caregivers actually want.

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Company Logo for Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers

You want to break into the finance industry? You want to learn about trading and investing? Are you tired of endless meetings and just want to code? If you love designing greenfield projects in Python, this is the job for you. We are a small technology team in a fast growing, multi-billion dollar company. Many of our larger clients are multi-national banks that you have heard of. We are seeking a self-starter that enjoys the craft of coding and developing innovative solutions. The ideal candidate is someone who can communicate well and design libraries and systems in Python from scratch. Experience with Object oriented design, design patterns, building systems, and SQL a plus. Positions are a hybrid model 3 days in office 2 days remote. IB has grown through tough economic times. We have continued to hire while others have cut staff. If you are looking for a great place to innovate, apply today. We have two positions open in our Mumbai India office.

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Company Logo for Internet Archive

Internet Archive

Help build web crawlers, preservation, and public access services for over one thousand partner libraries and other cultural heritage institutions.

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Company Logo for Intertie


We're a clean tech startup working with solar/storage systems, backed by top tier VCs including True Ventures. We've developed an AI driven energy management system along with our own UL certified battery based energy storage systems for commercial properties. We also have ancillary products (EV charging, sales tools, etc) to make building and operating clean energy systems easier. We're running a number of live sites, have a good pipeline, and just finished raising our Series A.

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Company Logo for Intrinsic


Intrinsic is building AI-powered safety tools for Trust & Safety teams to protect users across the internet.

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Company Logo for Intuition Machines, Inc.

Intuition Machines, Inc.

Intuition Machines utilizes AI/ML to develop enterprise security products that serve hundreds of millions of users. Our engineering team is distributed worldwide, working on both backend architecture and data. We maintain simplicity - lightweight specifications, small teams, and rapid iteration. No unnecessary bureaucracy, just delivering exceptional products.

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Company Logo for Intuitive Surgical

Intuitive Surgical

At Intuitive we design, develop, and manufacture robotic products designed to improve clinical outcomes of patients through minimally invasive surgery, most notably the da Vinci Surgical System. I lead the software team in the Advanced Product Development group at Intuitive, where we use the cutting-edge technology of today to build the surgical robotics systems of the future. This role is ideal if love working close to the hardware on a technically interesting/challenging embedded systems architecture project, and you value making the best possible product that will enhance clinical outcomes for millions of patients.

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Company Logo for Invisible


Invisible builds a platform for Operations to run Business Processes. We stand at the intersection of humans and machines building scalable, repeatable processes for business using a combination of automation and human interaction. We've built an in house platform that handles the execution of these processes (think Zapier or IFFT that combines automations and human agents) and are solving interesting problems on teams ranging from Infra (Kubernetes, GCP) to UI (Python, Django, Typescript, React, Next.js). We're currently focusing on hiring Principal and Senior level Full Stack and ML engineers, but we are interested in dynamic engineers at any stage in their career.

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Company Logo for

Developer tools for ML engineers. We need people who are passionate about building infrastructure that help ML teams manage data (large scale), make sane reproducible workflow, track models. We are building infrastructure to deal with datasets of the 5N LAION scale. Our flagship open source tool- (12K+ stars), SaaS product -

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Ivory Guide

Ivory Guide is creating a first of its kind dental customer support and treatment planning solution. Still in stealth mode.

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Company Logo for JP Morgan Chase & Co

JP Morgan Chase & Co

I'm hiring for an experienced functional Scala developer to help us with intellectually challenging projects in the areas of metadata and model driven engineering. We build bespoke code generators, numerous codecs, data model authoring and storage platforms amongst other things. We're re-engineering our platforms from on-prem cloud to AWS next year. We use a Typelevel stack. New services are typically written using Tapir/Http4s, Cats Effect and Doobie. Within the bank we help run a functional programming interest group, we do Scala training and/or mob programming sessions weekly, many of the team frequent Scala meet ups in London. Whilst we do work in feature teams where we have large deliverables, you will have to complete individual projects so you'll need to be comfortable working independently. Some of the role requirements: - Leads the engineering of cutting-edge solutions in the areas of metadata, data model authoring and storage, and data in place/data in motion - Collaborates with our users, product management, architecture and stakeholders in our sister teams to ensure we build the right solutions - Applied development experience in functional style Scala - Experience working with asynchronous runtimes like Cats Effect - Meta-programming through libraries such Shapeless or Magnolia - Domain Specific Language design and interpretation - Knowledge of domain driven design - Proficient with SQL/No-SQL databases

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Company Logo for JUPUS GmbH


At JUPUS we are doing client onboarding for lawyers for the German market. Currently in seed stage, got funding earlier this year. Product launched in may, great traction so far. Our tech stack is Python/Django (ninja API) + TypeScript/Vue.js.

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Company Logo for JW Player

JW Player

JWP is the game-changing video software and data insights platform that's revolutionizing the Digital Video Economy. With our cutting-edge technology, we give our customers unparalleled independence and control over their digital video content. We began over a decade ago as an open-source video player, but today, JWP is the driving force behind digital video for hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide. And with over 1 billion viewers tuning in every month across 2.7 billion unique devices, there's no limit to what we can achieve. We're on the lookout for passionate and innovative candidates who are ready to join us on this journey of transforming the world of digital video.

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Company Logo for

Dev tools company with 65,000+ users in less than 2 years. $10M in funding from Vercel CEO, GitHub CTO, Cloudflare CEO, etc. We’re building a flight recorder for web apps – so anyone can report issues to engineers in a way that's actually debuggable (w/ console, network, websockets debugger, etc). Small, senior team – several ex-engineering directors turned ICs (mostly ex-early Cloudflare). Looking for staff-level engineers with experience building highly performant front-end apps. Stack: React/Typescript and MobX (MST) on the frontend, and Node/GraphQL across our backend. The challenge ahead: Scaling. Usage 10x’ed last year, and our users are in 150+ countries, on all sorts of devices, network conditions, etc. Our bar for quality is high. As a dev tool, developers at Jam are directly connected and involved with the product. Your usage of the product will directly inform the direction of Jam’s future.

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Company Logo for Jamsocket


Jamsocket is a platform for deploying WebSocket applications at scale. Think of it as AWS Lambda, but for WebSockets. Our core infrastructure is open-sourced at We are a seed-stage startup backed by Y Combinator and other investors.

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Jaunt Labs

Jaunt Labs is in the process of disrupting the professional content sharing landscape, focusing on documents, presentations, and more. Currently in our alpha launch phase, our momentum is building rapidly. Plus, our founders come with a track record, having successfully built and sold a startup in a similar domain. We aspire to become the platform which democratises knowledge and discussions around it.

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Company Logo for

Jawa is the marketplace for gamers! We make it safe and easy to buy and sell gaming hardware (especially PC builds and components).

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Company Logo for Jellyfish


Jellyfish was started in 2017 as a team of three with one big idea: engineering is the core of modern business, so let’s create and manage it that way! With the help of our customers, we have built the first Engineering Management Platform, providing visibility into engineering organizations, their work, and how they operate. We enable leaders to align engineering decisions with business initiatives and deliver the right software efficiently and on time. We believe that it takes a diverse team to build the best company we can. Jellyfish welcomes people from all backgrounds and especially encourages applications from members of groups underrepresented in the software industry.

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Company Logo for Jill's Office

Jill's Office

Launched in 2015, Jill’s Office was created to provide small business owners with a live receptionist service so they don't need to take calls themselves or hire a full-time receptionist. We have an in-house call center to achieve this and all our software for this operation is also in-house.

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Company Logo for Jito Labs

Jito Labs

Jito Labs is seeking a Senior Smart Contract Engineer to build the future of decentralized finance on Solana. We are looking for creative and motivated engineers that can effectively wrangle problems with large design spaces and come up with simple and elegant solutions. The role is extremely dynamic and a place where low-level problem solvers will thrive.

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Company Logo for Jitter


Jitter is a fast, simple, and collaborative motion design tool on the web. We help designers create high-quality animations for communication materials, videos, apps, and websites easily, while collaborating with all the stakeholders involved in the creative process: teammates, clients, marketers, engineers… We’re the “Figma for motion design”.

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Former Netflix, Airbnb, Meta team. We have the credentials and experience to make this business successful. Flexible with work location, in person SF or remote. Funded with a friends & family round. We value impact and know the difference from the appearance of impact. We value equality and increasing access to good jobs.

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Company Logo for Joby Aviation

Joby Aviation

Located in Northern California, the team at Joby Aviation is driven by our goal of creating an affordable, all-electric air transportation system. Imagine a piloted air taxi that takes off vertically, then quietly carries you and your fellow passengers over the congested city streets below, enabling you to spend more time with the people and places that matter most. Since 2009, our team has worked steadily to make this dream a reality. We’ve designed and tested many generations of prototype aircraft capable of serving in a network of electric air taxis. We’re looking for talented, committed individuals to join our team as we push onwards toward certifying the Joby aircraft with the Federal Aviation Administration, scaling our manufacturing, and preparing to launch commercial service in 2025.

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Company Logo for Joule


Joule is a climate-focused software platform dedicated to accelerating the transition to clean energy in residential homes. The platform distinguishes itself by partnering with real estate software vendors to make energy intelligence readily accessible to key stakeholders in the home buying process, including prospective homebuyers and lenders. Joule's platform offers detailed insights into a home's energy profile, including efficiency metrics, potential for improvements, and environmental impact. By doing so, Joule facilitates smarter, more sustainable home purchases and encourages the real estate market to prioritize energy-efficient properties.

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Company Logo for Journee


At Journee, we are building the platform to enable brands and creators to deliver high quality immersive worlds instantly accessible to the world. Our clients are top global companies (BMW, Vogue, WWF, Siemens, etc.) and we are scaling fast to meet the demand. If you are a reliable person, who would enjoy growing rapidly with our easy-going and high-performing tech team, please get in touch! The tech team is remote-first and works 4 or 5 days per week within +/ -2 hours of CET. We are currently looking to find the right fit for the following positions, but also general talents!

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Company Logo for June


We're a small team of 6 from Intercom, CircleCI and Grofers. We're hiring a third engineer to join us to keep up with our growth. We're building the Linear of product analytics. If you're up for a challenge and want to build business software that is as delightful as consumer software then you should consider reaching out. Tech stack includes Rails, React, Clickhouse and follows one principle: Keeping things simple (

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Company Logo for Juni


At Juni, we help e-commerce companies improve their profitability with business accounts and cards, fast and flexible financing, and powerful integrations. As a Senior Backend Engineer, you'll play a pivotal role in developing cutting-edge spend management solutions. Your work will directly impact our mission to redefine e-commerce banking. We value expertise in fintech/banking/accounting, a collaborative mindset and passion for innovation.

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Company Logo for Juniper


Juniper operates at the messy infrastructure layer for US Healthcare. We’ve built an end-to-end insurance billing system for recurring care, starting with Autism clinics. Healthcare in the United States runs on private and public insurance billing, but providers spend huge amounts of time on faxes, phone calls, and error-prone legacy systems to get paid. That’s not why they got into care. What’s worse, these systems aren’t hugely successful—clinics regularly get back 80% what they know the insurance company should pay. Those missing dollars could be used to hire more care providers to help more kids, but instead line insurance companies’ pockets. We’re changing that. At Juniper, we’ve built an end-to-end billing system. It starts with ingesting from a clinic’s EHR, then create, validates, and submits claims to insurance providers across the country. If claims need corrections or appeals, most of the time we can handle those automatically or our CX and Operations team use our in-house internal tools. We also handle patient invoicing for co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles (we never send anything to collections.) Our typical paid rate is above 95%. We are a team of 25 with STRONG product market fit—we’ve had to push out onboardings because engineering can’t build quickly enough. You’ll be working with an engineering leadership team from AWS and Stripe to get doctors and clinicians back to work helping kids.

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Company Logo for Juniper Systems

Juniper Systems

With a legacy spanning over 30 years, Juniper Systems is a well-established company with a rich history in hardware innovation for rugged field environments. As we continue to evolve, we're pioneering the future of mapping, GIS and field data management through cutting-edge software solutions. Join our team and play a pivotal role in architecting and designing the frontend of our groundbreaking Uinta mapping & field data management platform.

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Company Logo for Justwatch


We try to make the best streaming guide worldwide. We predominantly utilize Golang and Kubernetes, interfacing with GRPC APIs from teams such as Content and Martech. Additionally, we work with databases like Scylla and Elasticsearch, ensuring seamless operation even under high loads exceeding 5k requests per second. We're tackling challenges like integrating video ads, fortifying against scraping, enhancing response times, and optimizing the click-through rate for our recommender engine.

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Company Logo for Jämtkraft


Jämtkraft is a Swedish energy company active in all electricity markets in Sweden. They are a diverse business with business areas in district heating, electricity grid, and power trading. Jämtkraft is at the forefront in Sweden with a local flexibility market and operating algo-trading solutions in the Swedish electricity market. As a data engineer, you will work with this kind of data utilizing all tools available in Azure. Aside from the stunning nature around, employees also enjoy 38 vacation days per year.

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Company Logo for KAEDIM


We are an AI startup building Machine Learning algorithms to turn images into game-ready 3D models. Using our AI and in-house art team, we have the most accurate, game-ready 2d → 3d asset generation pipeline. Currently, we are offering a 5-10x speed up to 3D asset creation pipelines of 200+ game developers and we are working with partners like Voodoo, Upland, Azra Games. We are B2B SaaS at the intersection of art/games and technology.

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Company Logo for KIKI


KIKI is a venture-backed community commerce platform dedicated to empowering creators, brands, and their communities with tools that drive engagement, loyalty, and conversion. Our platform focuses on putting the power of first-party data back in customers' hands through customizable co-creation, engagement, and reward campaigns that create a natural flywheel of loyalty and purchase. Our mission is to drive the future of community-driven commerce on and off-chain, and we are passionate about combining leading-edge technology with innovative customer experiences.

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Company Logo for KPV LAB


At KPV LAB we are creating new visually stunning and meaningful ways to explore and present information.

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Company Logo for KREA


KREA is building the job requirement for creatives after AI has become the norm in the media and entertainment industry. In other words, we are building a next generation creative tool—we just don’t like to over-use powerful terms like “next-gen”.

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Company Logo for Kagi


Kagi is building a user-centric search engine, free from ads and tracking.

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Company Logo for Kaia Health

Kaia Health

Kaia Health is a digital therapeutics startup that helps patients combat chronic musculoskeletal pain and improve musculoskeletal health.

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Company Logo for Kalvium


Come build the best undergraduate computer science program. If you find this intriguing, come learn more about our extremely ambitious journey to improve the education outcomes of more than 10 lac graduates every year in India alone (and we're expanding internationally). We're a small lean team looking for startuppy folks. Kalvium is a phygital platform - students are in university classrooms turned into offices, and study via our full-fledged LMS. We're pioneering learning improvements by measuring outcomes regularly, and providing feedback. It's an intensive course, with proven outcomes (87% of 2022 batch is work-integrated by 3rd semester).

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Company Logo for Kanary


Help people protect their safety and privacy. Build automations and train LLMs to respond to threats and proactively secure personal information online.

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Company Logo for Kandji


Kandji is the Apple Device Management and Security Platform. Kandji empowers companies to manage and secure Apple devices in the enterprise and at scale. By centrally securing and managing Mac, iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV devices, IT and InfoSec teams can save countless hours of manual, repetitive work with features like one-click compliance templates and more than 150 pre-built automations, apps, and workflows.

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Company Logo for Keeper


I'm Matt, CTO at Keeper. I'm hiring mission-driven product engineers who want to help freelancers with their taxes. Taxes are a perennial, stressful problem. Our mission is to provide a human-in-the-loop AI system that provides the quality of an accountant at the cost of self-serve software.

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Company Logo for Keepler


Keepler is a novel new app that helps people navigate romantic relationships by leveraging a community of experts. Our experts and peer-to-peer support systems focus on the internal growth and skill-building that actually helps our users identify and nurture the relationship they want.

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Company Logo for Kensho Technologies

Kensho Technologies

At Kensho, we leverage S&P Global’s world-class data to research, develop, and implement leading AI and machine learning capabilities that drive fact-based, objective decision making. Our products power S&P Global and deliver innovative solutions and capabilities to their clients.

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Company Logo for Kerith


Kerith is a software company on a mission to decarbonize the manufacturing sector, starting with giants like BMW. Our platform has already proven capable of guiding significant energy savings decisions, securing 3-digit million savings for large-scale manufacturing companies. After long-term planning, we now aim to deliver even more value through real-time optimizations. This involves ongoing decisions for machine operation and energy storage management within set constraints. Join us to make a meaningful impact on the climate, contribute to a cutting-edge software product & shape the future of our company.

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Company Logo for Klara Systems

Klara Systems

We focus on software development services for open source and community-driven software. We are a dynamic, high growth startup with marquee customers whose names you will recognize. Customers look to us because of our intense focus on innovation and collaboration on open-source technologies.

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We are a funded early stage startup creating NQL (Natural Query Language) and a set of codified building blocks to automate information sharing, insight discovery, and knowledge flows in organizations.

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Company Logo for KnownAI


I’m currently building an accounting manipulation and impact washing detection AI platform. This will be used by investors (banks and asset managers), auditors, legal advisors and corporates to support them with their analysis and abilities to manage risk and generate alpha.

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Company Logo for Koddi


Koddi is a technology company that was born in 2013 from an opportunity to innovate in the adtech space. Our award-winning SaaS platform provides a robust network for brands to connect with consumers and drive revenue through native sponsored placements, metasearch, and programmatic media campaigns. Based in Fort Worth, Texas, we’ve grown to become a diverse global team. Ranked by Forbes, Deloitte, and Inc. magazine as one of the fastest-growing companies in the nation, we’re growing rapidly and looking for innovative problem solvers to join our team.

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Company Logo for Koltin


At Koltin, a profitable company that grew 8.5x last year, we're dedicated to transforming elderly care through tailored health memberships. Our mission is to redefine care for our loved ones, ensuring they lead healthy, independent lives. Koltin, the first in Mexico to provide insurance coverage for up to 85 years old, prioritizes healthy aging through innovative remote support services.

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Company Logo for Kombo


Kombo builds a unified API for HR, payroll and recruiting systems. We're working with companies of all sizes - from Fortune 500 companies down to early stage startups - to help them integrate dozens of software vendors within a few days instead of months. Reasons you might want to work at Kombo - Modern, yet robust tech stack (TypeScript, Prisma, tRPC, PostgreSQL, Docker, Kubernetes). Extremely high bar for talent - backgrounds from Oxford, Harvard, TUM, CODE; 50% of employees are ex-founders. Grew from 4 to 14 people within a year, and looking to 2.5x next year as well. Early enough to make a significant contribution and have the 'early stage' startup' feeling; late enough to be significantly derisked (we are already profitable). Strong onsite culture in hip Berlin office. Competitive salaries and equity compensation.

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Company Logo for Kong


We recently opened an office in Church Street in Bengaluru and are expanding rapidly. We are looking for Software, SRE/DevOps, and Frontend engineers.

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Company Logo for Koyeb


At Koyeb, we make developers’ lives easier with the fastest way to deploy applications globally. The Koyeb Serverless Platform is completely managed: we take code, build it into containers, and run it inside of MicroVMs distributed across multiple continents.

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Company Logo for Kredit Financial

Kredit Financial

Kredit ( is on a mission to resolve debt better. We provide tools for regular people to help them get the out of financial hardship, as well as provide tools for businesses to manage their processes. We are small (6 person dev team) and growing. Our stack: .NET Core, C#, PostgreSQL, Mediatr, CQRS, Events, Angular, GCP, Kubernetes, Terraform and much more.

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Company Logo for Krew Social

Krew Social

We’re looking for a head of technology with a strong background in React Native who’s eager to solve the problems of loneliness and polarization. The app has both B2B and B2C applications, and the response has been overwhelming. Our tiny team is unable to respond to roughly 90% of leads, all of which are from word of mouth, representing potentially millions of paying users. We’re starting with churches since they really need help. User feedback has been incredible, as you can see from our testimonials on Instagram, we have over 90% adoption of active members of a Facebook group, and signups for events far exceed those in the Facebook group.

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Company Logo for

Come join us and write for one of the smartest and most engaged reader communities on the net. We've been covering the Linux and free-software communities since 1998 and don't plan to stop anytime soon.

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Company Logo for Labviva


Labviva is a well funded Boston based start-up that is on a mission to accelerate the pace of life science research. We connect researchers with suppliers of reagents, chemicals and instrumentation in an intuitive user-friendly platform that supports the priorities of scientists while staying compliant with purchasing rules. We are a collaborative, curious group of individuals that are passionate about helping our customers improve efficiencies in their labs and procurement processes.

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Company Logo for Lago


Open-Source Stripe Billing Alternative

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AI has the potential to change how we do our work forever - but with anything new comes unforeseen challenges. Our goal at Lanai (“Lean into AI”) is to ensure that every company is protected against AI risks as they take advantage of new technology to reach their full potential. Lanai surfaces usage of Generative AI by employees, identifies the best apps and models for each use case, and protects against sensitive data loss. As AI grows, so will we - we’re just getting started. Lanai was founded in early 2023 by Steve Herrod (former CTO of VMware) and the talented team at Juxtapose. We’ve raised significant capital (more to share soon!) and are officially hiring for our engineering team. We’re an AI-first company, and are looking for team members who are excited to harness the best of AI to help us build a product and culture where our team and customers can work on the leading edge. We’re leveraging the most modern development tools and practices to ensure a productive and fun environment where everyone is inspired to do their best work. We are working with a modern, cloud-native stack with a focus on AWS, EKS, ReactJS, NestJS, GraphQL, Postgres, Hashicorp Vault, Python, Golang, and AWS Sagemaker.

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Langfuse is open source observability and analytics tool for LLM applications — think Amplitude and Datadog for LLM apps. Our users use Langfuse to understand what happens in production and use our insights to improve their applications. We have built a number of LLM applications during the last YC winter batch and realized how hard it is to debug and improve them and move beyond an MVP.

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Company Logo for Lassie


We're building the financial OS for independent doctors. Today, 80% of payments are on paper. We digitize and completely automate their finances, merging insurance payments, bank accounts, and billing systems into a beautiful, unified ledger. Our product saves practices 10+ hours a week and reconciles their business in real-time. They love us for it :)

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Company Logo for Latch


Contract negotiation is the most time-consuming, costly, and difficult component of the contracting process, and is barely any easier now than when lawyers were using fax machines. Large language models have unlocked the ability to solve many contract negotiation problems at scale. If you join us, you will be working with a small team to build a category-defining product that is rapidly embedding itself into the lives of its users. Latch has raised from leading investors in an unannounced seed funding round; we've found product/market fit and are growing rapidly. We can share more details with candidates who go through our interview process.

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Company Logo for Laudspeaker


We are building a new, open source suite of software tools to completely handle the "customer journey". We are a small team of 3, had a successful launch on HN a year ago, are backed by YC, and are now starting to close large companies deploying our software to touch millions of users.

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Company Logo for LaunchDarkly


Remote First company with a $3.2 billion valuation, Series D funding.

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We’re building a framework that helps companies build AI copilots to make their software easier for people to use.

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Company Logo for LeagueApps


LeagueApps is a youth sports management SaaS. We help youth sports organizers run their business, providing the tools they need to manage registration, scheduling, payments, and more. We believe that every kid should have the opportunity to play, and we provide 1% of our revenue to youth sports accessibility.

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Company Logo for LeaseQuery


LeaseQuery makes software to help companies comply with new lease accounting regulations, manage their SaaS spend (via our recent acquisition of Stackshine [YC W22]), and more generally handle accounting and spending related to recurring costs.

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Company Logo for Ledgy


Ledgy is the Sequoia-backed equity management platform that aligns teams behind a common goal, helping them to achieve more together. Focused on internationally distributed teams, we’re the market leader in Europe already and expanding. We're looking for senior full-stack engineers that can ramp up quickly to join our growing ambitious team. We have offices in London, Berlin and Zurich, and a strong team culture.

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Company Logo for Lemurian Labs

Lemurian Labs

At Lemurian, we're building a hardware accelerator for AI that's dramatically different from most semiconductors humans have built to date. We highly value free-thinkers, lifelong learners, and those that are fearless in the face of the unknown.

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Company Logo for Lendable


Lendable have built the big three consumer finance products from scratch: loans, credit cards and car finance. Help us improve out best-in-class credit analytics that powers credit-decisioning.

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Company Logo for's mission is to help every professional build a better career through the most accurate insights and services. We're building the future of compensation & hiring by centering ourselves around professionals.

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Company Logo for Leya AI

Leya AI

Join Leya AI's mission to give access to personalized coaching to everyone on the planet with our LLM-powered AI-coaches. We're an early, fully remote startup seeking an iOS Engineer to craft our new native app from scratch.

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Company Logo for Libra


We’re a venture backed AI startup, building the future of the legal system. We’re developing an AI claims drafting factory to produce claim packages and legal submissions. After securing a pre-seed round with Merantix (Europe’s leading specialist AI venture studio) and closing deals with three prominent customers (a network of 200 law firms and two global insurance companies) for co-developing the MVP, we are seeking a technical co-founder to complement the founding team. By automating litigation workflows our mission is to empower every claim owner to make effective use of their rights - therewith democratising the law and maximising the power of LLMs.

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Company Logo for Lichtvis


Lichtvis is a textbook delivery platform that caters to over five hundred Belgian schools, both elementary and secondary. It is built in Bruges, by a small and dedicated group of people that aim to give its thousands of students and parents peace of mind when it comes to getting their textbooks on time every school year. Team communication and the application itself is in Dutch, so that's pretty important.

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Company Logo for LifeCheq


LifeCheq’s mission is to give everyone access to high quality, personalised, holistic financial advice.

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Company Logo for Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs

Lightning Labs is hiring! We’re looking to expand our team to build technology that'll bring Bitcoin to the next billion people. Our current focus is the development and deployment of the Lightning Network, an open blockchain scalability protocol. We push the edge of innovation with regard to blockchain scalability, privacy-preserving smart contracts, and cryptocurrency UX.

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Company Logo for Limitless


At Limitless, our vision is to free the human mind from its biological limits. Limitless is a web app, Mac app, Windows app, and wearable that records what you've seen, said, or heard and makes it useful. Our investors include Sam Altman, Alexis Ohanian, a16z, First Round, NEA, and many others. We are a well-funded, 20-person, remote-first startup.

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Company Logo for Link11


Are you a strategic thinker with a passion for cybersecurity? Join our team of Product Visionaries and shape the future of our cutting-edge DDoS protection solutions!

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Company Logo for Linkurious


We are a graph visualization company specializing in data investigations. Most of our customers are fighting financial crime. We are a 11 years old bootstrapped French startup, we created a subsidiary in Washington DC 2 year ago to better serve the US market.

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Listening turns textbooks and research papers into audio, so students can listen on the go. We're VC backed and growing like a rocket ship.

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Company Logo for LiveEO


We're building end-to-end applications using ML/AI and satellite imagery to identify deforestation in EU supply chains and more.

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Livv Health

We're building a global AI-driven health record. The premise is straightforward: the future of healthcare depends on continuous, data-informed care, with patient-owned health records at its core. It's a significant shift, aiming to empower individuals over their health data.

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Company Logo for Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group

At Lloyds Banking Group we’re driven by a clear purpose: to help Britain prosper. As part of our diverse team you’ll impact the lives of more than 26 million customers through our brands, including Lloyds Bank, Halifax, Bank of Scotland, and Scottish Widows. With your help we'll continue to innovate and adapt to meet the ongoing digital needs of our customers. Join us and you can make a real difference.

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Company Logo for LocalStack


LocalStack is on a mission to build the world's leading platform that enables efficient dev&test loops for developing cloud apps locally. We are looking for top-notch engineers, GTM experts, and cloud/DevOps enthusiasts to join us in this exciting journey!

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Company Logo for Loft Orbital Solutions

Loft Orbital Solutions

Loft Orbital builds “shareable” satellites, providing a fast & simple path to orbit for organizations that require access to space. Powered by our hardware & software products, we operate satellites, fly customer payloads onboard, and handle entire missions from end to end - significantly reducing the lead-time and risk of a traditional space mission. Our standard interface enables us to fly multiple customer payloads on the same satellite, with capabilities such as earth imagery, weather & climate /science data collection, IoT connectivity, in-orbit demonstrations, and national security missions. Our customers trust us to manage their space infrastructure, so they can focus on what matters most to them: operating their mission and collecting their data. At Loft, you’ll be given the autonomy and ownership to solve significant challenges, but with a close-knit and supportive team at your back. We believe that diversity and community are the foundation of an open culture. We are committed to hiring the best people regardless of background and make their time at Loft the most fulfilling period of their career. We value kind, supportive and team-oriented collaborators. It is also crucial for us that you are a problem solver and a great communicator. As our team is international, you will need strong English skills to better collaborate, easily communicate complex ideas and convey important messages.

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Company Logo for Lokad


Lokad is a bootstrapped profitable software company - 60 employees and growing fast - that specializes on predictive supply chain optimization. We are based in France, but the majority of our clients are outside France. Supply chains remain wasteful and poorly resilient to tail risks (as demonstrated by present day situation). We’re talking about roughly 15% of the worldwide economy: supply chains are vast, and double-digit improvements remain possible. We want to put supply chains on AI autopilot, and deliver above-human performance while doing so.

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Company Logo for Longshot Systems

Longshot Systems

We’re a bit like a hedge fund, but for sports betting. You’d be using golang and a host of web and network technologies to add to and improve the platform.

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Company Logo for Looking Glass

Looking Glass

Looking Glass makes 3D spatial displays that don't require head gear or eye tracking. We are a small startup (~40 staff total) but we design, engineer, and manufacturing our own line of 3D display products including 3rd party software integrations, drivers, firmware, SDKs, and misc tooling.

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Company Logo for Loop


Loop unlocks profits trapped in the supply chain. We want to make the billing and payment process as smooth as consumers paying for online goods while unlocking hundreds of billions of working capital for businesses. Loop can help trillions of dollars move more efficiently and improve millions of people’s livelihoods.

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Company Logo for LottieFiles


We are looking for a highly skilled Graphics Engineer with a strong foundation in web-based graphics technologies such as Three.js, WebGL, and Canvas API, and Senior Front-end Engineers skilled at building high performance web applications. Come work with us on the LottieFiles Creator, the web-based animation tool aimed at taking full advantage of the features of Lottie animation format. We also have a few Senior Fullstack Engineer roles open!

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Lovable is a team of pragmatic previous (YC) founders and CTOs, set on being the first to make autonomous code generation work. We believe in rapid experimentation and hiring the brightest and most ambitious minds to shape our product and company.

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Company Logo for Lucra Payments

Lucra Payments

Lucra Payments is on a mission to eliminate authorised payment fraud to make our transactions safer. We provide law firms, accountants, charities to name a few with an online verification platform to help them detect and prevent fraud, streamline processes, and eliminate uncertainties when making payments.

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Company Logo for Luma


We are a small group of researchers, engineers and designers, have raised $70 million so far, including Series B recently from a16z, and have 2 million users (and growing FAST). We most of all value strong engineering/research skills, autonomy, and great communication.

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Company Logo for Luma Labs AI

Luma Labs AI

At Luma we’re working at the cutting-edge of 3D graphics, neural rendering, web graphics, and high performance computing. We have some of the best and brightest researchers in the field, and bring lightning speed innovation to products. We are looking for strong generalist software engineers, front end web developers, and iOS engineers to join us and help make 3D accessible to everyone.

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Company Logo for Lumafield


Founded in 2019, Lumafield has developed the world's first accessible X-Ray CT scanner for engineers. Our easy-to-use scanner and cloud-based software give engineers the ability to see their work clearly, inside and out, at an extremely affordable price. Engineers make million-dollar decisions every day, and they need tools that give them the greatest possible insight into their products. By offering unprecedented visibility into products, as well as AI-driven tools that highlight problems and generate quantitative data, Lumafield promises to revolutionize the way complex products are created, manufactured, and used across industries. We are an impact driven company obsessed with providing the best value to our customers keeping their needs at the center of our evolution. Our team today includes world-class researchers and industrial designers, PhDs, creators, founders of successful startups, and zero egos. We are backed by top venture capital funds like Kleiner Perkins, Lux Capital, DCVC, Spark Capital, and others.

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Company Logo for Lumen5


Recognized as one of Canada’s fastest-growing companies, Lumen5 is an online video creation platform powered by machine learning and designed for businesses, brands, and creatives. The product that we are building is filled with interesting complexity. That includes working in areas like natural language processing, computer vision, machine learning, web scaling (frontend, backend, infrastructure, and monitoring), video rendering, OOP architecture, and more. There's also lots of opportunity for creativity; after all, video is such a creative medium!

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Company Logo for Lumin


We have hardware+software solutions for elderly people.

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Company Logo for LunarG, Inc.

LunarG, Inc.

LunarG is an independent software consultancy offering the opportunity to work on diverse technologies. Our projects span open source and proprietary work, collaborating with clients in game development, AR/VR, medical, and GPU markets. We take pride in supporting open standards from Khronos, providing the satisfaction of contributing to and supporting Khronos open standards.

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Company Logo for Lunaris


Lunaris started out as an otaku-centric online shop called Solaris Japan founded in 2008, and is still going strong to this day. As such, many of us here have a huge passion for anime, gaming, or Japanese pop culture in general. It’s not unusual to see an anime figure sitting on someone’s desk, the latest League of Legends tournament streaming on our lounge television, or hear someone discussing their past adventures on Final Fantasy XI. However, our passion doesn’t stop there – we’re a team of self-starters who are driven by results. As Solaris Japan continued its success and our customer base grew, we sought solutions to serve our customers, and added Shopify to our toolkit. We then built a number of custom applications for ourself and automated many of our processes, and realized we could offer these solutions to other e-commerce platforms as well. Thus, Lunaris was born, and with it additional e-commerce solutions like easyPoints, easyRates, and more.

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Company Logo for Lune


Lune’s mission is to make every product and service climate-positive by default. With the Lune API, we enable companies to seamlessly build emissions calculations and high-quality carbon removal into their product and services and make it part of the customer experience. In the future, everything we do will have a positive impact on the planet – powered by Lune.

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Company Logo for Lux Research Inc.

Lux Research Inc.

Lux Research is a company that is taking AI seriously, and we're looking for someone that espouses this value.

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We are building the biggest and more connected space for sports communities online starting from the BJJ community. We list more than 25k members as of today and we are growing very fast!

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Company Logo for MAJORITY


MAJORITY is a fintech focused on digital financial services for immigrants in the US. We provide things like a Visa debit card, money transfers, mobile top-ups and much more! And compared to many others we allow users without Social Security to use our banking services.

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MATCH is a social platform dedicated for people wanting to participate in sports. We provide various tools designed to enhance the overall process of sport participation during everyday life. MATCH will be the space where you plan, log and review your favorite recreational and competitive sport performance and compete with like minded sports lovers.

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Company Logo for ML6


We are a Machine Learning consulting company that builds end-to-end Machine Learning solutions. By applying the latest AI research, we keep our clients at the forefront of innovation.

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Company Logo for MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd)

MLSE (Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment Ltd)

We're looking for a Computer Vision Engineer to help our Sport Performance Lab improve our various in-house Pose Estimation models. Open to consulting groups.

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Company Logo for MONOKEI


We're an input device studio currently building mechanical keyboards, and we believe that good input devices are important. Come build metaphorical shovels with us.

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Company Logo for MUI


I'm a co-founder and the CEO of MUI. Our objective in the short term is to become the UI toolkit for React, unifying the fragmented ecosystem of dependencies into a single set of simple, beautiful, consistent, and accessible React components. In the longer term, our goal is to make building great web UIs quicker, simpler, and accessible to more people through a low-code platform for developers. Some things we’re proud of: - 25% of the downloads that React receives. - 1M developers on our documentation every month. - Solid financials: profitable

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Company Logo for Machinify


We develop software that helps people get the right medical care, at the right time, at the right price.

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Company Logo for Madwell


We're building a new ad agency reporting platform and we need someone to lead development of this project. You will make pivotal decisions about backend systems, such as authentication, search relevance, personalization, and API design.

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Company Logo for Magic


We connect businesses to virtual assistants, with over $30MM raised to date. Our team is currently composed of 17 engineers in 7 countries, growing to 30 engineers worldwide in 2022.

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Magic Circle

Magic Circle is hiring a full-time, full-stack web engineer to build web-based party games! Think Jackbox/HeadsUp vibes, but no app to download, just scan the QR to play in your phone's browser. We're a team of 3, from CMU, MIT, and Google, backed by some of the best consumer gaming investors in the world.

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Company Logo for Magnolia


Magnolia operates globally with offices on five continents and more than 200 Magnolia-certified partners worldwide. SREs apply software engineering approaches to infrastructural and operational challenges - the ultimate goal is to develop and maintain highly-exposed, fault-tolerant systems in an ever-growing and complex IT landscape. We continuously innovate to make our product more reliable, robust and fault-tolerant to fulfil our business-critical mission. SRE team plays a key role in Magnolia’s mission to further evolve its product in a world of automation and microservices.

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Company Logo for MahiGaming


MahiGaming is an industry-leading game development company with multiple studios specializing in the development of online games with a wide audience of players all around the globe.

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Company Logo for Major, Lindsey & Africa

Major, Lindsey & Africa

Major, Lindsey & Africa’s Hire an Esquire is a legal labor marketplace and SaaS platform, which was acquired by the world’s leading legal staffing agency, Major, Lindsey & Africa, in 2023. We are working on ground-breaking technology that blends industrial psychology, matching algorithms, and a superb customer experience to transform legal hiring. Our team’s size and scope are now expanding as we transform legal recruiting across all MLA business lines. This is an opportunity for you to make a huge impact at an exciting time and design new features from the ground up!

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Company Logo for Make Waves

Make Waves

We’re building a kinder, more helpful product for independent artists to release their music to all major music platforms and build a following. By providing artists with easy-to-understand tools and insights in a notoriously over-complicated industry, we want to empower DIY artists to control their careers without making concessions.

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Company Logo for Malwarebytes


I'm looking for a great engineer for my team. Together we will continue to build performant API integrations and human-friendly UI.

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Company Logo for Man Group Tech

Man Group Tech

As a Quant Developer here at Man Group you will be working hand-in-hand with our Quant Researchers. Your challenges will be varied, and will involve implementing new trading strategies, building new research frameworks and quant libraries, prototyping new data feeds, development of new portfolio construction techniques or building risk analysis tools. Our systems are almost all running on Linux and most of our code is in Python, with the full scientific stack: numpy, scipy, pandas, scikit-learn to name a few of the libraries we use extensively. We implement the systems that require the highest data throughput in Java. For storage, we rely heavily on MongoDB and Oracle. We use Airflow for workflow management, Kafka for data pipelines, Bitbucket for source control, Jenkins for continuous integration, Grafana + Prometheus for metrics collection, ELK for log shipping and monitoring, Docker + Kubernetes for containerisation, OpenStack for our private cloud, Ansible for architecture automation, and Slack for internal communication. But our technology list is never static: we constantly evaluate new tools and libraries. Man Tech has a small company, no-attitude feel. It is flat structured, open, transparent and collaborative, and you will have plenty of opportunity to grow and have enormous impact on what we do. We are actively engaged with the broader technology community. o We host and sponsor London’s PyData and Machine Learning Meetups o We open-source some of our technology. See o We regularly talk at leading industry conferences, and tweet about relevant technology and how we’re using it. See @manquanttech

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Company Logo for ManageBetter


ManageBetter, a Seattle-based startup founded by Lewis C. Lin, a Google & Stanford alum and 8X Amazon bestselling author of management books, is on a mission to eliminate bias and discrimination in employee performance assessment, inspired by the data revolution in sports.

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Company Logo for ManageXR


At ManageXR, we're building the core infrastructure that enables organizations to benefit from VR and AR technology. As more enterprises use XR to train employees, doctors use XR to treat patients, and schools use XR to teach students, organizations face significant hurdles expanding their operations from early-stage pilots to organization-wide solutions. With ManageXR, our customers can effectively use XR at scale.

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Company Logo for Manulife Financial Corporation

Manulife Financial Corporation

Manulife Investment Management's Quantitative Development team is hiring! Help us design what a cloud-based to cloud-native transition should look like and lead the adoption of new DevOps workflows.

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Company Logo for Mark43


Mark43 builds mission critical software for Public Safety agencies. We provide cities like Boston, Seattle and Atlanta with software that allows them to dispatch first responders and capture critical data.

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Company Logo for is a rapidly growing startup with a small but dedicated team of 9 people. We proudly serve over 5,000 companies around the world. Our headquarters are in Brussels, Belgium, our team operates mostly remotely. Our mission is simple: we want a bug-free internet. At, we've seen first-hand how the traditional feedback process fails. PowerPoint slides, chaotic notes, and constant 'quick calls' that take forever to solve. We set out to solve this.

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Market Leading Financial Trading Firm

Building a brand new multi-blockchain protocol with a small team of around 10 Engineers and an Open Source community. Seeking an Engineering Manager with experience in building and engaging with developer communities and understanding Open Source. Blockchain and Web3 experience is desirable.

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Company Logo for Matanuska Telecom Association

Matanuska Telecom Association

MTA is an Alaskan ISP serving the southwest area of the state. The software team consists of 7 devs who support a relatively complex business enterprise environment. We're looking to add another Software Engineer and a dedicated Systems Engineer (DevOps) to our team.

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Company Logo for Matchspace Music

Matchspace Music

Matchspace is a music marketplace & SaaS connecting music teachers and music students. We're the fastest growing music edtech in Europe and planning to expand to new territories in Europe next year.

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Company Logo for Materialize


Materialize is an Operational Data Warehouse: A cloud data warehouse with streaming internals, built for work that needs action on what’s happening right now. Keep the familiar SQL, keep the proven architecture of cloud warehouses but swap the decades-old batch computation model for an efficient incremental engine to get complex queries that are always up-to-date. Materialize is the operational data warehouse built from the ground up to meet the needs of modern data products: Fresh, Correct, Scalable — all in a familiar SQL UI.

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Company Logo for Materialize Labs

Materialize Labs

At Materialize, we craft bespoke digital products, from UI/UX design to technical development.

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Company Logo for Matic Robots

Matic Robots

Matic is building autonomous consumer robots for in-home use. We're a small team (65 full-time) led by repeat founders Mehul Nariyawala and Navneet Dalal (author of HOG paper with over 44,000 citations to date). We bring a user-first mentality to solve existing, real-world problems. We're building robots meant to be incredibly useful first, and cool second!

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Company Logo for Matterhorn Studio

Matterhorn Studio

At Matterhorn Studio we support materials companies in their first step towards integrating Machine Learning in their R&D process.

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Company Logo for Mattermost


Mattermost provides secure, workflow-centric collaboration for technical and operational teams that need to meet nation-state-level security and trust requirements. We serve technology, public sector, national defense, and financial services industries with customers ranging from tech giants to the world’s largest banks, to the U.S. Department of Defense and governmental agencies around the world.

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Company Logo for

At Matterworks we are building AI tools to extract insights from the ever-growing corpora of biological data and to unlock opportunities in therapeutic discovery, development, and manufacturing. We are building large-scale deep learning models of biological data to predict the phenotype and behavior of biological systems.

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Company Logo for Maven


Maven is the best way to teach and learn critical career skills after college, through the largest marketplace of expert-led tech and business cohort-based courses. We're 15 people, have raised $25 million, are earning revenue, fully remote but tight knit, very experienced, and building a new way to learn that we're very proud of.

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Mavryk is building a network of tokenized RWAs, with integrated DeFi dapps, on a bespoke blockchain with enshrined rollups, and special focus on user experience. The future of asset ownership is on blockchain, with an estimated $28.7T wave of digitized real world assets (RWAs) tokenized by 2030. Our mission is to empower traditional assets by developing an interoperable RWA ecosystem, unlocking the full potential of digital assets and web3.

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Company Logo for Maxint


We’re building a money management platform helping businesses maximize their interest.

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Company Logo for Mayday


Mayday is an early stage SaaS B2B startup that hosts knowledge bases for customer service professionals. We are well funded and already have many well known domestic customers (both entreprise and medium sized businesses).

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Company Logo for Md Anderson Cancer Center

Md Anderson Cancer Center

I am a radiologist / ai researcher looking for a programmer to join my lab. We work with radiology and electronic medical record data to automate detection and quantification of cancer on ct, pet, and mri images. You will be working with large language and vision models.

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Company Logo for Mechanic Advisor

Mechanic Advisor

Mechanic Advisor offers a market-leading CRM ( suite for automotive repair shops, complete with text messaging, email automation, direct mail integration, reputation management, appointment reminders, declined/recommended services, and many other features. We have a large, modern infrastructure but there's a lot of growth, scaling, automating, new solutions and improvements to do.

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Company Logo for Medallion


Medallion is the first solution to automate provider network operations. In just over four years, our platform has become an industry standard powering hundreds of healthcare companies to reduce administrative burden for tens of thousands of providers across the country. Medallion has raised $85M from Sequoia Capital, Elad Gil, Daniel Gross & Nat Friedman, Google Ventures, Spark Capital etc. Join our pursuit of transforming provider operations and providing the tools needed to offer patients more accessible and affordable care.

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Medbill AI

We are building an AI assistant that helps people with medical billing and health insurance issues. Thanks to AI and new healthcare regulations around patient data access and price transparency, it is now possible for everyone, including you, to have their own assistant who works around the clock to save them time and money on medical bills and health insurance issues.

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Company Logo for Mediasmart


We are looking for senior backend engineers or senior fullstack engineers (NodeJS+React). Position 100% remote but it is only open to candidates living in Spain. We have an address in Madrid so hybrid is an option if you like dropping by the office. No visa sponsorship.

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Company Logo for Medicomp Systems, Inc.

Medicomp Systems, Inc.

Established private medical software development shop

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Company Logo for Merantix


Together with Merantix (a leading Berlin-based AI venture studio), we are building the future of the legal system. In today's world, more people have access to the internet than access to justice. The advent and rapid advancement of large language models offer an unprecedented opportunity to disrupt the legal sector. Our goal is to empower every claim owner to execute on their rights. With over 10 years of litigation experience behind our backs, we have unique insights in the field. After over 300 interviews we also have thoroughly validated AI use-cases in the legal industry. The initial idea is building an AI-powered legal operations platform, which automatically handles legal queries and claims. We have already developed a functioning prototype and secured first pilots with global insurance companies. Now, we're looking for a cofounder & CTO who will drive technical development, help us refine the product and onboard first customers.

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Company Logo for Mercury


Mercury is a fintech company focused on reimagining the banking experience for startups. Our team works in Haskell, Yesod, and Persistent on the backend and React, Redux, and Typescript on the frontend. While we are remote first, we also have awesome offices in SF, Portland and NYC.

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Company Logo for Messari


Messari is hiring for an Infrastructure Engineer to compliment a high-caliber team. We are processing terabytes of data and are pushing the boundaries on data modeling, data orchestration, data analysis in the Crypto space. Our products are enterprise grade and are used by companies like Coinbase, Chainanalysis, Polychain Capital.

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Company Logo for Meta


Facebook's security team is the central engine driving data and systems security at the company, supporting Facebook and all of its family of apps.

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Company Logo for Meta Reality Labs

Meta Reality Labs

I'm hiring Research Engineers and Machine Learning Engineers to bring Meta AI to Reality Labs devices, including RayBan Meta Smart Glasses. Build rich multi-modal experiences fully unlocking both the power of mixed-reality devices and Facebook personalization.

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Company Logo for Metabase


Metabase is open source analytics software that lets anyone in your company rummage around in the databases you have. It connects to a number of databases / data warehouses (BigQuery, Redshift, Snowflake, Postgres, MySQL, etc). People rather like the product ( We're a remote team full of people who care about user experience, making complicated things as simple as possible and building things. We have a deeply pragmatic engineering culture and value building things that people actually use vs whatever closes a deal or makes for a good press release.

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Company Logo for Microsoft


We are the Power BI client engineering infrastructure team at Microsoft. Our team is responsible for building the infrastructure and tooling that powers the Power BI client applications. We are a small, fast-paced team that works on a wide variety of projects, from building the and maintaining the core infrastructure for our 300 person mono repo to investing in new technologies and frameworks to improve our development experience. We work on everything from TypeScript to Nx to Webpack to DevOps. We are looking for a strong engineer who is passionate about building great developer experiences and who is excited to work on a product that is used by millions of people every day. We are specifically looking for someone with experience in mono repo design and webpack tooling, someone that can roll up their sleeves and really dig into the details of our tooling to make it better.

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Company Logo for Midnite


Midnite is a next-generation betting platform that is built for today’s fandom. We are a collective of engineers and designers who all share a passion for sports and gaming. We exist to bring fans closer to the games they love through the rush of winning money.

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Company Logo for Mightier


At Mightier we make video games that help kids' mental health. Over a decade of clinical research shows that for some people, Mightier's bioresponsive games can have efficacy on par with medication or therapy. Mightier is starting to be covered by Medicaid, increasing access to families across the country. Does this sound interesting? Join us!

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Company Logo for MightyScout


MightyScout is a bootstrapped and successful B2B SaaS in the Influencer Marketing space. We've been fully remote and profitable since we founded it in 2016 and we're an engineering and product-led organization. We help brands and agencies save time by offering a full-suite of automation tools to solve the trickiest, most tedious parts of the influencer marketing workflow.

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Company Logo for Mileways


We are seeking an iOS developer with a co-founder mindset (mid/senior) to help building the next round of features for Mileways, a live flight tracker.

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Company Logo for Mind AI

Mind AI

We're Mind AI and pioneering a unique approach in artificial intelligence, moving beyond the dominant approaches and ideas of deep learning and neural networks.

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Mindgard is a London-based startup specializing in AI security. We’ve spun-out from a leading UK university, and our mission is to secure the future of AI against cyber attacks targeting Deep Learning, GenAI, and LLMs. This is an unsolved challenge globally, and we are among the world’s first to offer a solution to this rapidly growing problem.

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Mindmonopol is building a product that will enable consultants to perform data analytics tasks similar to a no-code fashion, enabling reusability of components. Our aim is to focus on tasks such as data migrations, year-end closing and other things that usually take a lot of formal work to verify and automate the formality by reusing proven methods.

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Our new AI startup is a novel take on making AI useful and usable for everyone, and is funded by top VCs. It was founded by some of the earliest engineers at YouTube who recently connected again.

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Company Logo for Minerva Project

Minerva Project

Minerva prepares students for leadership and innovation across all disciplines. We integrate advanced classroom technology with research-backed pedagogy and curriculum to help institutions of all types and sizes to improve learning outcomes for their students, including Minerva University, our accredited four-year undergraduate institution which has been ranked Ranked #1 Most Innovative University in the World.

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Minion AI

Creator of GitHub Copilot here <wave>. Minion AI is on a mission to build a useful web agent that performs tasks for you. Our personal AI is at the forefront of rethinking human-computer interaction in light of AI advancements. Join us to work at the bleeding edge of AI: prompting, fine-tuning, synthetic data, learning by example, codegen, planning, reasoning, and memory for embodied agents.

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Company Logo for Minoa


Minoa is turning enterprise sales into a multiplayer experience and helps modern GTM organizations win more deals despite a tougher market situation.

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Company Logo for Mintlify


At Mintlify, we're creating a world-class developer documentation platform. We're growing fast and we need a world-class backend to scale with our users.

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Company Logo for Mio AI

Mio AI

Mio AI is redefining how people create and consume media entertainment. We craft immersive experiences where creatives don't just write stories but co-create with artificial intelligence, shaping scenarios for a uniquely immersive journey. With backing from industry leaders like New Wave (Mistral, BeReal, Amo), and experienced cofounders (former Tencent Games, TikTok, YC alumni) we're on a mission to redefine the entertainment landscape with the use of AI, making it immersive and empowering, putting people in control of their narrative experience.

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Company Logo for MixRank


MixRank processes petabytes of data every month from web crawling. We have hundreds of customers using our data products including Google, Amazon, Facebook, Intel, and Adobe, across industries Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Security.

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Company Logo for Mixpeek


problem: to build a RAG app, you first construct a data pipeline then evolve it for every ai advancement. solution: configurable data replication pipelines, BYO containers and storage. we handle replication, inference, durability and consistency. never think about vectors again.

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Company Logo for Modash


Our goal is to help brands and creators create awesome connections with their target audiences using data-driven influencer marketing magic.

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Company Logo for

We’re a fun and dynamic startup shaking up the influencer marketing industry. Our goal? To help brands and creators create awesome connections with their target audiences using data-driven influencer marketing magic. With our super cool tech and savvy data analysis, we’re giving our clients the insights and tools they need to knock their marketing campaigns out of the park!

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Modus is a continuous workforce compliance and planning platform that enables various employees throughout the organization to stay compliant with labor laws, visualize and execute workforce plans, and make data-driven decisions to ensure fairness and equity. Our mission is integrity.

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Company Logo for Molin AI

Molin AI

Today, Molin is a conversational AI chatbot designed specifically for ecommerce businesses. Molin cuts shops’ customer support volume by 70% and also increases their sales. Our short-term goal is to build the best AI that can manage the entire sales and support system of ecommerce businesses using multiple mediums and channels.

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Monad Labs

Monad Labs raised $225M last month in series A funding to scale our team in bringing the Monad blockchain to production this year. Founded by Jump Trading alums, Monad Labs is a 30-person tech startup using low-latency programming, compiler optimization, and multithreaded computing to build an ultra-high-performance smart contract platform.

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Company Logo for MongoDB


Join MongoDB's Cloud Insights & Telemetry team as a Senior Software Engineer. This is a backend heavy full-stack role (70-80% backend work in Java, 20-30% UI work as needed with React/Typescript) based out of our NYC office (~3 days/week). In this role, you'll focus on the Data Explorer tool - this is by far the most used tool across MongoDB's cloud features and allows for developers to visualize and utilize their data. Seeking an engineer with strong backend experience, any web application experience is a plus. Preferably 6+ years experience. Full time role, strong base + RSU grant, full benefits, flex pto, etc.

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Company Logo for Monitaur


Monitaur is the premier model governance software that helps highly regulated enterprises build better AI and models that businesses, regulators, and consumers can trust.

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Company Logo for Monochrome Inc.

Monochrome Inc.

At Monochrome Inc., we are designing and developing next-generation smart homes. Our vision is to transform houses so we make the living experience sustainable and yet convenient. We have two product lines. One is Roof-1 which is a solar panel, and unlike the conventional solar panels, the color and texture of the module is well-designed so it’s hard to distinguish the roof and module. Architectural designers in Japan love that appearance, and we have high demand since last year. Another product is Home-1 which is a built-in IoT system: automated lighting, curtains, heating and cooling, smart locks, distribution board, and more, all preconfigured to work out-of-the-box. Best of all, you’ll have seamless control of your home through our beautiful UI, which you can access through a touchscreen built into the house or through your phone. We are seed-stage Tokyo startup (will have the series-A round soon) with a top-tier international team. If you’re passionate about making a big impact in smart homes, automation, or the environment, this is the place for you. We’ll offer stock options for new hires.

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Company Logo for Montauk Labs

Montauk Labs

We're a venture studio building a MarTech platform to unify and enrich media activity and sales data for brands and help them optimize toward better outcomes.

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Company Logo for Monterra


We're an early stage climatetech company building design & proposal software for EV charging projects. Our goal is to accelerate the deployment of clean, reliable, and efficient infrastructure by building software for electricians, contractors, and developers. We recently raised a $2.5M seed round, and we're hiring our second Full Stack Engineer.

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Company Logo for Monumental


We're building autonomous on-site construction robots at Monumental, starting with bricklaying. We have built a product and technology that works, deployed it in real-life construction sites with excited pilot customers, and raised funding from some of the best in the world. We're still a small and nimble team of 15 and are hiring mechanical engineers and multiple software engineering roles (product, controls, and machine vision)

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Company Logo for More Optimal

More Optimal

More Optimal provides a low-code environment specifically aimed at Operations Researchers who use our platform to solve the most difficult planning and optimization challenges in the world. For our R&D department we are looking for an R&D engineer who is enthusiastic about working on a complex system, solving puzzles and loves complex programming challenges, to make More Optimal even more loved by our customers as well as implementation partners. In our R&D team you will be able to work on a very diverse combination of problems depending on your preferences: frontend, backend, advanced algorithms and infrastructure. We are a fast growing company where you can make a real impact quickly.

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Company Logo for MotherDuck


We’re on a mission to radically transform the data analyst user experience. We think we can empower and delight analysts using a novel cloud architecture built on top of DuckDB, an open-source foundation with a vibrant community. Our team is a diverse mix of passionate, collaborative, and empathetic data industry veterans from Google, Amazon, Meta, Snowflake, SingleStore, Databricks, and the like.

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Company Logo for Motive


Motive builds technology to improve the safety, productivity, and profitability of businesses that power the physical economy. The Motive Automated Operations Platform combines IoT hardware with AI-powered applications to automate vehicle and equipment tracking, driver safety, compliance, maintenance, spend management, and more. Motive serves more than 120,000 businesses, across a wide range of industries including trucking and logistics, construction, oil and gas, food and beverage, field service, agriculture, passenger transit, and delivery. Motive is proud to be a Forbes Cloud 100 company and a 2020 Career-Launching Company by Wealthfront. We are looking to hire team members that are passionate about building products that will have a massive impact on the lives of people. We seek and embrace diversity in all of its forms. We continuously push ourselves to think differently and take ownership wherever it's needed. This is a place for dreamers and doers to succeed. If you share our passion for achieving what some say is impossible, join us.

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Company Logo for Move Work Forward

Move Work Forward

What to impact how people work? We help companies like Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, to be more productive and transparent. Our team of 13 people is looking for NodeJS/TS/AWS devs.

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Company Logo for Moz


We’re a small team building new ETL data pipelines in Go to power Moz’s frontend applications. We leverage AWS (Lambda, SQS, ECS, Eventbridge, S3, etc.), Terraform, and Docker to consume, transform, and aggregate the massive amounts of data provided by our platform & collections teams. I’m specifically looking for a senior engineer to join my team and work with me, and am definitely open to someone looking to get experience as a lead! We also have openings for senior backend / data engineers & a data scientist. Feel free to drop me a line if you’re curious and want to chat more!

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Company Logo for NUMI


We're a YC-backed marketplace that gives startups a design department of vetted designers, on subscription. We're looking for a founding engineer who will work directly with me (cofounder) to build out our platform together. Lots of interesting problems to solve in distributed systems, syncing up different SaaS services with our database in a way ensures consistent data, fault tolerance, and easy debugging for our non-technical teammates. Looking for someone who wants to build the Whatsapp / Instagram way: a small team of extremely talented and autonomous engineers.

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Company Logo for

Convert your AI workbooks into a reliable backend with one line of code. NUX contains everything you need to prototype, experiment and productionize AI applications. We're VC-backed and NYC based but remote first. We're looking to solve the issue of engineers building cool projects in AI but not knowing how to productionize them. You must be passionate about building production AI systems. We're former AWS, Mongo and Invision engineers.

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Company Logo for Nango


Nango is a developer platform to build product integrations 10x faster. We’re 5 veteran engineers (Uber, Netlify), repeat founders who did YC multiple times, top US investors back us, and we have more customers than we can handle!

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Company Logo for Narrative


Narrative is making AI powered data tools for logistics (and other industries soon!). We standardize and find errors in shipping invoice data for large companies.

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Company Logo for Narrative I/O

Narrative I/O

Narrative has been building a data collaboration platform designed for simplicity and ease of use since being founded in 2016. Our primary strength is functioning as a data marketplace where we differentiate ourselves by automatically standardizing data across suppliers, making data available via powerful query interfaces (both intuitive UIs and an SQL dialect) instead of via one-size-fits-all pre-packaged datasets, and giving data providers the ability to define row-level access and pricing policies. The same building blocks that power the marketplace enable other data collaboration use cases, like clean room data analysis and the automatic segmentation and delivery of data to other platforms. We're also building towards a future where users can leverage our collaboration tools without needing to push their data to us, instead our query engine will be embeddable where their data is already at rest.

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Company Logo for National Journal

National Journal

National Journal helps government affairs professionals stay informed about key movements in people, politics, and policy using journalism, tools, and intelligence. Our digital platform is built around a rich set of election and campaign finance data, demographic information, profiles of policymakers, editable slides, government directories, and our decades of non-partisan journalism. Election years are huge for our members (and for us) and 2024 is going to be busy and exciting.

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Company Logo for National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)

National Robotics Engineering Center (NREC)

NREC, a robotics research and development powerhouse, is looking for experienced developers, especially in embedded systems, robotics, perception, deep learning, data science, and AI. For over 26 years NREC has brought together a critical mass of software and hardware engineers to take technology from the laboratory to the real world. NREC maintains a diverse portfolio of projects, from Augmented Reality driver assistance to full off-road autonomy and from advanced teleoperation to full autonomous manipulation. We are part of the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, focused on commercialization of robotic technologies. NREC employs 160 people in our off-campus facility.

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National Security Agency

We are seeking C++ developers with HPC experience. You'd collaborate with a team of Physicists, Computer Scientists, Mathematicians, and Engineers who investigate advanced computing technologies related to National Security. We rely on Linux and open source software.

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Company Logo for Navix


Navix is an early stage logistics startup using ML and automation to streamline freight invoice processing. We accelerate our customers' cash conversion cycle by working across the full spectrum of shippers, carriers, and intermediaries.

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Company Logo for Near Earth Autonomy

Near Earth Autonomy

Near Earth Autonomy develops autonomous flight systems, where our integrated hardware and software system allows an existing aerial vehicle to fly autonomously. This impactful technology works on anything from a small sub-meter drone to a full scale military helicopter. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team has developed technology that allows these vehicles to take off, follow a flight plan, identify a safe landing space and land all safely and autonomously.

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Company Logo for Neocom


At Neocom, we empower every company to understand their prospects and turn them into delighted customers. With our guided product advisors, we eliminate choice overload and use zero-party data to deliver profound customer insights to our clients. Join us our mission to change how people find products by making product discovery effortless!

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Company Logo for Nested Knowledge

Nested Knowledge

Nested Knowledge is building the future of Systematic Literature Review (SLR) by consolidating every step of the review process (search, screening, extraction, synthesis) in an updatable, collaborative environment. NK primarily solves biomedical SLR, and our users come from a variety of backgrounds, including academia, insurers, med device / pharma, and regulatory. To date, 2 million studies have been reviewed in our software. We want you to build models taking our Robot Screener and Smart Tagging products to the next level and design automations in new areas, like critical appraisal. Our team is small, and you would be our first AI specialist, setting standards and frameworks in place. We value independence, creativity, and a focus on end-user value and experience over technology.

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Company Logo for NetFoundry


The open source OpenZiti platform enables developers to embed zero trust, full mesh networking into their solutions, as software. OpenZiti delivers billions of zero trust sessions per year for leaders around the world. NetFoundry originated OpenZiti, is the maintainer and sells CloudZiti SaaS (hosted OpenZiti). NetFoundry is a remote-first company.

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Company Logo for NetSkrt


We're a Vancouver based "edge CDN" startup. Our main focus is streaming video.

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Company Logo for Netrias


Netrias is a fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) company that specializes in the application of machine learning models for biological applications such as genome engineering and drug discovery. Netrias is working on the development of novel machine and deep learning algorithms to integrate and analyze large datasets in the life sciences.

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Company Logo for

Neurotone is developing an AI powered auditory training system to assist people with hearing disabilities get the most out of their hearing aids. We are utilizing the clinically proven LACE methodology to facilitate the best outcome for every patient, and we are partnered with a number of thought leaders in the audiology community to ensure we are delivering the most effective solution on the market.

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New Harbor

We’re an early stage cybersecurity-as-a-service startup. Our product protects users from the most common attacks in a way that respects their productivity. Think what Gusto does for payroll, QuickBooks for accounting, and ZipRecruiter for hiring.

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Company Logo for New Public

New Public

New Public is working with a group of Public Service Media organizations across Europe and North America to create a new publicly-owned public-service online platform that is designed to naturally encourage productive discourse between people who see the world differently.

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New Startup in the AI Space

We are a generative AI startup that is building a game changer product in the code generation space. We are based out of Sunnyvale, CA and are backed by premier VCs. This role will have at least 8+ years of relevant experience, a clear ownership and impact in building our engineering culture in our company.

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Company Logo for NexHealth


We’re on a mission to accelerate innovation in healthcare. We’re doing this by connecting patients, doctors, and developers. We’re the first to fully automate the integration with health record systems, paving the way for a new generation of disruptive healthtech companies.

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Company Logo for NextSilicon


NextSilicon is a swiftly growing unicorn startup that is reimagining high-performance computing with software defined hardware. With advanced software algorithms the coprocessor can reconfigure and fine-tune performance to meet the demands of any HPC application, on the fly.

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Company Logo for Nightwatch


Nightwatch is helping companies understand their visibility on search engines and within LLM models. We value freedom, autonomy, ownership, and attitude.

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Company Logo for

Nightwatch is developing search engine and LLM tracking capabilities helping companies understand how their services and products perform and rank within LLM / GPT models in comparison to the search engines. We value freedom, autonomy, ownership, good communication.

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Company Logo for Nobias Therapeutics

Nobias Therapeutics

Nobias is a new pharma startup using a variety of built-from-scratch, custom AI tools to speed drug development. As an early stage biotech, we use large repositories of biological data, bleeding edge deep learning techniques, automated reasoning, and computational biochemistry to discover and develop new medicines, diagnostics/biomarkers, and biological insights for a variety of diseases, particularly pediatric rare diseases. If you have strong programming chops, a background in machine learning, and deep knowledge of biology or computational chemistry, we would love to speak with you.

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Company Logo for Nomic


Join us and help build the future of how people work with massive amounts of unstructured information.

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Company Logo for Nomic Foundation

Nomic Foundation

Nomic Foundation is a non-profit building open source dev tooling and infrastructure for Ethereum. We are a team behind Hardhat (

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Company Logo for Nominet


We run DNS for the .uk domain space, and a growing number of other TLDs as well. My team is currently working on a complete re-write of our flagship customer UIs used by domain owners, sellers and TLD admins.

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Company Logo for Nooks


Nooks is trying to re-invent how sales teams work with real-time collaboration and AI. It is a virtual office where you can work from anywhere in the world but still work with your team and get feedback and coaching like you’re sitting side-by-side. Nooks is also an AI co-pilot that learns how your team works, identifies winning strategies behaviors, and shares them with the whole team during and after calls. They are working on engineering challenges including complex distributed systems, low-latency algorithms & infrastructure, and modeling sales calls with large language models. Nooks is a small team (~25 ppl) growing quickly, doubling revenue every quarter, and recently hit $2.5M ARR. They are looking for experienced engineers who love tackling difficult product questions and working closely with customers. Excitement about language models, few-shot learning, and other recent AI advances is also a plus.

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Company Logo for Nordic Angels

Nordic Angels

Nordic Angels emerged from the necessity of strengthening community, competence, and capital within the local startup ecosystems. We aim to unite angel investors and others involved in the Nordic startup scene, enhancing leverage and bandwidth across the community. Our platform facilitates powerful connections, insights, and efficiencies through events, deal flow sharing, matchmaking, and more, supporting the region’s position as a leader in innovation.

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Company Logo for Normal Computing

Normal Computing

Normal Computing is making AI both scalable and useful.

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Company Logo for Notable


We use intelligent automation to eliminate the massive administrative burden that threatens the future of healthcare.

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Company Logo for Notable Health

Notable Health

We're on a mission to simplify and optimize healthcare for humanity. Most of healthcare is digitized, but it hasn't really changed. Humans still toil away at mundane, administrative tasks. Therefore, we're turning manual work queues into fully automated workflows. We integrate into the EHR systems (something we've grown to be quite good at) using technologies across the spectrum (LLMs, OCR, Basic Models, and of course good 'ol logic).

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Company Logo for Nova Credit

Nova Credit

At Nova Credit, our mission is to power a more fair and inclusive financial system for the world. We’re building a data analytics platform on top of bank transaction data that enables lenders to evaluate creditworthiness based on a person’s most up-to-date financial situation, opening up opportunities and financial flexibility for all parties. We are backed by leading investors, including Kleiner Perkins, General Catalyst, and Index Ventures.

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Company Logo for Ntropy


Ntropy is building domain-specific caching infrastructure for LLMs that makes it possible to reduce p99 latencies by 1000x and costs by 4-5 orders of magnitude for real-world, high-throughput tasks. Currently targeting the financial and banking domain and will expand over time. Well funded by top investors (QED & Lakestar) and launching an engineering office in SF.

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Company Logo for Numeral


Numeral handles all aspects of sales tax from registration to remittance for e-commerce stores. We offer white-glove service so stores can get back to working on growing their business. Tech Stack: Docker, PostgreSQL, Redis, GitHub Actions, Terraform, etc. Competitive salary and equity package. Remote-first culture with flexible working hours. Opportunity to work on challenging problems with a talented team.

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Company Logo for Numeric


Come join us to build the modern accounting & finance platform. Companies like Wealthfront, AngelList, Clearbit, and more depend on Numeric to collaborate & automate their workflows, as well as to monitor, analyze, and share insights on their financial data. Companies want up-to-date, accurate, useful financial data as easily and often as possible; good data enables good operations and decision-making. Today's systems unfortunately do little to help, and accountants are relegated to fairly manual data entry and error checking. We're tackling these foundational problems and we need great engineers. We're an early company with top-tier investors, wonderful customers, and large ambitions. We work in person and value high ownership and velocity. Looking for product & customer-focused engineers; this will fit if you like to build quickly, contribute to product direction, and know your users. Bonus points for startup experience and/or full-stack experience with Typescript. 4+ YOE.

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Company Logo for Nuna


In the US, we spend an average of over $12,500 per person each year on healthcare -- that’s almost twice what other developed countries spend. Healthcare in the US costs a staggering $4 trillion dollars per year, almost 1/5 of our Nation’s entire economy. Yet with all this resource, our healthcare outcomes are poorer than other countries, people still can’t afford their healthcare, and our healthcare providers are burnt out. Moreover, our healthcare is systemically unequal. People of color, lower income, and LGBTQ+ have demonstrably worse healthcare outcomes, a disparity grimly highlighted by the pandemic we’re living through now where people of color are three-times more likely to die from COVID-19. How can this be, and how can we change it? Nuna is tackling one of the most hardest problems in healthcare underlying the negative outcomes and disparities we see: how healthcare gets paid. Today, hospitals only get paid when they do more-- more visits, more tests, more meds, more surgeries. Hopefully this helps patients get better, but regardless, the system gets paid. In fact, doing more is the only way to stay afloat. But -- is this really the right set of incentives? Shouldn’t everyone get rewarded not just by doing more, but by when patients actually get better? Shouldn’t everyone have access to affordable, high quality care, and shouldn’t hospitals be rewarded when they deliver this care? And shouldn’t insurance companies get rewarded when they help ALL their patients get better? Absolutely, yes. This concept is called Value-Based Care. In fact, healthcare as a whole has been trying to move in this direction for years, but making it all reality is deeply complex -- it is after all our healthcare. Nuna’s technology platform, our software apps, our vision, and our exceptionally talented team are collectively accelerating the healthcare system’s ability to make value-based care available to everyone. In 2022, Nuna will power over $70B of healthcare payments for over 6.5M patients. We also leverage our data science and platform to direct patients to the best, culturally-matched, and accessible care providers for them. Additionally, we make it transparent and easy for both hospitals and insurers to see how they are performing in value-based care by spotlighting the patients or areas where they need to pay extra attention so that they can provide good care to all their patients and get rewarded. Nuna is unique - we have brought together an exceptional team of over 200 people. We are the industry’s best in healthcare data, analytics, engineering, clinicians, and value based healthcare experts. We have joined forces to create a more equitable health system for everyone. Our dreams and ambitions to change healthcare as we know it are big. If yours are too, we want to work with you.

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OC Investment Management

We are a growing hedge fund based in Miami, FL looking to hire an experienced software developer.

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Company Logo for OCS Consulting

OCS Consulting

Leading IT Consultancy with offices in UK and Europe (Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland) is looking to recruit a permanent Senior Angular .Net Developer. We deliver a range of services from IT Consultancy, Software Project Development and Application Support Services for our corporate clients covering Insurance, Retail, FMCG, Automotive, Logistics & Leasing, Publishing and Charity domains (including UN organizations) which are well-known names.

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OGD ict-diensten

OGD is an innovative player in the IT market, and in our incubator, we are working on a new digital platform called BasisBeeld. On BasisBeeld municipalities collaborate within the Wmo and Youth Act (Jeugdwet) to promote quality of care providers and minimize fraud. Our vision is to proactively support citizens from the most complete context possible, with solutions that add value for both municipalities and society as a whole.

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Company Logo for OJO Labs

OJO Labs

OJO is an Austin-based real estate technology company partnering with the top real estate agents and teams to deliver value to millions of consumers on its platform. The company’s platform for buying, selling, and homeownership meets people wherever they are on their journey, offering personalized guidance every step of the way. Through a bespoke combination of people and technology, OJO cultivates a deep understanding of individual needs and preferences, matching people with the right tools and trusted providers to equip anyone to unlock the abundant benefits of home ownership.

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Company Logo for

We build products that leverage AI from various technologies to provide insights to Healthcare experts to help them make better decisions for the best.

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Company Logo for OMMO


Ommo is the pioneer of permanent magnet-based 3D tracking systems - building the foundation of human-computer interaction and digital transformation. Primary use case is surgical navigation then expanding to robotics, metaverse, and XR. Team of 20 from Apple, Samsung, LG, Intel, Huawei, Riot Games. $14M raised, 100+ customers, winner of numerous awards, first product release is coming up this year! Salary + equity, flexible schedules, comprehensive benefits. Join us in tackling one of the most interesting, full-stack engineering challenge that has outsized real-world impact and solid business foundation.

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Obelisk AGI lab, Astera Institute

General Intelligence laboratory that draws on neuroscience and brain architecture to create new models of adaptive intelligence. The Astera Institute is a non-profit dedicated to developing high leverage technologies that can lead to massive returns for humanity.

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Company Logo for Obie


Obie is a venture-backed technology company that specializes in commercial real estate. We are dedicated to hiring talented individuals who are passionate about solving real problems and shaping the future of the industry.

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Company Logo for Obsidian Security

Obsidian Security

Obsidian Security is at the forefront of SaaS security, dedicated to detecting and mitigating threats effectively.

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Occam AI

We're building an API platform that allows enterprises to embed automation and action taking capabilities into their software.

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We’re a well-funded startup building a solution to streamline the online shopping experience, guiding customers to their ideal product choice using conversational agents. Essentially, our vision is to replicate the experience of in-store expert shopping advisors, but online.

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Company Logo for Octopus Energy/Kraken Technologies

Octopus Energy/Kraken Technologies

Do you care about clean energy? Like remote culture and a global company that still feels like a startup? Only been around 8 years, but we're the largest energy retailer in the UK (100% renewable electricity), do wind and power generation all over the world, and just bought a heat pump factory because we couldn't buy them fast enough. Everything we do is powered with our own software, Kraken. For those who've worked with energy tech/energy utility software, you'll appreciate that it needed to change :)

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Company Logo for Octoscreen


Octoscreen is helping clients to monitor locations and important information. We ingest a lot of data from various sources and display the most important information for our clients. We are looking for an Elixir developer who is also a generalist and can work with a diverse set of technologies. The ideal candidate is someone who is following tech trends in the industry, keeps his/her knowledge up to date and is proactive in improving the product. We don't do agile or any strict process. We focus on the product and the customer. Small dev team (<5 people).

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Company Logo for

At, we are leading the way in shaping the future of safety through the detection of high impact crimes on live video footage. Our advanced algorithm seamlessly integrates with observation center technology, earning the trust of law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, cities, and numerous other entities. Our mission is to decrease violence in the world.

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Company Logo for OddsJam


A leading sports betting startup dedicated to enhancing profitability for users.

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Company Logo for Off2Class


Off2Class is a SaaS tool for English as a Second Language (ESL) teachers and schools. Some of the largest online ESL schools on the web are powered by us, as well as many bricks-and-mortar programs. We are bootstrapped, founder-led and profitable.

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Company Logo for OfferFit


OfferFit was founded by ex-McKinsey and BCG math PhDs, and we’re funded by leading Silicon Valley VCs. OfferFit replaces A/B testing with automated experimentation, powered by self-learning AI (reinforcement learning). This allows lifecycle marketers to test & improve the performance of their campaigns much faster than before. Customers include leading brands like Brinks Home (leading home security company) and Engie (multinational electric utility), among many others.

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Company Logo for Offstream


Offstream's mission is to enable gigaton scale carbon removal by building the tools clean tech project developers use to stay compliant and maximize revenue for their operations. We work with clean tech developers globally to simplify the complex web of compliance across IRA tax credit requirements, voluntary carbon market standards, local, state, and federal regulations, and carbon credit buyer purchase demands. The market for low-carbon projects is rapidly growing with $500B+ IRA incentives from the US, purchase commitments made by large corporate buyers, and the growing climate crisis. Offstream enables the launch and scale-up of projects that are critical to net zero.

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Company Logo for Okra


Okra is on a mission to connect 1 billion Africans to the global economy. We are here to enable innovative companies to create better and fairer financial services for everyone through the power of Open Finance. We make it super easy for people to securely connect their financial accounts to the business apps and services they choose. Our developer-friendly infrastructure supports over 100 financial institutions so the over 500 digital financial services built on Okra can be accessible to everyone. We are looking for highly motivated and experienced people to join us in solving the toughest technical challenges in financial inclusion.

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Old Well Labs

Old Well Labs helps the most sophisticated investors in the world make informed decisions about their current and future investments. We’re building an intelligence platform that institutional investors use to discover and evaluate thousands of the biggest and best global hedge funds.

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Company Logo for Olo


Olo is a leading on-demand commerce platform powering the restaurant industry’s digital transformation. Our customers include many of the largest restaurant brands in the US, and we have a lot of exciting projects in the works.

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Company Logo for Omnea


We’re a London-based startup and raised an initial $5m from two tier 1 VCs and 30+ renowned founders & angel investors. We’re building an orchestration layer to fix B2B purchasing, enabling finance & procurement teams at Tractable, Onfido, Lookout, McAfee etc. one place to manage all purchasing, whether it’s SaaS, hardware, or services.

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At Omnigres, our north star is to enable developers to laser-focus on business needs instead of fighting technological challenges. We're fighting the complexity and inefficiencies of contemporary stacks by removing them instead of hiding them. At the core, we are turning Postgres into an Application Runtime. Why? Because we believe that code and data are inseparable in pretty much all of the line-of-business application systems. Turns out, when done this way, applications work a lot faster, require a lot less maintenance and are simply easier to write. Our foundation is open source and is available at We're backed by some great early-stage VCs and looking to onboard people who can move quickly, learn on the go and maintain the focus on the goals. Another way to look at it: we want to meet other pragmatic idealists.

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Company Logo for OneSignal


OneSignal is building the best platform for businesses to intelligently engage with customers across every channel. We provide a simple interface to push notifications, email, and in-app messages, letting content creators focus on quality user engagement instead of complex implementation.

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Company Logo for OneText


We're OneText (Y Combinator W23), and we're trying to let anyone pay and make purchases with a single text message.

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Company Logo for OneUptime


OneUptime is an open-source observability platform. Think open-source DataDog.

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Company Logo for Open Cosmos

Open Cosmos

We are a small (~60 people) satellite company founded in the UK with offices in Harwell, Oxfordshire, Barcelona, Spain and (soon) Porto, Portugal. With three satellites currently in orbit and many more launching over the coming year, we are growing rapidly and hiring many hardware and software engineers. The software stack on the ground is GCP/k8s/Go/Python/Typescript/React, on the satellite it is primarily Rust. If you're passionate about space and have strong fundamental technical knowledge then please feel free to apply even if you don't have experience in the specific technologies we use.

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Company Logo for OpenCraft


We are a team of veteran open-source developers, working on educational and community-based projects in an open-first environment – and we are looking for new members. By joining us, you will work full-time on open-source, pushing your changes to free software projects upstream through pull requests, contributing features, documentation, or help on public forums. We care deeply about contributing our work upstream. You will see the results of your work reused and recognized across the educational community, increasing access to quality education for everyone, everywhere.

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This is a unique opportunity to be hire #1 at a fast-growing startup that already has significant revenue and exploding demand. If you're interested please email me at You don't need to have any experience developing AI systems to apply, although this is a fantastic role for someone who wants to develop those skills. You do need experience with full-stack development (NextJS experience is a plus). Our ideal candidate is a self-starter who's excited to own big pieces of the product vision and comfortable operating with uncertainty. Our stack: Typescript+NextJS for the user-facing app, Python+Ray for model training and inference code, Postgres for the DB

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Company Logo for OpenRent


OpenRent is a force for good in an industry tarnished by rip-off agencies. Enabled by an unrelenting focus on technology, we now let more properties than any agency in the UK. In the last 12m we let over £50 billion worth of property, to over 6 million registered users, without ever charging any admin fees. We're VC backed, profitable, and have plenty of ambition to maintain our fast growth in this absolutely massive market.

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OpenSanctions helps to keep people and companies accountable for their political and economic actions. We build a database that tracks sanctioned companies, politicians, fraudsters and criminals. Originally built to support anti-corruption journalists, OpenSanctions has also become a powerful tool used for sanctions screening, legal compliance and in-depth investigative analysis.

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We're an eLearning marketplace and late-stage startup. We have about 65 engineers that are going all in on Extreme Programming (XP) and Fluid Scaling Technology (FaST).

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