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Love languages? Want to leverage AI, LLMs, and ML to topple industry giants like Duolingo & Babbel? What a coincidence, we do too. I'm the technical founder of Phrasing ( and have built the MVP using Postgres, Python, and ClojureScript. As more of my responsibilities start to lean towards the business side of things, I find myself increasingly distracted from the big juicy technical problems. I'm looking for a CTO who wants to dedicate everyday to the most exciting technology problems of the decade. I can handle the frontend for quite a while longer, but am looking for help on some backend problem areas including: clustering and analyzing vector embeddings, training predictive models, leveraging LLMs to parse minority languages, aligning multilingual text, & so much more. It's still very early days at the company, but it's never too early to start talking to people excited about the product & mission in the following roles: - Senior Software Engineer - Senior ML Engineer - Senior Mobile Engineer (iOS) - Senior Designer / Senior Product Designer At Phrasing, we're driven by the belief that a small, dedicated team can indeed topple industry giants. We are absolutely obsessed with every area of the product, and we seek individuals who share an equal passion for the field, the product, and their craft. If that sounds like you then send an email to and join us - to fluency, & beyond.