Company Logo for Stainless


Stainless is building the platform for high-quality, easy-to-use APIs. Our first product is SDKs as a service. When you `npm install openai` or `pip install openai`, for example, you’re downloading code that we generated. Next, we want to make it easy to build amazing REST APIs. REST is simple and ubiquitous, but right now it’s also messy, chaotic, and hard to get right. We’re going to build great open-source standards and tooling that bring the benefits of GraphQL (types, field selection/expansion, standards) and gRPC (types, speed, versioning) to REST. We’re about 2y old, under 10 people, have strong revenue, and are selling to companies you interact with every day (OpenAI, Anthropic, and Cloudflare are all customers). We’re backed by Sequoia.